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  1. An Extendable Ear How about Dolores Umbridge?
  2. Guilty but enjoyed it haha. Has experienced an open air shower before
  3. Turquoise
  4. Pythagoras? I am thinking of a type of flower.
  5. Hmm... (I enjoy watching both)... singing I guess. Would you rather have a pretzel or a cinammon bun?
  6. Exercise books
  7. 3198
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  9. False, I like both but hot chocolate wins. Chocolate always wins. Likes making other people laugh
  10. Time itself? Or fate? I am thinking of a type of flower.
  11. Marshmallow
  12. 3178
  13. Share a joke, Shadow! Duck
  14. Definitely a singing class for a year, I have been wanted to take singing classes for so many years but I haven't. Would you rather a nightmare be reality or an ambition be just a dream?
  15. The Curious Book of Curiousities. How about Hedwig?