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  1. So, the class list for the autumn term is up for your perusing pleasure. Sign ups will open on Sept 1st so this is a great chance to have a look around at what's on offer and try to narrow your choices down to just 5. What are you thinking about taking? Is there anything that has got you particularly excited? Is there anything you've taken before that you think everyone should be signing up for? It'd be great to hear!
  2. Class sign-ups are open,go go go!
  3. Sooo guilty. Especially lately Ends up watching an episode or film they've already seen just to avoid doing something more productive
  4. Legends
  5. Two, in fact. Does that make me doubly guilty? :D Has prioritised Hol over real life
  6. Spice
  7. Life
  8. I slap signature, need I say more?
  9. 1. My spin-y, lighty-upy, sound-effecty model TARDIS. Because it’s a TARDIS (and also very effective at driving roommates to distraction) 2. One of my many jewellery boxes. Because life without rings or quirky earrings…nah 3. My Poster of a fancy, historical sword This hangs above my bed and I wouldn’t feel right without it 4. That Magical Model of the Solar System Of all the magical, shiny objects from the books, I wanted that the most 5. My fencing epee Have sword, will travel 6. My Fencing mask Because you shouldn’t do something without the proper safety equipment… 7. My fencing kit …even if it does make you look like a storm trooper 8. My hand drawn map of The Old Kingdom Because those books have a huge piece of my heart 9. Plenty of wizarding sweets They just make homework that little bit more bearable 10. Plenty of treats for the Hippogriff Dario is buying me Because I am a loving and responsible owner
  10. Depends entirely on which kind of tea but true Has fantasised about flying
  11. rocky
  12. Welcome to Madam Pince’s board! The formidable Hogwarts librarian has stepped away from her desk for a moment so I can be as loud as I like while running through the purpose of this forum with you. That purpose is points, precious, precious points. How to get them and how to get more of them. Jokes aside, this board is the place to come for all matters relating to HOL classes, HOL assignments and extra house point earning opportunities. Whether you're after information or a helping hand, hopefully we can provide. If you’re excited about class sign-ups, want to get opinions on an idea for a class you might want to teach, need support balancing your work load, are struggling with an assignment or are looking for an activity to fill your time, this is the place. Every term, I will post a thread to help you keep track of all the ways you can earn points for our house and pin it to the top of the board. I’ll update it every time something new pops up so make sure you check back regularly. I’ll also be posting reminders for important things like deadlines and the start of class signups. There may be the odd inspirational speech or expertly choreographed cheerleading routine thrown in as well to help you along. In short: watch this space! If you have any questions, suggestions or frantic cries for help that you need to get off your chest, my inbox is always open. (I mean, you could ask Madam Pince… if you think you’re brave enough.)
  13. Plesiosaur
  14. Goose *sighs*
  15. Absolutely loving the CR's makeover! Thank you Dario, just don't forget to put the sledge hammer and wrecking ball safely away, will you? ;)

    1. Prof. Tarma Amelia Black

      Prof. Tarma Amelia Black

      he loaned them to me, Sky  (thanks Dario!  <3)

    2. Kim Alting

      Kim Alting

      It looks really good, indeed! :)

