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    Play Hangman with me! I will give you the number of letters in the word I’m thinking of. You can then suggest letters that might be in it, one letter per post: you must wait for me to respond before guessing again. If you’re right, I’ll fill in the letter in the word. If you’re wrong, then you lose a life. You only have 8 lives. Once they’re gone, they’re gone and I will start again with a new word. You can guess what the word is at any point but if you’re wrong, you lose a life. If you’re right, then it’s your turn to come up with a word. If the word is completely spelled out, then the person who guessed the last letter takes over. Note: If the person currently providing the word vanishes then you may restart the game with a new word of your own if they haven’t responded to you in 5 days. Let’s begin…. The word is: ----- (5 letters) Lives remaining: 8 If you play any time before 11.59 PM on January 2nd 2019, you win a ruby for every post you make, as part of our Ski Lodge activity.
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    By the Fire

    Come in from the cold and take a seat beside the fire. There’s plenty to do, whether it’s eating or drinking, crafting, telling a story or just chatting with everyone who’s gathered round. This is your space to get creative but also to chat. Below are a list of things you can submit, with the amount of rubies they’re worth in brackets. You can complete them at any time and in any order. Please post everything below (although if you’d rather send something to me privately, I’m also happy to count it). This is intended to be a conversation as much as a place to post stuff so feel free to chat as you post. The deadline for everything is the 2nd of January 2019. Creative Options Perfect Day (20 Rubies) How would you spend your first day at the lodge? Would you hit the slopes or stay cuddled up near the fire? Perhaps you’d head straight for the Games Room for some fun. Who would you want there with you? Do you have any tips on keeping warm? Tell us about your ideal day on the trip in at least 100 words. Snowflakes (20 Rubies, 10 per flake) It’s very easy to make your own paper snowflakes to bring a touch of winter to a room. Follow the instructions below (or any others you find) and create two unique snowflakes of different patterns. Take a photo of them and include a slip of paper with your HOL name. http://www.auntannie.com/FridayFun/EasySnowflakes/ Note: This calls for tissue paper but ordinary printer paper will do fine. If you have any scrap paper (printed on just one side), use that! If craft isn’t your thing, tell us about a memory you have of snowflakes in 100 words or more. Cosy Cookery (20 rubies) Food is an important part of keeping warm and also of creating that relaxed, cosy feeling. For 10 rubies, share a recipe for something that you like to cook or eat/drink when it’s cold. If you copy it word for word from somewhere, YOU MUST credit the source. For another 10, tell us about what this particular dish or drink means to you in at least 50 words. Alternatively, you can make it and show us a photo (include a slip of paper with your HOL name). Do You Wanna Build a Snowman? (20 rubies) Being inside in the warm is great but look at all that snow out there! What would you like to build? Follow these instructions to make your own paper snowman and tell us a bit about them in a few lines. Post a photo of your new friend (including a slip of paper with your HOL name). https://www.easypeasyandfun.com/paper-roll-snowman-craft/ Alternatively, maybe you want to create something less traditional out of snow like a castle or a sculpture. For 10 rubies, create a graphic or describe it in at least 50 words. For the other 10, tell us the story of how it got built in at least 50 words: what gave you the idea, who helped you, how successfully it turned out. Cold Weather Critters (20 Rubies) Those budding magizoologists amongst you will probably be going out for long walks in the hopes of spying a local creature. Alternatively, you might be posting yourself by a window with your binoculars. We don’t know that much about snow dwelling magical creatures so introduce us to one we’ve never heard of before. You can make a craft of it, show us in a graphic or write about it in at least 100 words. Alternatively, I’m hoping to see penguins which would be very magical indeed as they don’t live around here. If you’re stuck for your own beast, find a way to make my winter dreams come true and fill the lodge with penguins. You can write, graphic or make one of these. https://ourpotluckfamily.com/paper-plate-penguin/ Wrap Up Warm (20 Rubies) While you can get quite hot (and even sunburnt) while you’re skiing, it’s still important to have warm clothes. Describe your ideal cosy outfit in at least 100 words or create a graphic of it. Alternatively, if you’re good with a needle, you could create something