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  1. I will take my coffee and be on my way. Two sugars, please. Thank you.
  2. I voted for pizza because I was not sure what type of "chips" are we talking about. Potato chips or regular ones (french fries in U.S.)? I am guessing those were potato chips. Pizza would not get my vote if those chips were the regular ones. Sorry pizza.
  3. I slap Sky because I can and because she is too awesome for HOL IRC. *secretly slaps Sky again*
  4. Happy Birthday, Iverian! May your birthday be filled with joy.
  5. Bravery to me means being reckless, self sacrificing, and temperamental. Bravery is a choice because humans have an instinct of self-preservation. Visual cliff experiments prove that we are born with it. I do not consider myself brave and I am proud of that. I take a calculated risk and would self sacrifice for a cause I strongly believe in. I would not charge into battle and I would not protect anyone I have not placed higher than 92% on the Dex-Scale. Is that a bravery? No, it is a form of self-preservation.
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