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  1. Musketeer
  2. Pear (wood, sapient variety thereof)
  3. Colour :)
  4. Cinematic
  5. I need a flamingo night light in my life!
  6. Girl
  7. Puff (Well...I mean, I've had some desserts that look like works of art so it works....)
  8. Art
  9. It's Hol Writing Month!  Words, worlds, fun and points!!! (Did I mention precious shiny, shiny points?). Join in and solve the ancient mystery of why a Lion is like a writing desk....

  10. TV
  11. Inocent...though only because I hadn't thought of it. There's a TARDIS and a few Sonnic Screwdrivers on there already though Has been known to sulk when the wifi drops out
  12. True. So true in fact that my old HP audio cassettes are now unplayable Has re-watched at least some of the Harry Potter movies.
  13. Good (Read 'Frog Kisser!' by Garth Nix, it has the best Wizard ever in it)
  14. Yayyyyy!!! Thank you Dario! *scampers off to frolic around the shiny CR*

  15. False (though it's on my to-watch list) Has had a computer virus
  16. Gum
  17. Potato (I read about Potato scones all the time but I've no idea what they're like)
  18. Biscuit
  19. True, I have lots of gemstones Has been on a horse
  20. Rosehip (the jam my mum bought by accident a few days ago...ewwk)
  21. Jar
  22. So true Has good ideas in rapid succession and ends up with far too much to do
  23. Guilty (Reading about 7 currently...also, don't worry, I nearly drowned my iPod two days ago....which ironically has at least three of those books on it.) Has fallen over or knocked into something and made a huge effort to pretended it didn't hurt
  24. True (rarely ever false) Dreams about visiting far off places
  25. Boots