warm and show us a photo (including a slip of paper with your HOL name). Wish You Were Here (20 Rubies) It may be cold out but the owls are still ready to take your post and I’ve got the school camera all ready to go. Create a concept for a postcard you might send someone back home: pictures of the mountains, a shot of the lodge, close ups of ski equipment? You can draw, make a photo collage or describe what you’d include in 100 words or more. Story Time (20 rubies) With everyone gathered round the fire, it’s the ideal time to tell us a story. This is a free for all: you can tell us an original story or anecdote, real or fictional, HOL related or not. It can be funny, sad or heart-warming. The only requirement is that it should be at least 100 words.
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    Remember to post the number of lives remaining each time, guys :)
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    Rubies are Gryffindor’s internal points: you’ll earn them for taking part in activities and generally being active around the den. For each ruby you add to your personal hourglass, you’ll earn yourself a bean over on the main HOL Site. In addition, you’ll also have the chance to vie for our very shiny termly awards for highest ruby count. Both Gryffindors and visitors will be able to earn Rubies through activities. Gryffindors will also have the chance to earn them through actions that support the house, such as Quidditch practice and the like. Only Gryffindor staff have the power to award rubies. The number of Rubies you’ve earned during the current term will be displayed beneath your name on the Common Room and also on your profile. In addition, you’ll also be able to check the ruby standings on the main page where the top earners are displayed. The ruby count will reset every term: you won’t be able to earn them over the summer. At the end of each term (autumn and spring), the prestigious awards I mentioned earlier will be awarded: the Phoenix Award for the Gryffindor with the highest number of rubies and The Lionheart Award for our top earning visitor. To be in with a chance of scooping one, you’ll need to have your ear to the ground for Gryffindor goings-on and be as active as possible around the Common Room. Good luck!
  5. Attention everyone! If you'd all like to follow me, we'll be traveling to our destination via these portkeys. 5 people per item, please and no pushing. I don’t care if you do want the old football more than the boot with a hole in it, you won’t get there any faster by being at the front. Before we head off, I should probably fill you in on a few things. For those who don't know, skiing is a muggle sport where you strap special equipment to your feet and propel yourself down snowy slopes really fast (and for those of you sniggering in the back, yes this is ‘a thing’). We'll be staying in a lovely lodge high in the mountains: you'll all have a chance to do as much skiing as you like but there will also be plenty of opportunities to curl up by the fire with a hot chocolate and play games. If you could try really hard not to wander off into any blizzards or over any precipices, that would be great. With all that out the way, I think we can get going! Welcome to Ggryffindor’s winter activity! As you will have gathered, it's themed around a trip to a ski lodge. We have a range of games, trivia, creative things and puzzles for you to get stuck into, with plenty of rubies up for grabs. They can all be found in various threads, which are as follows: The slopes: this is where you can ski! Our ski slopes (broken into beginner, intermediate and advanced) are a series of trivia questions and random decisions that you will need to complete. This will give you a 'time' (a score, actually) and will see your name added to the leader-board for each slope. To begin with, there are 3 slopes: another set will be released half way through the month. The Games room: Those of you with a puzzlers or gamer’s mind can head back to the lodge and discover the library of games and puzzles on offer. Good luck on perfecting those high scores. By the Fire: This is an all-purpose creative and chat thread. There will be a range of things to contribute: recipes, craft, stories, memories, photography and graphics. You’re encouraged to treat this like a conversation so feel free to respond to one another or simply just say hi. You can complete any of these and in any order that you like. The deadline is 11.59 PM HOL-time on January 2nd 2019 for everything. If for accessibility reasons you’d like some alternatives to the options given, just drop me a PM here on the Common Room. The same goes if you’d rather submit a task to me privately. (Major thanks go to Prof. Amy Lupin for helping me with tasks and Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis for her ski knowledge)
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    This Way to the Lodge! (Activity Overview)

