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  1. story
  2. school
  3. I would ride a rollercoaster. A baby rollercoaster, please. Would you rather watch a competition that involved singing or one that involved dancing?
  4. False. Certainly not so much anymore anyway. True or False: Is ready to learn the top secret recipe for Shiloh's raw vegan butterbeer? :p
  5. 3196
  6. Happy birthday Zach!!! :)
  7. meany
  8. I would rather be able to speak and understand every language in the world. (No more language barriers) Would you rather a job with a set schedule or a job with random hours but that is very flexible?
  9. Spinach Pastry (like in your Cooking assignment! XD) I am thinking of a certain element on the periodic table.
  10. True. I could also eat a plate of fruit, have a huge bowl of raw cereal or have a Shilohbowl anytime during the day. Is a night owl?
  11. gumdrops
  12. Radical Red (Crayola color)
  13. 3193
  14. Guilty. (Although I don't think that's something to feel guilty about. It was a lovely place) Has eaten a food that most people would get squeamish over. (Also...what was it if you're guilty XD)
  15. Unable to watch movies for the rest of my life. I could not live without being able to read books. Would you rather watch Midsummer Nights Dream as the play or the ballet?