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  1. A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes The Sound of Music
  2. Butterbeer. I love toffee/buttery flavoured things (plus, it's Gryffindor tradition) Would you rather visit Honeydukes or Weasley's Wizard Wheezes?
  3. Sky Alton

    True or False

    Tru, I mean they were properly cured/smoked so they were safe Has ordered far too much food at a restaurant
  4. I slap Emily to welcome her to The Den
  5. 'I Could Write a Book' - Ella Fitzgerald What do you want to be known for?
  6. Congrats to Will, Amy and Scarlet for receiving the final scoreboard bonuses of the game. Keep earning and snapping those cards, folks!
  7. Invisible I think. I already spend too much time agonising about people when they're hurting without being able to see it from the inside too. Would you rather listen to one song by your favourite band/artist (and nothing else) for the rest of your life or the entire back catalogue of a band you don't care for.
  8. Guilty, several actually. Has blasted music too loudly while the windows are open
  9. Acake. I love smoothies but banana wouldn't be my flavour of choice. Would you rather be well rested and bored or tired and busy?
  10. Unfortunately, she has forgotten all about the milk-stealing situation she was meant to be sorting out and now the crowd is even mor angry
  11. Innocen, I think. I've mixed soda with all sorts of fruit juice etc but never soda on soda. Has eaten something which is meant to be a dip (like hummus) just with a spoon.
  12. *Scrabbles her way out of a huge drift of playing cards* Okay, phew. We're nearly to the end! Remember, there's still time to collect those cards and rubies right up until 11:59 PM HOL-Time on Sunday (August 18th). We're also giving you the hole of August 19th to make your final snap decisions, so make sure you come back to have a last look at your hand before 11:59 PM HOL-time on Monday. There has been a veritable barrage of activity and explosions over the last 48 hours, keeping me hopping. As of now, I 'think' I've managed to respond to everyone who needs it but if I've missed something, do give me a shout.
  13. Unfortunately, she manages to get her feet tangled in it after a few minutes of intense jumping.
  14. Guilty. There are many, in fact. I love the fluffy. Has hidden possessions or decorations before someone came over to their place for the first time because they didn't want to be judged.
  15. Sky Alton

    True or False

    True, though only in so much that they tend to be more visually impaired person friendly. Has quadruple checked something very simple because they don't quite trust themselves.
  16. I slap Maxim for being the top point earner for HOL last school year.
  17. Sky Alton

    True or False

    False, though I am a big savoury fan. Has checked their messages/work email even though they know they're meant to be relaxing.
  18. I'd call Prof. Zenix James. She's always doing daring things to her hair so she must know how to correct unfortunate mishaps. You're meant to be giving a presentation but a terrible case of stage fright has seized you. Who do you call to help you get through it?
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