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  1. Fortunately, Ivey started handing out milk to everyone so the crowd would have something else to focus on.
  2. Innocent. I have sensitive teeth Has a pet dog
  3. True! Sometimes my food is just too good not to eat right then lol Has accidentally burned something on the stove.
  4. I slap Sky for getting me the tough times <3
  5. I slap Amy for all the great book recommendations :)
  6. True Enjoys fairy tales?
  7. I actually enjoy when rules are updated after realizing that people have learned how the tricks, loopholes, to helping ensure they went. I feel like game companies that update rules should be commended for not just creating a game and forget about it. I believe the company updating the rules show they do keep up with how their product is working and implementing changes that help keep the game fair. The only change for a game I can think of at the moment involved Monopoly and the Free Parking. There were games where we put no money on Free Parking, sometimes we put $500, and sometimes we played just putting the tax amounts in Free Parking. It wasn’t really a big rule change but it caused some hilarious games and fights lol
  8. Remember everything I had ever seen or heard Would you rather have a pet snake or a pet spider?
  9. I am going to call Ivey! She will be able to distract the guests with her crazy antics so when admit what happens my friends won’t be as angry. Ivey lessens the blow. You are getting ready to have a game night with your friends when you open the closet where the games are kept and see all your games are ruined. There was a leak in the closest! Everyone will be there in 10 minutes. Who are you going to call?
  10. Well, not big on cheating but if magic is involved then I could get on board. For card games, I would mark the cards with invisible ink and then use Aparecium while playing against others. Would be a very big help in the world of Poker. For board games, I would use Avis and change the game pieces while my opponents were running or bating away the birds. The birds would be trained not to hurt or injury anyone of course. For sports, I would use Colloshoo so I would get a good head start, for games that involved running, or stop my opponent from moving, for games such as tennis! I am a horrible runner and I am a klutz so I need all the help I can get. :P For Twister, I would totally have to use Colovaria so I can change the color of the dot that my opponents are going for! It goes along perfectly with my magical Twister!!! Last but not least, for video games, I would use Diminuendo so my opponents would not be able to even hold the controllers in their hands. Not the most audacious I'm sure but I would enjoy laughing at all the chaos it would cause. :P
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