    I'll be away until Friday afternoon: I'll calculate times, answer any questions and award the first lot of rubies then. If something goes very wrong somehow (like a moderation issue or similar) and you need an urgent response, please get hold of Dario or Zenix.
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    The Games Room

    Welcome to the Games Room. If you’re looking for something to do that isn’t reading a book by the fire or swooshing down the slopes, then check out the library of games we have over there! You can take a jigsaw to a quiet corner or join in with something more communal over at the whiteboard. Below are a range of games, from online simulations to jigsaws. For the puzzles and simulations, you can earn 10 rubies per playthrough for your first two playthroughs of each individual one (it doesn't matter if you get a lower score on your second time, it still counts). This is providing you’ve actually made an effort to play, rather than just spamming. Post a screenshot of your completed games or puzzles as a reply below and include a separate line of text with your result, score or solve time (for jigsaws, include the number of pieces too). For Hangman, you'll need to post 20 times to earn the full 20 rubies. In addition to the 160 rubies available from playing each game twice and taking part in Hangman, An extra 10 rubies is up for grabs as a bonus for each game. This includes quickest solve time (each of the jigsaws), highest score (the card games), fewest moves (Code Breaking) and most words guessed (Hangman). You can post additional screenshots to contend for highest score but you won't get any rubies for them unless you win the bonus. Feel free to chat while you game and keep any competition fair and friendly. Everything is due in on 11.59 PM HOL-time on the 2nd of January 2019. Games Library Jigsaw One (150 pieces) https://www.jigsawplanet.com/?rc=play&pid=2aeeb72ba5ee Jigsaw Two (108 pieces) https://www.jigsawplanet.com/?rc=play&pid=32e63bf2d39d Jigsaw Three (180 pieces) https://www.jigsawplanet.com/?rc=play&pid=3b9d271be28e Jigsaw Four (77 pieces) https://www.jigsawplanet.com/?rc=play&pid=248936a58b67 Spider Solitaire https://www.bigfishgames.com/online-games/23044/spider-solitaire/index.html Code Breaking https://www.mathplayground.com/break_the_code.html Tripeaks Solitaire https://games.aarp.org/games/tri-peaks-solitaire-new Or join everyone for hangman! http://gryff.net/index.php?/topic/3249-hangman/
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    Correct. Your turn.
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    Correct again The Word is: --os- (5 letters, 3 to go) Lives Remaining: 7
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    S is in the word! The word is: ---s- (5 letters, 4 left) Lives Remaining: 7
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    Unfortunately A is not in the word The Word is: ----- (5 letters) Lives Remaining: 7
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    If you have any questions about the activity, please post them here and I'll get back to you ASAP.
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    The Slopes

    Welcome to the snowy slopes! You can collect your equipment from that pile over there and our lovely instructors will show you how to put it on, then what to do with it. See you out there! You’ll find 3 slopes in replies to this post: 1 beginner, 1 intermediate and one advanced. They take the form of a series of trivia questions about winter, snow, winter sports and everything in between. You will almost certainly have to do some independent research to discover the correct answers. You’ll also find that there are ‘decision points’: this is where you have to steer by deciding whether to lean left, lean right or stay upright. Message me your answers and decisions in a PM here on the CR, using beginner, intermediate or advanced as your subjectline, depending on which slope it is. I'll reply with your time (a score): the goal is to keep this as low as possible. Each right answer to a question will add a minute to your time. Each wrong answer will add 3 minutes to your time. The ‘decision points’ are decided by luck: either they’ll speed you up, slow you down or have no effect at all. I’ll be keeping track of people’s times in a little leader-board for each slope. You’ll earn a set number of rubies per slope depending on the difficulty. The person with the quickest time per slope at the end of the activity will earn a 5 rubies bonus. Once you’ve completed your slope, send it to me (Sky Alton) via a common room PM. I’ll get back to you with your time. Deadline is 11.59 PM HOL-time on January 2nd 2019.
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    The Slopes

