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    I slap Iverian for absolutely confuzzzling me. (And also for being such a bubble of happiness)
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    Thank you so much Sky, it was so fun crafting and playing Hangman!!
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    By the Fire

    Perfect Day The morning sky is bright and clear. Grabbing a quick bite to eat I walk to my skis and start bundling up. Somehow, my hand warmers and gloves fit very nicely together and it doesn't take half an hour to keep my hands from turning blue. Going to the slopes and skiing is wonderful, and though I'm exhausted and quite cold, my fingers are all still the right color! I go and grab food, then make a mug of hot chocolate. Walking over to the wonderful Games Room, I spot Ketlin and Sky and everyone else. The rest of the evening is spent there, playing and relaxing near the fireplace. Snowflakes Cozy Cookery I love to drink hot chocolate when it is cold. We buy a premix, however, so I do not have a recipe for self-made hot chocolate. To me, hot chocolate is a reminder of winter, especially winter holidays. It's a reminder of family, tradition, and the new year. I associate it with good times with my family, especially my sister whose first love was hot chocolate. The drink itself is perhaps a bit too sweet, but it's the memories behind it that make this drink so special. Boil/heat up milk. If you want very hot milk I suggest boiling it on the stove, instead of heating it up in the microwave. Add the hot chocolate mix and immediately start stirring it to try and avoid clumps of chocolate. Add a few marshmallows to taste, I like to usually put in enough to cover the mug but not more. Add a tiny bit of whipped cream, too much and the drink will become too creamy. Sprinkle some crushed up candy canes into the whipped cream. And you're done! Enjoy! Do You Want to Build a Snowman Cold Weather Critters This is a card I have made for my grandmother for New Years. Coincidentally it has a penguin on the front. The penguin is black with a light blue scarf that is lopsided to the right. The penguin has an orange beak and feet. On the belly of the penguin the words "Happy New Years” are written in calligraphy. Wrap Up Warm Wish You Were Here I would include pictures of the mountain definitely. Probably a wide shot of the mountain in all its glory. Perhaps the picture of the mountain can be taken in the sunrise or sunset. Or if the mountain is extremely foggy and there is some fog at the top, that could also be a wonderful photo. In the corner there would be a close up shot of someone skiing, perhaps when they are stopping and the snow creates a beautiful arc. The whole postcard could also be a "snowy" theme with a light blue snowflake border. I would also perhaps write in blue pen or a black calligraphy pen, I feel like calligraphy goes well with snowflakes and a wintery theme. Story Time Once upon a time, a star was born. A small, dim yellow star came upon the night sky for the first time that night. But the star was lonely, all the other stars were older and the star didn't have any friends. From sadness, he became to grow dimmer and dimmer when suddenly he heard a small voice, "Look at that pretty star". Looking down, the star saw a small boy looking out the window. "Hey, Mr. Star! You're really pretty!", the boy said and suddenly the star felt so happy and free. He shone brighter and brighter as the night went on while talking to the small boy. And so, every single day the star would come out to the night sky and talk with the small boy. The had tons of fun together and the star loved the boy. Years went by, and though the star grew a tiny bit each time, he noticed the boy grew more and more. Soon the boy often slept or just didn't come out to the star anymore. One night the boy never came out again. The star was sad and crying, in distress, his light dimmed almost to the first time he felt lonely. But he didn't give up hope. As the star grew dimmer, the years went by faster and though the star looked around the whole world he never found the boy again. As the star was ready to give up all hope of seeing his boy again he went by the town which the boy lived in. The star looked around the town ready to say his final goodbyes when he heard a voice say, "Look! Pretty star!" The star turned around and there was a small girl looking out her window. The star felt happy for he realized there were more children and more friends to be made. And so, the star shone as bright as before. The End.
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