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  1. EXTRA EXCITING GQT NEWS (Part 2)!! Patrick James has agreed to be the GQT Co-Captain!! Congrats Pat!!!!! :D

  2. Exciting GQT news (Part 1)!! During the GQT vs RQT game, we scored 80 points! We're making fantastic progress this year, so be sure to come out and support the GQT vs HQT next Saturday, 19 March 18, at 9 pm HOL (4 pm EST)!!! 

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    2. Sky Alton

      Sky Alton

      Wooo GQT!!!!!!!! And Patrick managed that while melting, seriously impressive. Also *shoots Tarma a sideways look*

    3. Prof. Tarma Amelia Black
    4. Zach Jameson
  3. Congrats to GQT on a well played game vs HQT this weekend!! And extra special congrats to Prof. Zenix James for her MVP award!! :D  


    Remember, if interested in joining the Gryffindor Quidditch Team, message me!

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    2. Zach Jameson
    3. Prof. Tarma Amelia Black

      Prof. Tarma Amelia Black

      It was an amazing and very fun game. Thank you! And, well done, Zenix.  :)

    4. Prof. Zenix James

      Prof. Zenix James

      AMAZING GAME! Both teams! And thanks, Tarma.

  4. Happy Birthday, Missa!! :D Hope it is very purple!! 

  5. Brushing the dust off the broomsticks!! GQT will be flying back soon! :D

  6. Bahaha, yes, please send more ideas! This is great! KEEP 'EM COMING HOLLERS! :D
  7. Thanks to everyone who turned in applications for Newt's Assistant!! He is carefully review the applications and we will announce the results soon! :D

  8. Last Magicalzoologist Task is posted! You can still turn in ALL tasks! Due Date is Dec 7th!! 

  9. Application Part 4: Excellent Hunter! Newt is always hunting for new magical creatures, so as his assistant, you have to have a great eye! Can you spot all the magical creatures (and a few miscellaneous things) in the puzzle below? Please send in your answer in an image! If you have questions, please ask! :) Due Date: December 7, 2016 (I extended the date since I was a little late in putting this up.) Remember, please turn in all submissions by PM to Prof. Jenny Lupin!
  10. Task 3 is posted! You can still submit Tasks 1 and 2!! Don't wait! :D

  11. Application Part 3: Knowledgeable! As Newt is researching and documenting some of the strangest and most exotic creatures in the magical world, his assistant must have a strong understanding of these creatures, too! An assistant should know basic answers to questions like, "What makes this creature magical? Why kind of personality to they have? How do they interact with their environment? Why are they an unusual coloring? Are they a predator or prey? or What about their anatomy/personality gives them their special magical qualities?" These are only some of the important questions that an assistant must ask in order to properly research and document these creatures! For your task, Newt has asked you draw/diagram one of the most unusual creatures you have ever encountered during your own travels or research. Or, if you've never been on your own travels, create one of your own! Along with the picture, please point out at least 3 key features that makes this particular beast unusual, and give a brief description for each trait of why it is important for this creature. If you have questions, please ask! :) Suggested Due Date: November 26, 2016. Last Possible Due Date: December 7, 2016 Remember, please turn in all submissions by PM to Prof. Jenny Lupin!
  12. November Activity Task 2 is posted!! 

  13. Application Part 2 - Logical! When facing the unknown, Newt has to always be ready for anything. Thinking on his feet and being able to spot hidden clues are some of his most precious assets! As an assistant, you must be able to keep up with him, and even help him connect the dots on new clues if you want to locate the most clever of the magical creatures! Show your logical side by solving the logic puzzle below. It may be a little tricky, so partial points will be awarded for effort, even if you don't get the correct answer! Newt is looking for determination and perseverance, too, so don't give up!! Newt Scamander is putting together a report on seven of the most recent magical creatures to be placed on the endangered magical species list. Help him determine the current estimated population (175, 280, 315, 350, 385, 455, or 490) for each species (one of which is a Niffler), as well as the country in which it lives (one of which is Norway) and the year in which it was officially recognized as endangered (one was listed each year from 1920 to 1926). 1. The Moke is either the magical creature with a population size of 350 or the species that lives in Canada. 2. The Chinese Fireball was listed 1 year before the species with a population size of 280. 3. The seven species are the magical creature that lives in Canada, the Thunderbird, the magical creature added to the list in 1926, the magical creature with a population size of 385, the Phoenix, the magical creature added to the list in 1920 and the species added to the list in 1925. 4. The Bowtruckle was listed 1 year after the Thunderbird. 5. Neither the magical creature added to the list in 1926 nor the Phoenix is the magical creature that lives in Egypt. 6. The magical creature that lives in Tanzania was listed sometime before the Thunderbird. 7. The species with a population size of 455 was listed 4 years before the magical creature with a population size of 490. 8. The Phoenix was listed 4 years after the Chinese Fireball. 9. The magical creature with a population size of 455 was listed 1 year before the magical creature that lives in Brazil. 10. Of the species added to the list in 1923 and the species that lives in Egypt, one has 315 surviving individuals and the other is the Demiguise. 11. Of the magical creature that lives in Brazil and the magical creature that lives in Japan, one has 280 surviving individuals and the other was recognized as endangered in 1923. 12. The magical creature that lives in Scotland doesn't have a surviving population of 350. If you have questions, please let me know! I'm more than happy to help point you in the right direction! :) Suggested Due Date: November 17, 2016. Last Possible Due Date: December 7, 2016 Remember, please turn in all submissions by PM to Prof. Jenny Lupin!
  14. Lions and Lion-Guests! Go participate in the November Activity! :D

