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  3. True. Especially with marshmallows. Likes paperbacks books more than hardcover books?
  4. Australia. Would you rather be afraid of the dark or heights? (And not be afraid of the other)
  5. Sword
  6. Woad (#4D5B8A)
  7. 3202
  8. Happy Birthday!!
  9. Innocent. Has accidentally spilled a drink on a book?
  10. A punching telescope. How about Draco Malfoy?
  11. Watch a movie. Would you rather use only pencils for the rest of your life or pens?
  12. True (maybe already have) Likes to bake?
  13. World
  14. 3200
  15. Ultramarine ash (#365F9D)
  16. Lily I am thinking about a sweet treat, easy to bake.
  17. Happy Birthday!!!!!
  18. A job with random hours. I myself am very sporadic which is very bad if you're still in school but at a place like that could be very beneficial. Would you rather know all Shakespeare plays by heart or Hemingway's stories by heart?
  19. Iridium. I am thinking of a famous mathematician
  20. True. I can easily stay up till 4, but if I fall asleep at 9 I still cannot wake up at 4. Has done all their HOL homework?
  21. Gingerbread house
  22. Sky Blue
  23. Guilty. I've eaten scorpions. Has touched or held a snake before
  24. 3194
  25. The play. Although I love ballet, I feel like you can never top Shakespeare's original play. Would you rather eat cookies or drink hot chocolate with marshmallows?