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  1. Happy birthday, Jenny!!
  2. arms
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  4. Talaria or winged sandals I would first go to enlist help from the phoenix. I would explain to the creature how important it is for me to get this treasure. I would tell him that I have this rope that I wanted to use to tie around the treasure to haul it up with, but if I did that, I would have no way to get back up myself. Not to mention, there was nowhere to tie the rope, too. I knew phoenixes were very strong creatures, so I thought I would ask if he wouldn't mind flying me down there so I could tie the rope around my treasure before looping the rest of the rope around my waist so I would not lose it. Once I had that, the phoenix could fly me back out of the hole. The goal though was to get the phoenix to agree with my help, so I had to appeal to it kindly and sweetly as they are proud creatures. I would offer it some food and water of course to earn its trust, and the metal spike may be good to have just in case I needed to use it to dig into the sides of the hole to climb back up should the phoenix abandon me. I could also use the spike to climb down, much like one might use an axe to climb up the side of a ship like they did in the old pirate days. But hopefully the phoenix would agree with my first plan.
  5. I keep forgetting to post my stuff in here after. Oops. The Treasure Fire-flowers from the mountain of the sun which creates a healing cordial which was also known as Lucy's Cordial from The Chronicles of Narnia The Journey The inside of the treasury was huge and shining in this brilliant gold even given the outside condition of what it once was. All around are ancient artifacts that are still in near pristine condition, hidden away for possibly thousands of years. Even more than that, there are brilliant weapons made from obsidian and what looks to be like dragon glass which reflected in the light of the room that shone through when I opened the door. Coins scatter the floor in colors of gold, silver and bronze. Some are big and some are small. Then there are the gemstones that are still set neatly into the wall. Diamonds and sapphires and rubies. A row of quartz and moonstone lie underneath them and an opal necklace that must have belonged to a beautiful queen. Victory If you can't get a cork out, you can always just push it in.
  6. shipping
  7. Wampus
  8. False. I think I used to but I've gotten rather good at it lately because my whole life has turned into nothing but MAJOR decisions lately that will affect me in years to come. Has the heater on even when it's 70F (21C) or warmer outside.
  9. Element
  10. Fawkes
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  12. Guilty When I get caught up in something, I sometimes don't watch where I'm going. Has gotten so busy that they forget to call someone they said they would call?
  13. story
  14. school
  15. I would ride a rollercoaster. A baby rollercoaster, please. Would you rather watch a competition that involved singing or one that involved dancing?
  16. False. Certainly not so much anymore anyway. True or False: Is ready to learn the top secret recipe for Shiloh's raw vegan butterbeer? :p
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  18. Happy birthday Zach!!! :)
  19. meany
  20. I would rather be able to speak and understand every language in the world. (No more language barriers) Would you rather a job with a set schedule or a job with random hours but that is very flexible?
  21. Spinach Pastry (like in your Cooking assignment! XD) I am thinking of a certain element on the periodic table.
  22. True. I could also eat a plate of fruit, have a huge bowl of raw cereal or have a Shilohbowl anytime during the day. Is a night owl?
  23. gumdrops
  24. Radical Red (Crayola color)
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