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  1. 3212
  2. Innocent. Though I have come close, I caught it before it touched the floor (does that count?) Has nibbled on the back of a pen/eraser/stylus?
  3. Ear
  4. True. Very true. Loves wearing darker colors in the summer more than lighter colors?
  5. Change your Gryffindor profile picture to a lion. (I have no ideas) Duck
  6. Song
  7. Guilty. There are many books that I love as much as Harry Potter such as Paddington Has accidentally switched look alike bottles/containers?
  8. A villain in my favorite one. Cause that means I’ll be a wizard in Harry Potter. Would you rather work somewhere with a very large amount of work, but no schedule (can work at any time, anywhere), or work somewhere with a little amount of work, but a strict schedule?
  9. 3210
  10. Rome
  11. True. So true. Has books in the randomest of places?
  12. 3206
  13. 3204
  14. True. Especially with marshmallows. Likes paperbacks books more than hardcover books?
  15. Australia. Would you rather be afraid of the dark or heights? (And not be afraid of the other)