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  1. A job with random hours. I myself am very sporadic which is very bad if you're still in school but at a place like that could be very beneficial. Would you rather know all Shakespeare plays by heart or Hemingway's stories by heart?
  2. Iridium. I am thinking of a famous mathematician
  3. True. I can easily stay up till 4, but if I fall asleep at 9 I still cannot wake up at 4. Has done all their HOL homework?
  4. Gingerbread house
  5. Sky Blue
  6. Guilty. I've eaten scorpions. Has touched or held a snake before
  7. 3194
  8. The play. Although I love ballet, I feel like you can never top Shakespeare's original play. Would you rather eat cookies or drink hot chocolate with marshmallows?
  9. Asimov I am thinking of something made out of snow
  10. False! I hate the cold. Likes December more than January?
  11. Sherbet lemon
  12. Paled Turquoise (#BBFFFF)
  13. 3191
  14. Sky thank you so much for running this activity. This was very fun (and thank you for the hint).
  15. Guilty. Has fallen through ice on a lake?