  16. Want to tell someone how great they are? Go make them an award in our superlatives thread!

  17. Here are mine so far.... For my Gryffies… Amanda P. X. Sim-The Paw Full of Plumes Award For earning 5 quills (as well as all those points!) Kim Alting-The Fantastic Pharmacists and Where to Find them Award For phenomenally completing her degree, getting a job and still being here when we need her Patrick James-The Quality Quidditch Medal For participating in games but also regularly representing the lions at Quidditch Pick-ups, SQL and the like Nicole Dark and Jonah Gilmore-The Mischief Managed Award For nearly always being on the Marauder’s Map when I check it (which is a lot!) Marie Dark-The Pur-fect Publicist Award For trying her best to convince people to join Hol and extoling the wonders of Gryff in particular Rowan Wildsmith-Order of the Copper Compass For frequently popping up all over Hol Prof. Dario Brighton-The Sassy Techie Superhero sunglasses Squirrel Award Just cause…. For Everyone Else… Vanessa Tilley-Order of the Platinum Paintbrush For being a true artist and sticking to that painting despite Goldilocks’ constant bad behaviour Maxim Trevelyan- The Ticklish Jellyfish Award For reminding me that there’s always another, awesome way to look at a situation, even if it has stingers. Gail Allen-The Viking Bread Award For working outdoors all day teaching people how to make this and still coming back to produce perfectly risen activities for our delectation Kendra Givens-The Funnel Cake Award Just for being her sweet self (and because of that QM that I will never live down) Prof. Amy Lupin-The Miraculous Ifficiency award For that…and for being incredibly fluffy Prof Tarma Amelia Black-The One Award to Rule Them All For admirably staying on top of everything and for inspiring several awesome things (not least an Impulsive Lord of the Rings re-read) that I may or may not have strictly had the time for. There will be more, I just haven’t thought of ways to phrase them yet!
  18. “You might belong in Gryffindor, Where dwell the brave at heart, Their daring, nerve and chivalry Set Gryffindors apart.”-JK Rowling, Philosopher’s Stone I was pondering this in IRC yesterday: what does ‘brave at heart’ actually mean? Charging into a battle, standing up for (or to) someone else, facing a fear or just quietly getting on with things when your world is going down the drain? The Sorting Hat doesn’t exactly give us much of a clue, even in Order of the Phoenix where Gryffindor’s are ‘those with brave deeds to their name’. It seems to me that a brave deed could be pretty much anything, depending on the person in question. So, indipendent of the Harry Potter universe, what does brave mean to you? (And no, you don’t need to be a Gryff or consider yourself ‘brave at heart’ to weigh in, have at it!)
  19. A very happy, scarlet and gold birthday to one of our newly minted second years, Marie Dark Have a fabulous day!
  20. Graduated! Kim, can I join the party? :D

    1. Aurelia West

      Aurelia West

      Congrats, Sky! :D

    2. Kim Alting

      Kim Alting

      Absolutely! Congratulations <3 

    3. Sky Alton

      Sky Alton

      Thank you everyone! <3

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  21. Happy Birthday, Hailey! Here’s hoping you have an incredible birthday and the relaxing summer you more than deserve. (And cake, because everyone is required to over-do the cake on their birthday)
  22. I'd go and beg Vanessa Tilley to help me out. She's got artistic flare and she's very lovely so I'm 99% sure she wouldn't curse me into oblivion for waking her up. Besides, she's a firsty so she's not about to tattle on me for being out of bed or being so ditsy....(wait, who said that?) You were frantically trying to cram for your potions exam tomorrow when you managed to knock an entire bookcase over. Now there are very old and valuable texts everywhere and you haven't the faintest idea of how you can put them back in order . Who would you rely on to lend a hand?
  23. Sometimes The Ghost Busters are nowhere to be found and you have to call a HOLer instead The game is pretty simple, the person above you will suggest a problem. Your job is to say which member of HOL you’d call to help you out with it and why, then suggest a problem for the next person. The situations and reasons can be as simple, sensible or as silly as you like. Example: Person 1: The CR just exploded. Person 2: I'd ask Prof. Dario to get his toolkit-he fixed it the last time! There’s a boggart in my downstairs toilet Person 3: I'd get onto Prof. Scarlet, she teaches people to confront them…. (And so on) Sooo, our first problem in need of solving is…. Ahg! There’s a rampaging herd of purple hooved hippocampi on the loose in the library. Who would you call to help get rid of them?
  24. As well as participating in our sensational  TBTB contest, you can also help Gryff horde points for next term! Head over to the Hol Forum and check out the Bookclub's Philosopher's Stone activity-90 points would be a great way to start the next school year.

  25. Innocent. Though I have tried it on emails that are stubbornly not arriving Has procrastinated something and actually come up with an amazing idea for something else in the process.