    Advanced: 25 Rubies 1. Where does the word sled come from? Decision: Left, right or upright? 2. Which sport was most recently added to the winter Olympics? 3. Fiberglass is not used to make skis, true or false? 4. Which ski resort hosted the first Winter Olympics? 5. Who developed the first modern ski/chairlifts in the 1930s? 6. Where was the first recorded non-military skiing competition held? 7. Name one Norse deity associated with skiing 8. Who made the first artificial snowflake? Decision: Left, right or upright? 9. In the European system for denoting the difficulty of a ski slope, the colour rankings go green, blue, what and what? 10. Prince Albert saved Queen Victoria when she fell through the ice while skating: true or false 11. What is a Vozok and in which country was it primarily used? 12. Are snowflakes always symmetrical? 13. Who wrote the fairy-tale, ‘The Snow Queen’? 14. How did Michael ‘Eddie the Eagle’ Edwards make history in 1988? Decision: Left, right or upright?? 15. How do visually impaired Paralympic skiers communicate with their guide while they’re on the slopes? 16. What are skiers talking about when they mention ‘crud’? 17. What were asymmetrical skis?
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    The Slopes

    Intermediate: 20 Rubies 1. How many Paralympic gold medals has para-alpine skier Gerd Schonfelder won? 2. What term is commonly used to refer to the driver of a dog sled? 3. You can make candy by pouring syrup onto snow: true or false? 4. How is an igloo constructed? Decision: Left, right or upright? 5. What obstacles are used in slalom skiing? 6. Why do icicles form? 7. What is the difference between hypothermia and hyperthermia? Decision: Left, right or upright? 8. In the American system for denoting the difficulty of a ski slope, what does a green circle mean? 9. Who took the first known photograph of a snowflake? Decision: Left, right or upright? 10. In what year did the winter Olympics first take place? 11. Name 3 skiing disciplines. 12. How do the bindings on skis differ between alpine and Nordic skiing? Standings:
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    The Slopes

    Beginner: 15 Rubies 1. Snowflakes and human fingerprints are commonly said to have what in common? 2. The term Aurora Borealis refers to what natural occurrence? Decision: Left, right or upright 3. When was the last London Frost fair 4. From which language does the word ski descend? 5. What do you hold onto while skiing? Decision: Left, right or upright? 6. What’s the lowest natural temperature ever recorded at ground level on earth? Decision: Left, right or upright? 7. Complete this line from a popular song: “Oh the weather outside is frightful…” Standings: Maxim Trevelyan - 5:30 Iverian Gnash - 6:30 Shadow Gaunt - 7:00
  17. Putting the finishing touches on Decembers fun. Get ready to head to the ski slopes!

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    Slap the person above you!

    I slap Annabeth for being awesome and sussing things out. Welcome to Gryffindor! (Let me know if you need any more help or pointers.)
  19. “You might belong in Gryffindor, Where dwell the brave at heart, Their daring, nerve and chivalry Set Gryffindors apart.”-JK Rowling, Philosopher’s Stone I was pondering this in IRC yesterday: what does ‘brave at heart’ actually mean? Charging into a battle, standing up for (or to) someone else, facing a fear or just quietly getting on with things when your world is going down the drain? The Sorting Hat doesn’t exactly give us much of a clue, even in Order of the Phoenix where Gryffindor’s are ‘those with brave deeds to their name’. It seems to me that a brave deed could be pretty much anything, depending on the person in question. So, indipendent of the Harry Potter universe, what does brave mean to you? (And no, you don’t need to be a Gryff or consider yourself ‘brave at heart’ to weigh in, have at it!)
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    Word chain

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    Slap the person above you!

    I slap Zee because she keeps breaking herself (which is, I know, a little counterintuitive).
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    1 - 10 000

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    Innocent or Guilty?

    Innocent but only because I can't play them very effectively Has used shop bought pastry or cake mix and let people believe they made whatever it was from scratch
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    1 - 10 000

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    Happy Birthday Patrick

    Have an amazing day, Pat! Here's to you. Now, where did I put that cake?