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  1. Grounds
  2. 3523
  3. Snitch
  4. I slap Zach because he slapped me for the greater good
  5. Thrill
  6. So do I. Kindly change your location to 'On the Hunt for Snorkacks' until August 28th. Duck
  7. Guiiillltttyyy. They buzz like bees Is overly sentimental about objects
  8. Right now yes. Has.... oh, darn, I had a good one.... ehem Finds problem solving strangely satisfying
  9. Action
  10. Road trip all the way Would you rather drive or catch the train?
  11. Professor Tarma Amelia Black is next to complete all tasks and earn the treasure. Remember you have until 11.59 PM HOL-time on August 31st to turn in some or all of the tasks. :D
  12. You step out of the sage’s castle and pause on the sweeping steps. The sun is setting over the hills ahead of you, setting fire to their tops. If you’re to free your home from the terrible evil, then you’ll need the mythical object he has in his keeping. But he won’t give it to you until you’ve proved you can be courageous, resourceful, persistent, wise, swift and compassionate. And, worked out exactly what that object is. So, you think, no biggie…. This summer we’re inviting you on an even more intrepid journey than usual with different rules to your average Gone Questing Quest. Spanning 6 locations which you may visit in the order of your choice, your goal is to complete tasks, collect clues and work out what item it is you need to save your home. There are 12 tasks and you have from July 1st to August 31st to complete them. Each of the 6 locations is themed around a quality you must prove and each contains two tasks: a puzzle and a more creative task, for a total of 12 individual tasks. You can complete however many of these you like and in whatever order appeals to you. The locations (in no particular order) are: valley, city, mountain, sea, forest and village. If you have any accessibility requirements that mean you’re unable to complete any of these for whatever reason, please send me a message and we’ll find an alternative that suits you. Each of these individual tasks is worth 25 beans, making each location worth 50 and all 6 worth 300. Once you have completed 3 individual tasks, you will receive a clue to the item (this time it's from the Harry Potter universe) you’re attempting to win. After 6 individual tasks you will receive a second clue, a third clue after 9 and the final clue after all 12. You may make a guess without having earned all clues but having all 4 will definitely help you. You don’t have to make a guess in order to complete the tasks but if you guess the item correctly, you’ll earn a further 100 beans for a total of 400 overall. You can guess at any time and still complete tasks but bear in mind you will lose beans for incorrect guesses. If you’d like to ‘design your quester’ for the summer quest, there’s a further 50 beans up for grabs there. To submit tasks for the quest, please start a PM with me (Sky Alton) here on the CR, with the subject ‘Summer Quest’. Submit everything (labelled with the location and type of task) as a reply to that conversation to help me to keep track of your progress.
  13. Stereotype
  14. Equality
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