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  1. Prof. Nina Messersmith

    What's Under the Tree?

    A saddle ;) What about Severus Snape?
  2. Prof. Nina Messersmith

    Class ideas

    Im trying to think of an exciting class to teach that people would be interested in. These are some good ideas :) I've always has a thing for teaching pop culture.... hence my last class I taught was based on the Game of Thrones tv series and A Song of Fire and Ice book series. Any other classes people would be interested in taking?
  3. Prof. Nina Messersmith

    Word chain

  4. Prof. Nina Messersmith

    Happy Birthday Guin :)

    Yey Guin! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Hope you have a great day and remember to eat LOTS of cake :D
  5. Prof. Nina Messersmith

    Happy Birthday Hailey!

    Hope ya had a great BDAY Hal :D You and Joshua make any yummy cakes over the weekend?
  6. Prof. Nina Messersmith

    A Few Changes

    Haha... Maybe Tom wants us to go ;) (Only kidding) but nah, we are staying... only going to be more powerful than ever! (Again... only joking.... or am I :p )
  7. Prof. Nina Messersmith

    Top 50 Gryffindor Point Earners 2013-2014

    Congrats everyone!!! What a great year :)
  8. Prof. Nina Messersmith

    Happy Birthday, Nina!

    Thanks for all the birthday wishes ya'll ;)
  9. Prof. Nina Messersmith


    :yahoo: HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY FUUUUUU!!!! Cupcakes are delicious! Mmmmmm :) Even better with Coffee to wash them down :D
  10. Prof. Nina Messersmith

    Lion's Pride Awards: Autumn Term 2013

    Yey! Congrats to all :)
  11. Prof. Nina Messersmith

    Happy Birthday, Chadwick Cadet!

    Happy Birthday Chad. I miss seeing you around the CR. Hope you had a lovely birthday :)
  12. Prof. Nina Messersmith

    Word chain

    Daryl Dixon
  13. Prof. Nina Messersmith

    Happy Birthday, Scary Head of House!

    Happy Birthday Missa !!!
  14. Prof. Nina Messersmith

    Favourite book?

    There are so many amazing books out there... I guess if I had to pick, i'd say The Edge of Never by J.A. Rednerski - I always fantasized about just up and getting on a greyhound bus and seeing where it takes me to. Just leave everything behind you. Its a VERY inspirational book and I loved the whole story line. Cant wait for The Edge of Always to come out soon :)
  15. Prof. Nina Messersmith


    Happy Birthday Dario! The Chocolate Cake can be found in our Den :yahoo: :dancing: :dancer: