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  1. Will Lestrange

    Answering the Unanswerable

    The Forbidden Forest forest was just a normal forest when Hogwarts was founded. It was the residual magic forest the school that enchanted the forest into what we know it as today. How did people cast spells before the Latin language came into being?
  2. Will Lestrange

    Word chain

  3. Will Lestrange

    Innocent or Guilty?

    Innocent! Walked into a wall/pillar/etc without realizing it?
  4. Will Lestrange

    Time to Pack! (Off to School)

    1. chocolate (for the taste and to ward off Dementors) 2. Slytherin pride swag (like a replica of Regulus's locket) 3. Felix Felicis (for obvious reasons) 4) my secret Time Turner (again, could be very useful here) 5) my Thunderbolt VIII (my VII was fast, but often would refuse to go where I wanted it to) 6) a Muggle-to-Magic adapter allowing me to use electric devices in the dungeons 7) my pet anaconda (for hugs; I swear!) 8) objects with the power of warming charms (I get cold easily!) 9-10) "The Rules of Being a Successful Slytherin" and "Prefects Who Gained Power" because... well... I want power and success!
  5. Will Lestrange

    Creative Crests (Off to School)

    This shield represents a stylized diagram of where I've moved throughout my life. To the left of the pink line is the US; to the right is Europe (and the numbers represent latitude). Although the diagram is far from to scale, the latitudes are at least accurate to within a degree or two! And I think this represents my travels/ambitions/work fairly well. (My HOL initials are at the bottom; outside of the dividing line, everything is in Slytherin colors.)
  6. Will Lestrange

    Lie to Me

    #3? I have a feeling you prefer it cold... and spring isn't a month; is it?
  7. Will Lestrange

    Slap the person above you!

    I slap Zenix for deciding she was too cool for HOL for most of the past two years!
  8. Will Lestrange

    Word chain

  9. Will Lestrange

    Word chain