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  1. Congratulations to Zach Jameson for being the first one to complete his adventure! And to those following hot on his heels, starting with... Prof. Tarma Black
  2. Secret Elf has launched on the main HOL forum! You can give a gift to another HOLer, receive one yourself and earn 30 points as a bonus on top of all that. Go to the HOL forum and find the Secret Elf Subforum (or use the blog post on the main page) and get yourselves signed up. Deadline: 5th December
  3. Go dive in to our seasonal 'Choose Your Own Adventure' activity! There's a whole castle full of party preparations for you to explore.

  4. Welcome to Gryffindor’s December activity! All HOLers are invited! Party preparations for a huge winter feast are going on around Hogwarts and you’ve been drafted into help. You’ll be making your way around the school and will have a range of fun tasks to complete in order to bring the party to fruition. The only catch? There’s no way of knowing where you might end up next. That’s because this is a Choose Your Own Adventure activity. Each thread you visit will be a chapter in your own personal journey around the winter wonderland of preparations. Whenever you submit a task, you’ll be asked to pick between two letters to decide which part of the castle you’ll be heading off too next. You’ll receive a password in return, giving you access to the subforum that corresponds to the letter you chose. Inside you’ll find your next location, the continuation of your story and an activity. You begin at the ‘Start’ thread posted in this public forum. After that, you’ll be able to choose between A and B, between C and D and between E and F. Once you’ve done all that, you’ll receive the password to the finish. There will be a mixture of creative and puzzle tasks and what you get will depend entirely on the locations you end up in. If you have difficulty with a task for accessibility reasons or the like, just let me know. You’ll have the chance to complete 5 tasks in total. You’ll receive 20 beans per task and there’ll be a bonus of 50 beans for everyone who reaches the end of their adventure. This means there’s a chance to earn 150 beans in all. You’ll have until 11.59 HOL-time on January 1st 2018 to complete and submit everything. Send everything to I’ll do my absolute best to make sure you have your passwords within 24 hours but please be patient. One last thing before we get started: the characters you’re about to encounter are entirely made up. They are categorically not versions of the ones found in the books or caricatures of people here on HOL. With all that out of the way, go check out the start!
  5. (Read the Intro/Instruction thread first!) Your Head of House gives you a very stern look from the other side of her desk and you clamp your mouth shut. Come to think of it, she probably wouldn’t appreciate the passionate speech you’ve been dreaming up about how charming all of the Professors' hats to flash different colours was a wonderful demonstration of school pride. Best to keep shtum. “It seems a shame,” she says at last, “To let your obvious high spirits and verve go to waste.” You blink and try not to let your mouth hang open. “Far better to let you put it to good use,” she decides, “You may spend the day helping the hard-working people putting together tonight’s Winter Feast.” You can’t help it that time, your jaw hits the floor. “Don’t think you’re getting off lightly,” she snaps, “You’ll be working hard, I can guarantee.” “Yes Professor, no Professor,” you gabble when she glowers at you again. She turns away and goes back to the parchment she’d been reading when you scurried in. “You can begin in the kitchens.” Still a little astounded at the direction your day has just taken, you hurry out. The kitchen is awash with movement and agitated squeaking. A huge frying pan whizzes past you, close enough for you to feel the waft of heat. A platter of peaches scuttles in the opposite direction, narrowly avoiding a plate of jam tarts. You accost a very harassed-looking house elf and she directs you over to the fireplace where the elf in charge is trying to manage the chaos. “Well, think of something!” he shrieks, his ears flapping almost as wildly as his arms. Tentatively, you ask what’s wrong and if you can be of any help. Privately, you’re hoping he’ll tell you to get out. He looks at you in blank disbelief, then recollects himself and bobs a quick bow. “What’s wrong?” he carries on in the same frantic tone, “Someone miscounted. We only have 39 new kinds of dessert instead of 40. 39!” “Oh dear…” “Whatever are we to do? There just isn’t time…” “Couldn’t you…just look in a recipe book?” The house elf looks as though he might keel over backward. Somehow, he manages to explain in a very calm tone that the day has been planned down to the last second. Every single elf has duties that must be performed to the letter if the feast is to arrive on the golden plates on time. He can’t spare even one to go searching for and making another batch of dessert. With resignation, you roll up your sleeves and ask for an apron. You’ve guessed it. Time to put your culinary creativity to the test! Please design a magical dessert for the feast. It can be as weird and wonderful as you like providing its spectacular: after all, this is a party. You can draw or describe your creation. If you choose to produce a graphic, please include a short written explanation of what your image shows. Alternatively, if you choose to represent your dessert with words, please make sure your description is at least 100 words long. Submit your desserts to along with your choice of either A or B. Remember, I can’t give you the password to your next location until you complete the task and pick a letter. So, A or B, where’s it to be?
  6. If you have any questions about the activity, post them below.
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  14. Mmm, true! And now I want some, darn it Actually Llikes the winter
  15. Games and fun on IRC at 5 PM HOL! It would be amazing to see some lions there! Join us in #gamesroom