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  1. Oh my Goodness! !! I just realized. ... it's APRIL 15TH.... Not August. .. my apologies. .. I did this from my phone and didn't realize Auto correct.... sine I was in the month of August it changed my comment ... my aunt corrected me for another family event due to the AUGUST / APRIL mishap. .. Nicole Dark's Birthday is APRIL 15TH... Thank you Kim For the Response. .. ((virtual hugs))...
  2. The Red color represents Loyalty and Strength. .. The Gold represents Endurance and Pride... The Gold Bar represents Protection... The Dragon or some say a Griffin with Wings represents Power and Courage.... The Dark Family has been around for centuries and has always come to the aid of Royalty when called upon.
  3. Guilty! LOL I recovered by pretending to talk on my cell phone.... Have you ever wore your shirt inside-out and didn't realize until you arrived at your destination?
  4. Quick question... would it be alright if I say my daughter's birthday??? She too is a Gryffindor and her special day is August 15th. Nicole Dark
  5. Thankyou everyone for my birthday wishes. I enjoyed my day being with my family and friends at a ButterBeer Brewery. Can't wait for the next school year to srart. See you very soon. ((Virtual hugs)).
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