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  1. It’s nearly time to board the Hogwarts Express for the autumn term! Reading and equipment lists have gone out, your family has dragged you off to the shops and there is an ominous pile of stuff sitting on your bed. Whether this is your first or even your tenth Term at HOL, you still have to somehow wedge everything you’ll need into your trunk. Roll up your sleeves and let’s tackle the packing! Books? Check. Quills? Check? Robes? Check! But what about the more exciting stuff? What personal items will you be taking to dress up your dorm, remind you of home or help you pass the time? Your Gobstones Set? That lumpy unicorn jumper Auntie Gladys knitted you for passing your exams? That new, super cool model of the solar system from Diagon Alley? Or maybe just a massive box of chocolate frogs. Post below the top 10 personal items you’ll be trying to fit into your trunk before you trundle off to King’s Cross (you can include pictures, should you so wish). It’d also be cool to hear why you couldn’t possibly leave home without them. For more fun activities to get you ready for the new term, remember to check out the ‘Off to School’ section of the Hol Forum
  2. We’re gearing up for another amazing school year so what better time to look back on what was awesome about the last one? Or should I say ‘Who’. HOL is wonderful but it wouldn’t be the place it is without the people who stroll the castle corridors. So it’s time to remind them just why they’re so tremendous by handing out some completely made up but very shiny prizes! This is wide open for all houses and anyone (students, professors, post graduates, ghosts, even giant squids) is welcome! Gryff is giving you a chance to make up your own award for those friends, professors or team mates who make your time on HOL memorable (or maybe even just people you see around now and again who you think deserve an imaginary trophy). You can be as silly, sappy or serious as you like. For instance, for my first presentation, I’d like to award… Prof. Missa Matz- ‘The Order of the Golden Wader’ For her fearless traversing of the sapping swamp of tedium that is Common Room Registration approvals. Post your awards below along with your reasons why (should you want to share them) and I’ll edit them into this post so everyone can see what beautiful, jewel encrusted gongs they’ve received! But folks, please keep your acceptance speeches to 5 minutes maximum, okay? Awards Received Amanda P. X. Sim: The Paw Full of Plumes Award Gail Allen: The Viking Bread Award Jonah Gilmore: The Mischief Managed Award Kendra Givens: The Funnel Cake Award Kim Alting: The Fantastic Pharmacists and Where to Find them Award Marie Dark: The Pur-fect Publicist Award Maxim Trevelyan: The Ticklish Jellyfish Award Nicole Dark: Mischief Managed Award Patrick James: The Quality Quidditch Medal Prof. Amy Lupin: The Miraculous Ifficiency award Prof, Dario Brighton: The Sassy Techie Super Hero Sunglasses Squirrel Award, The Awesome Problem Solver Award Prof. Hailey Potter : Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Mentor Prof. Missa Matz: Order of the Golden Wader, Sweet Momma-bear Award Prof. Tarma Amelia Black: The One Award to Rule Them All Rowan Wildsmith: Order of the Copper Compass Sky Alton: Muggle-Life Acumplisher Award, Most AMAZING AWESOME PERSON EVER award Vanessa Tilley: Order of the Platinum Paintbrush (Massive credit to Prof. Hailey Potter for the idea and working out the logistics last year)
  3. Crests are very important in the Wizarding world. There are our own house badges of Lion, Eagle, Badger and Snake that all come together to form the symbol of Hogwarts. There are the crossed wands and stars of our fellow school, Beauxbatons - not unlike the crossed wand and bone of St Mungo’s Hospital. And there are also far more mysterious symbols, like the one that supposedly represents the 3 Deathly Hallows. We’re all very used to our house and school crests by now and have definite ideas about what they mean to us. But what about a more personal symbol? One that represents all of you and not just the qualities you share with your house? It’s time to get creative! To earn 30 beans, please design yourself a symbol that represents you in some way. Maybe it refers to your nationality, your interests, your friends, your family or even just your favourite colour. Try to pull in as many aspects of you as a person as you can (and that you’re comfortable sharing with us). You could also include a short quote. If you made it to the right size (between 50x50 and 100x100 pixels), you could even use it as an avatar here on the Gryff CR. As an example, a playful person who lived near the sea and was a lover of swimming, astronomy, nature and math might make a star shaped crest with a leaping dolphin at the centre and their favourite equation or lucky number beneath. You could draw or craft your crest in some way or just write us a description. If you choose to make an image, please include a brief explanation about what the different parts represent. If you write us a description, try to make it over 100 words so we can get a real idea of what your crest would look like. Remember to keep it Hol-appropriate! However you choose to do it, post it below by September 30th and you’ll earn yourself 30 beans. For more fun activities to get you ready for the new term, remember to check out the ‘Off to School’ section of the Hol Forum
  4. A very happy birthday to our illustrious and awesome Head of House, Prof. Missa Matz! Hope you have the amazing day you thoroughly deserve
  5. Happy birthday to the one and only Prof. Dario Brighton!!!!! If you’d like to join me in standing atop a desk, yelling ‘Oh DHoH, my DHoH’ then please remember safety first and try not to fall off in your excitement. (Seriously though, Dario, you do so much, a sensational day is the least you deserve!)
  6. Just over a day left to finish the forest tasks and enjoy our fest of mini-games. Help us see Gryfftoberfest off in style!

