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  1. bells
  2. A resolution? I am thinking of something that can be broken by speaking its name.
  3. would it shook you if I said True. I really do enjoy both but math was one of my favorite classes! likes riding rollercoasters
  4. (coldplay?) um... snow? (no clue really. XD)
  5. 3175
  6. Guilty as charged... I do that way too much. Has had an accident atleast once while driving?
  7. Iris (#5a4fcf)
  8. I get back up and summon some water to make you slide down the hill, like a slip and slide. MY HILL
  9. stamp
  10. Yeah.. true... it hurt . Has skipped school because you just didnt feel like going?
  11. 3169
  12. I cast the tickling spell on you, make you roll of the hill in laughter. MY HILL (isnt that a bit dangerous Shadow)
  13. scrambled
  14. French Liliac (#86608e)
  15. Err... neither actually but I choose false. I dont use scarves much. We get some cold days but not alot. Usually got ear muffs. Sung aloud to a song thinking you were alone, but weren't
  16. 3165
  17. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  18. False. Thats not possible in my location... sadly. Has starting decorationg for Christmas after Halloween?
  19. 3158
  20. False. As much as I like Christmas and my birthday, I rather it be spring. Called someone by the wrong name
  21. False. Ew... why? Have stubbed your toe on your bed?
  22. Its the holiday season. 

  23. is there a way to now the schedule in advance? i want to play but I am never able to get online

  24. Death