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  1. Varnish
  2. 3171
  3. Actually, come to think of it, false. I've skipped school for various other reasons though haha. Enjoys photography
  4. Impossible haha. Guilty. Has petted a snake
  5. Duck
  6. Exercise? Or stretch? I am thinking of something that makes music.
  7. Whoops I think the previous answer was for another question. To answer Zach I would definitely rather Fluffy. To answer Vanessa I would rather visit Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory, would love to see the waterfall for myself. Would you rather gold or silver (the metals)?
  8. A catnip ball! How about Arthur Weasley?
  9. Khaki
  10. 3163
  11. Kind of true :) But I like lots of movie genres actually. Least favourite colour is green
  12. Innocent! Has written your name mirrored?
  13. Dusty Rose
  14. Fish
  15. 3160