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  1. shipping
  2. Wampus
  3. False. I think I used to but I've gotten rather good at it lately because my whole life has turned into nothing but MAJOR decisions lately that will affect me in years to come. Has the heater on even when it's 70F (21C) or warmer outside.
  4. Element
  5. Fawkes
  6. 3215
  7. Guilty When I get caught up in something, I sometimes don't watch where I'm going. Has gotten so busy that they forget to call someone they said they would call?
  8. story
  9. school
  10. I would ride a rollercoaster. A baby rollercoaster, please. Would you rather watch a competition that involved singing or one that involved dancing?
  11. False. Certainly not so much anymore anyway. True or False: Is ready to learn the top secret recipe for Shiloh's raw vegan butterbeer? :p
  12. 3196
  13. Happy birthday Zach!!! :)
  14. meany
  15. I would rather be able to speak and understand every language in the world. (No more language barriers) Would you rather a job with a set schedule or a job with random hours but that is very flexible?