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  1. One of the first games many Muggle children play is known as "Tic-Tac-Toe", or "Noughts and Crosses". The game takes place with a 3 x 3 grid and each player puts their symbol ("X" for the first player; "O" for the second) in an unused square. The object of the game is to get three of your symbol in a straight line before your opponent does; if no one manages by the time the board is filled, the game is a draw. The way I would make this game more magical would be to use two magical 'starter wands' - one for 'X' and one for 'O'. When it's your turn, you hold your 'starter wand' and think of the square you want to use, and the wand will magically make that symbol appear in your square. Further, if you try to claim a used square, your wand will turn red - indicating that you're making an illegal move. Would this change the gameplay at all? No, but then again, this is essentially the type of modification done to turn regular Muggle chess into Wizarding chess!
  2. [OUT OF CHARACTER] I remembered a lot of frustrating moments when playing games as a kid, even though there were probably satisfying wins as well. Being an older sibling, I hated the natural disadvantage present when the rules of the game stated "the youngest player goes first". But I'll remember playing a Muggle computer game called "The Oregon Trail" and how satisfying it felt when I finally was able to beat that game... and how easy it seems by comparison now!
  3. Milkshake - Kelis What is your favorite thing about HOL?
  4. My token would be an ornate, serpentine snake in the shape of an S. It would be primarily silver in color, with stripes of black gold and an emerald to make up the eyes. Somewhere on the token, down towards the base would be the letters "WL" in green emeralds. And I imagine it would have to look way better than anything I could design using graphics! As for the explanation: the house colors and snake shape represent how much being a Slytherin is a part of my identity. The precious materials involved reflect my desire for finer things. And the letters "WL" are my initials!
  5. New Math - Tom Lehrer What do you have planned to do today?
  6. Part of the attraction of playing a game is simply the thrill of winning: victory is - by itself - a very satisfying feeling. And as for playing the same game over and over, you get the added bonus of improving over time and seeing your progress! For most games that have a skill factor, you likely aren't going to do great the first time you play... but as you play more, you learn the ropes and get better until - maybe - you have a solid shot at winning!
  7. There are two Z's! - - I Z Z A R - (8 letters; 5 lives)
  8. There are no 'T's. - - I - - A R - (8 letters; 5 lives)
  9. There is one R. - - I - - A R - (8 letters; 6 lives)
  10. There are no N’s. - - I - - A - - (8 letters)
  11. One I! - - I - - A - - (8 letters)
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