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  1. I slap Ivey for thinking of the same reason to slap Zee that I thought of
  2. Duck (I think it's obvious, Dario , you need to update your signature to say 'Brought to you by Zee's inability to play Duck, Duck, Goose properly' for a week)
  3. Over in the Discussions Area, we’re talking about how we’d kick back and relax at Hogwarts. And while we can’t really snuggle up by the Gryffindor fireplace with hot chocolate or go and shoot some goals on the Quidditch Pitch, relaxing at HOL is just as important. It’s sometimes hard to remember when you’ve taken on 5 classes, articles for several house newspapers, signed up for a reading challenge and committed to practicing your quaffle Play that HOL is meant to be fun and a break from real life. While it’s important to honour your commitments if they’ll effect other people, you shouldn’t let purely personal goals weigh you down (I was going to say ‘become an albatross around your neck’ because I’m a literary nerd). So while Gryffindor needs points, it needs you more. Make sure HOL stays fun, take breaks, switch things up. Prioritise what’s important and let things go if they’re too much. There’s no shame in working within your limits. And if you don’t achieve what you wanted, be kind to yourself and build on what you did manage. Do you guys have any favourite strategies for keeping yourself interested, relaxed and well grounded? Personally, I like to break things down into chunks and mix and match so I’m never stuck on the same thing too long. I also reward myself with half an hours reading or Netflix once I’ve achieved something: it keeps me motivated and gives my brain a welcome change of pace.
  4. There's a time for everyone, if they only learn That the twisting kaleidoscope moves us all in turn....' It's your time to get submitting for SerpenTimes and their Kaleidoscope themed issue. Whether you have an idea for an article, a graphic or something else entirely, get to it. Remember the exclusives too! That Gryffindor hourglass needs to feel the love. Deadline: 15th March
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