  15. Application Part 1 - Adventurous! Anytime Newt goes on a new excursion, he may be facing the constant threat of danger, uncharted territory, and powerful creatures with unknown magical abilities. It is of utmost importance that his assistant be just as willing as he is to jump right in amid the danger and do whatever is necessary! After all, without risk there is no reward! For this part of the application, Newt is looking for someone adventurous and has asked you to tell a story about a time where you faced unparalleled excitement and/or danger when encountering an unusual beast. What obstacles did you overcome? What made the trip so crazy? And how did you react to any surprises you faced? In the end, how did you contain the situation? In at least 300 words, please tell us of your adventure! Feel free to use any style of writing you want (narrative, descriptive, etc), Newt just wants to hear about your grand adventure! Suggested Due Date: November 10, 2016. Last Possible Due Date: December 7, 2016 Remember, please turn in all submissions by PM to Prof. Jenny Lupin!
  16. WANTED: ASSISTANT MAGIZOOLOGIST! It is the mid-1920's, and there is a rumor floating around the wizarding world that the famous magizoologist Newt Scamander recently got himself in a bit of trouble while on a research excursion. Something involving some magical creatures getting loose and causing all sorts of chaos! While the details surrounding the situation are still rather unclear, a recent posting in The Daily Prophet suggests Newt is looking for an assistant! In true Newt Scamander form, the advertisement is a little... eccentric. The application requires 4 parts, 1 for each trait Newt desires in an assistant, and in the end, only 1 assistant will be hired! One part will be posted approximately weekly in this thread. It is recommended that you turn in each task by the end of the week it is posted, however Newt will accept all parts of application submissions turned in by 11:59 pm HOL Time December 7th. Please PM all application entries to Prof. Jenny Lupin here at the Gryffindor Common Room. I will be passing them along to Newt for further review. To ensure all submissions are properly filed, please include the in the subject line of the PM something such as the following: "Wanted Task 1 - HOL ID" and include your Name, ID and House in the body of the submission. This contest is open to all members of HOL, and we hope you enjoy our Purple Common Room this month! Each task submitted will earn you 10 beans. Newt and the Gryffindor staff will review all completed applications (you must turn in ALL 4 tasks to have a completed application and be considered for the job), and a winner will be announced! In case the top applicant accidentally gets eaten turns down the position, 2 back up candidates will also be announced. The top 3 will earn additional beans as follows: 1st Place: 60 beans (total of 100 earned) 2nd Place: 35 beans (total of 75 earned) 3rd Place: 10 beans (total of 50 earned) Note: While you must turn in all 4 parts to be eligible to win this contest, if you want to turn in just 1 or 2 or 3 parts, that's fine, too. You'll still get the 10 beans per task. :) If you have questions, please feel free to PM me and I will respond as soon as I can!
  17. Approved: February Fortescue - Slytherin Guest Melissa Vanburen - Gryffindor First Year - Knowledgeable Knights Den Siobhan Burke - Ravenclaw Guest Sophia Rudel - Slytherin Guest Maxwell Shadow - Slytherin Guest Madolin Lucia - Gryffindor First Year - Tricky Time-Travellers Den Ivelisse Ada - Hufflepuff Guest Not Approved: Nathan R. Glenville - Status is Quit HOL Steph Miller - Status is Quit HOL
  18. Approved: Stella D. Grey - First Year Alice Camilleri - First Year Cole Black - First Year Ariadne Windywick - First Year Annalyn North - First Year Ilham Habibi - First Year Maki Kou - Fifth Year Hermione Brontë - Hufflepuff Visitor Unapproved: IzzyTheTiger - Please use your HOL name.
  19. Approved: Luna Abbot - First Year Rowan Dream - Fourth Year Rory Devaney - Slytherin Student
  20. Approved: Genie Dawn - First Year Lizzie Ra - First Year
  21. Any of you heard of the Hogwarts Running Club?? I just ran 6.2442 miles today for their Dept. of Mysteries run! :D

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    2. Prof. Jenny Lupin

      Prof. Jenny Lupin

      Basically, it is a really cool thing anyone in the world can do! IT's all about getting more active and walking or running more. :)

    3. Alessandra Grace

      Alessandra Grace

      Seems fun :) I'll check it out, thank you :D

      and congratulationa for your score ;)

    4. Jessica Sliverkin

      Jessica Sliverkin

      Thanks for letting us know about this! I'm a huge runner myself!

  22. Whoop! Welcome to Gryffindor everyone!! :D Until term starts in September, no dens will be assigned. Summer camp is starting today, though, so if you haven't already, go sign-up and have fun at the water park!! :yahoo: Approved: Preston Cahill - First Year Hope Stark - Slytherin Guest Dolly Frazer - Ravenclaw Guest Unapproved: keith - Please use your full HOL name when signing up.
  23. Den Challenge update slightly delayed, waiting for one submission still. *pokes* I have time tomorrow so I will update ASAP! :)

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    2. Prof. Jenny Lupin
    3. Kim Alting

      Kim Alting

      Sorry Jenny... Zenix and I are the only ones participating. :(

    4. Prof. Jenny Lupin

      Prof. Jenny Lupin

      I know, I'm sorry there aren't more people helping. :( But you two have done amazing! :)

  24. Totally snowed in. :( I feel guilty not driving the mile and a half down to the gym tonight, but I've seen at least 2 cars get stuck in the snow on my street and the weather has only been getting worse today!! Crazy!

    1. Prof. Hailey Potter

      Prof. Hailey Potter

      Please send your snow to Tennessee. We will happily take it!! lol


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