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  1. Sky Alton

    Point Earning Opportunities (Autumn Term 2018)

    November is a quiet month around HOL and the Common Room so it’s the perfect time to cuddle up by the fire, drink hot chocolate and earn some extra points. Lots of extra points! The Paw Print needs you! Our own Editor in Chief is taking submissions for a frosty themed issue: check out the Quivering Quill for ideas of what you could come up with and remember Professor Zenix is always there to bounce ideas off of (just ideas, mind you. Anyone caught bouncing dungbombs off her better watch out). Remember there’s Prose and Cons too for a fun, extra 30 points! Let’s make it the best issue yet. Deadline: 25th November Our friends in the Dungeons (the Slytherin Common Room for those of you still learning the HOL vernacular) are also getting ready for the January issue of their own paper, the SerpenTimes. Well, it’s a Work In progress… no, really, that’s the theme. They would love to receive your articles, reviews, recipes, puzzles, graphics and anything else you can come up with. Remember their exciting exclusives for another lot of extra points. Check out the SerpenTimes forum in the Dungeons for full details. Deadline: 15th January
  2. Sky Alton

    Innocent or Guilty?

    Innocent actually, I used to Horseback ride most weeks. Though they really, really aren't unicorns. In that spirit: has tried something simply because it looked/sounded awesome in a book, movie or TV show.
  3. Sky Alton

    Would you Rather...

    Sing! Being able to just sing when I feel like it and know it doesn't sound half bad is one of my biggest pleasures in life. I managed to blag my way through my music qualification just by ear so I'd be alright continuing like that, even though it would be awesome to finally crack Braille musical notation. Would you rather always be at home and never travel or always traveling, never being able to put down roots.
  4. Sky Alton

    Innocent or Guilty?

    Innocent. I have stupidly strong self-discipline: it isn't much fun. Has put off starting to work on something until 'a good time to start' (like on the hour) and totally failed to start it then anyway.
  5. Sky Alton

    Word chain

  6. Sky Alton

    1 - 10 000

  7. Sky Alton

    Slap the person above you!

    I slap Iverian for having so many rubies
  8. Sky Alton

    Innocent or Guilty?

    So guilty Has made themselves a to-do list and totally failed to check it at a crucial moment
  9. Sky Alton

    Word chain

  10. Sky Alton

    Duck, Duck, Goose

    Kindly change your Gryffindor avatar/profile pic to that of a squirrel for 2 weeks Duck
  11. Sky Alton

    Slap the person above you!

    I slap Zenix for being far more spontaneous than me
  12. Sky Alton

    1 - 10 000

  13. Sky Alton

    Quest 5: November

    You pick your way around yet another pool. With every step, mud sucks at your boots and you have to wrench your foot up again. Your knees are already coated from where you’ve gone head over heels into particularly squishy places. In order to distract yourself from the most charming questing location yet, you run through the rhyme that should lead you to the latest treasure. The Treasure (10 Rubies) Work out the famous item these lines refer to and include the type of item and if possible who it belonged to at the top of your submission. Silver hilt, blade of light shining blue, I past from my creator, to his son, To the scavenger and now to you You struggle up onto a slightly firmer bit of land and pause to look around you. The steaming swamp seems to go on for miles in every direction. There’s no sign of what you came for. Things hum and plink in and out of the water, unseen. You try not to think about what might be lurking in the pools or just beneath the surface of the mud. The Journey (20 Rubies) Create a small alien insect, reptile or similar that might be living in this swamp. You can make a graphic or tell us about it in 100 words or more. You come across your goal almost by accident: the cave of limestone and dirt. The mouth is very dark and it feels like something is flowing from it. Almost like an icy breeze but not quite. It has the hairs on the back of your neck on end…. The Victory (20 rubies) To prove yourself worthy of the treasure, you must enter the cave and face not only your fears but the darker aspects of yourself. Explain what you see in the cave and how you might overcome it in 100 words or more. The deadline is 11.59 PM HOL-time on November 30th. Send all your tasks via private message to me (Sky Alton) with the subject ‘November Quest’. Once the deadline has passed, feel free to share your creative options as a reply to this thread.
  14. Sky Alton


    Rubies are Gryffindor’s internal points: you’ll earn them for taking part in activities and generally being active around the den. For each ruby you add to your personal hourglass, you’ll earn yourself a bean over on the main HOL Site. In addition, you’ll also have the chance to vie for our very shiny termly awards for highest ruby count. Both Gryffindors and visitors will be able to earn Rubies through activities. Gryffindors will also have the chance to earn them through actions that support the house, such as Quidditch practice and the like. Only Gryffindor staff have the power to award rubies. The number of Rubies you’ve earned during the current term will be displayed beneath your name on the Common Room and also on your profile. In addition, you’ll also be able to check the ruby standings on the main page where the top earners are displayed. The ruby count will reset every term: you won’t be able to earn them over the summer. At the end of each term (autumn and spring), the prestigious awards I mentioned earlier will be awarded: the Phoenix Award for the Gryffindor with the highest number of rubies and The Lionheart Award for our top earning visitor. To be in with a chance of scooping one, you’ll need to have your ear to the ground for Gryffindor goings-on and be as active as possible around the Common Room. Good luck!