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  1. True. I do that quite often. Has been annoyed by someone else playing loud/obnoxious music?
  2. Broomstick
  3. 3219
  4. True. It was just about 500 years old. Has played in a game of MASH?
  5. True. Though for me it’s downstairs. Has been unable to work because of something small, but annoying only to you.
  6. Will Lestrange
  7. 3217
  8. Swimming in the Hogwarts lake. At least I’m close enough to people that I can call for help. Would you rather never be able to read your favorite book, or never be able to eat your favorite food?
  9. False. Though it seems fun to try. Has scuba dived before?
  10. Yellow
  11. 3212
  12. Innocent. Though I have come close, I caught it before it touched the floor (does that count?) Has nibbled on the back of a pen/eraser/stylus?
  13. Ear
  14. True. Very true. Loves wearing darker colors in the summer more than lighter colors?
  15. Change your Gryffindor profile picture to a lion. (I have no ideas) Duck