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  1. Happy Birthday Jenny!!
  2. Magizoologist. Because I don't know what ora is. Would you rather work as an Auror or Healer?
  3. Guilty. I was volunteering for an event and they asked me if I was any good at face painting. I said yes even though I am not good at drawing and have never face painted before. Luckily, in the end I didn't have to face paint at all. Has sticky notes with to do lists lying all around?
  4. Sadness
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  6. Umm... definitely not. But sadly, guilty. I absolutely love icing. Has baked something for "a party" and then accidentally ate all of it before the party.
  7. Depends. If it hot, shade, if cool or warm, sun. Go to the Ocean/beach or go to the pool?
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  9. Energy
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  11. Love
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  13. Situational
  14. Legilimency
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