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  2. 3351 (no problemo)
  3. 3348 (Well, that was fun to read. And Tarma, your post count shows as 89 because we don't count game posts. 89 is the number you've made in other areas of the forum where they do count. Not really what any of that was about but I thought I'd offer a bit of trivia ;))
  4. Quick
  5. 3339
  6. Anger (don't look back in....and now I promise I'm done)
  7. Happy birthday to GQT’s very own captain to the stars, Prof. Jenny Lupin! Hope it is an amazing day to remember.
  8. Guilty-ish. If it's something I like then I will go totally overboard but if not, I have a tendancy just to try to wing it. Has carefully planned out stuff to do in a day, then spent the entire thing doing something else.
  9. Sand
  10. 3333 (pretty, pretty number. Let's hurry up with the next thousand, people!)
  11. 3331
  12. sides
  13. 3329
  14. Round
  15. Mountains! Like the beach/sea on occasion but only for a change. Open country or woods?
  16. 3327
  17. Symbol
  18. Joy