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  1. Make sure you've turned in everything for our Creature Rescue Activity by 11.59 PM HOL-Time. Go earn those rubies!
  2. Sky Alton

    1 - 10 000

    3940 (you got the pretty number)
  3. I slap Amy for not bringing me back a snorkack
  4. Sky Alton

    Word chain

    Fudge (I just got some that has a hidden layer of maple syrup at the centre)
  5. Attention! There are creatures loose in the castle! This is not a drill (or an April Fools for that matter). Help us get them home and earn some rubies into the bargain.

  6. Innocent but I did once start boiling the kettle before I put in any water. The upgush of steam when I hurriedly poured it in taught me that this is a very bad idea. Has tested something with a finger even though objectively you know it will be far too hot to do that.
  7. I slap Ivey for thinking of the same reason to slap Zee that I thought of
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