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  1. Control over fire. Then, I could have infinite fuel and become rich. Would you you rather have control over the earth or over air?
  2. Guilty!! I still have one I need to use someday. Has stuck something behind an ear/in hair/in pocket and then forgot it was there?
  3. Hogwarts Expreess
  4. 3277
  5. Probably guilty (when I was little), but as far as I know innocent. Has Eaton maple syrup with bacon?
  6. Depends on the someone. If I dislike them, then I would want to cook for them. If I like them, and they can cook, I would like them to cook for me. If I like them, but they can’t cook, I would like to cook for them. Would you rather go 20 years in the past or 20 years into the future?
  7. Eggs
  8. 3237
  9. Guilty. Has “borrowed” a pen or pencil from someone but never gave it back. (Accidentally or on purpose)
  10. The Jelly Legs Jinx. I’ll sit down and read for the duration of the charm. Would you rather draw an infinitely big picture for the rest of your life of write an infinitely long novel for the rest of your life?
  11. 3223 (Palindrome!!)
  12. Jug
  13. True. I do that quite often. Has been annoyed by someone else playing loud/obnoxious music?
  14. Broomstick
  15. 3219
  16. True. It was just about 500 years old. Has played in a game of MASH?
  17. True. Though for me it’s downstairs. Has been unable to work because of something small, but annoying only to you.
  18. Will Lestrange
  19. 3217
  20. Swimming in the Hogwarts lake. At least I’m close enough to people that I can call for help. Would you rather never be able to read your favorite book, or never be able to eat your favorite food?
  21. False. Though it seems fun to try. Has scuba dived before?
  22. Yellow
  23. 3212
  24. Innocent. Though I have come close, I caught it before it touched the floor (does that count?) Has nibbled on the back of a pen/eraser/stylus?
  25. Ear