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  1. The hills are alive…. With the sound of point earning opportunities First and foremost, the HOL Departments are open for business again! Whether you like to make graphics or to express yourself with words, I’m sure you’ll find a project for you. This month, The Art Department is designing personalised Timetables and advertisements for your favourite classes of the term. In the Library, there’s the chance to look back in time to those subjects that have fallen out of favour at Hogwarts or to tell a tale about something that isn’t quite right. All in all, there’s a maximum of 70 points to play for (and you’re now guaranteed half of that just for taking part) Deadline: 30th April Whether it’s cars, films, novels, music or history, classics hold a special place in our hearts. For their final issue of the year, SerpenTimes are celebrating everything classical (whatever that means to you). Head over to the Dungeons to see what you can contribute and make sure to check out the Grab Bag, Magic Moments and Superlative threads while you’re there. There’s up to 90 points to earn so don’t delay! Deadline: June 15th Finally, the staff at Gryffindor’s own Paw Print are feeling sunny (and fizzy and funny and fine…). They’d like your articles, editorials, stories, poems, recipes, captions and really anything else you’d like to send, all on the theme of the real or emotional sunshine in your life. Head over to the Quivering Quill and remember to check out Prose and Cons as well. Bring the house some sunshine and make sure you snag all 80 points available (while making sure we have the best end of term issue possible, of course). Deadline: June 15th
  2. Make sure you've turned in everything for our Creature Rescue Activity by 11.59 PM HOL-Time. Go earn those rubies!
  3. Sky Alton

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    3940 (you got the pretty number)
  4. I slap Amy for not bringing me back a snorkack
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    Fudge (I just got some that has a hidden layer of maple syrup at the centre)
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