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  1. Cassette (Apparently the only thing that kept me sane when I had them as a toddler was my tape player)
  2. Sort of true. She wasn't exactly a present but I was told I could adopt a cat if I beat cancer (which I did.) Enjoys musicals.
  3. Spots
  4. Guilty Has sniffed so many perfumes or soaps in a shop that they've ltemporarily lost their sense of smell.
  5. Fairy (we have them around the door to the lift/elevator in our department at uni. Maths and engineering might get brand new, swanky buildings but humanities gets twinkly lights.)
  6. Guilty. Used to do it all the time. Though now I try really hard to ration myself Has accidentally injured someone while flailing around in excitement.
  7. Neon
  8. Very guilty Has looked up the ending of a book or TV show just so they can seem really smart when they apparently guess it in front of friends
  9. Firefly
  10. Guilty Drinks the remaining milk after the cerial is gone
  11. I am a massive spoiler addict (often in spite of myself) so spoiler Would you rather be an animagus or a metamorphmagus?
  12. Coffee (I like tea but I live for coffee) Would you rather shop or go sightseeing?
  13. Guilty-ish, I can sort of get a tune out of a piano. Has continued to watch something with the excuse that it's so bad it's good.
  14. Paradise (Ehem....)
  15. Cake
  16. Breakfast
  17. Guilty (I know one person who wears odd socks deliberately because they've all got superheros on them and his rationale is that you would never have two spidermen together in the same universe.) Has eaten something truly disgusting to save someone's feelings.
  18. (Thank you. Everyone else I know seems to find ice-eating weird....) Innocent, actually (I'm lucky) Has left their hand on the radiator or under the hot tap for too long just because
  19. (Mine too) Guilty Has eaten the ice cubes in a cold drink just because they were there
  20. Clap
  21. So guilty it isn't even funny. Though I've spontaneously started singing most places (the shower, the kitchen, the loft, a church, a stable, a field, the middle of a street in a historically significant Czech town....) Has got really melodramatic when things went wrong
  22. Guilty (was singing in a charity showcase just last Saturday. I got very, very over excited while performing Colours of the Wind from Pocahontas) Has enacted elaborate fantasies of stardom or action herodom with hair dryers and/or other household objects.
  23. False-too busy with my writing. (My friend used to call me Pika though) Feels strangely guilty when they have too much spare time on their hands