  7. Three More updates for you :) Hogsmeade is about to experience its own Literary Festival. You’ll have the chance to attend panels, join in with writing workshops and even do a spot of book trading, all while earning points, beans and awards. Check the Bookclub section on the HOL Forum for the Sign-up thread or follow the blog post in the Entrance Hall. Deadline for Sign-ups: 28th October Think you have what it takes to be crowned Mx HOL? Over the next month the search is on: compete in several rounds and prove your self and your skills while earning points. Get your aplications in! Follow the blog post in the Entrance Hall or look for the Mx Hol Subforum on the main HOL forum. Sign-up Deadline: 2nd November Read all about it! Hufflepuff’s Wizarding times is still accepting submissions for its next issue. Even if you don’t have time to write an article, be sure to check out their fun ‘My Kitchen’ and ‘My Garden’ prompts. All the info you need can be found on the main HOL Forum in Prof. Rorey Padfoot’s thread in The Great Hall. Deadline: 31st October
  8. You have until midnight to submit your third task! How are you going to appease the centaurs?

  9. Deadline for the first task is just over 12 hours away. Remember to get those pictures and stories in on time!

  10. Wishing our very own PiC, Kim Alting, a truly amazing Birthday! I hope it’s magical ;)
  11. You have just over a day to sign up for the forest adventure and submit your Av/Sigs! If you're still looking for a partner, post in the appropriate thread and we'll make sure you're matched in time.

  12. Two more point earning opportunities for you to try your hand at (when you’re not madly churning out homework assignments and joining us for Gryfftoberfest, of course) Firstly, our own Paw Print is taking submissions until the 23rd of October. Get writing and remember to check out Pros and Cons so this can be the best issue to date! (You’ll find all the info you need over in The Quivering Quill) Secondly, everyone has been invited to our darling Sir Nick’s 525th Death Day Party. There is ghostly fun to be had and points to be earned so be sure to check it out. (Either follow the blog post in the Entrance Hall or have a look at the section called ‘One of the Roomier Dungeons’ on the HOL forum)
  13. Get those Gryfftoberfest mottos in! Just over a day until the deadline. :D

  14. Gryfftoberfest 2017! Come one, come all and join us for fun in the forest.

  15. Flare
  16. True, gemstones Has eaten grass
  17. I slap Amy for being so fluffy
  18. Innocent. I love both sleep and forcing myself to ration things Has ended up singing or saying something out loud randomly at a really awkward moment because their brain just wasn't engaged
  19. Land
  20. News flash! The Alte just relaunched with chances to write articles and also to participate in their exciting year-long creative writing challenges. (Check the Great Hall for Prof. Ryan Granger’s posts on those) Deadline for this issue: 30th September The SerpenTimes is also open for business and is asking for your submissions based around ‘mystery’ as well as anything else you can think of. Remember to check out their extremely fun exclusives for extra points. (Visit the SerpenTime’s forum in The Dungeons or Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis’ thread in The Great Hall for details) Deadline for this Issue: October 15th
  21. A very happy and uproarious birthday to Amanda P. X. Sim! Here's hoping you have an amazing birthday and a glorious year to come!
  22. Please to change your location to 'Getting Glittery with Gregory Goyle'. One week. Duck
  23. Innocent. I'm very bad at taking naps. Has completely forgotten what day it is
  24. Class sign-ups are open, go go go! Learn, have fun, earn points: let's show everyone what lions are truly made of this year!

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      I know! Too many awesome classes and too little time.

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