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  1. Hello lions! I thought I would stop by for a bit while we have a break between term. <3
  2. Here are my signature and avatar ideas! **Sky I did a lion cub just for you** <3
  3. Guilty though it has been a while since I am getting older :P Has gone to a midnight showing of a movie
  4. I actually think I would like to go to the Mahoutokoro School of Magic Would you rather have a pet tiger or a pet lion?
  5. Truth. Bad habit I picked up from my mom. She always read the last chapter of a book first to determine if she was going to like it and I picked it up lol Went somewhere fun over the summer break
  6. Happy birthday to the wonderful Head Student!!!!
  7. False. Has been to France?
  8. Vanessa Tilley

    ABC game

    Quinacridone Magenta..one of my favorite acrylic paint colors
  9. False. I like January because it is a time of new beginnings! Likes breakfast for dinner?
  10. Snowman! I am thinking of a type of pastry!
  11. I would rather drink hot chocolate with marshmallows especially right now since it is so cold here! Would you rather be able to speak and understand every language in the world or able to play every instrument in the world?
  12. Spiders (although I don't know why....or snakes for that matter. They are death to the c-word) I am thinking of something I am suppose to do tomorrow...
  13. Actually the lie is #1. I am an INSANELY HUGE horror fanatic. Ask Sky. I am going to go with #3 I do have a scar shaped like a lightning bolt from a car accident but it is on my right thigh.
  14. 1) I have a scar on my left knee due to a car accident 2) I am a horror fanatic 3) I have met a famous author in person
  15. Innocent. The worst I get is laugh to the point I snort :P Has randomly quoted movies in conversations with friends, family, or even strangers?
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