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  1. Want to tell someone how great they are? Go make them an award in our superlatives thread!

  2. Graduated! Kim, can I join the party? :D

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Aurelia West

      Aurelia West

      Congrats, Sky! :D

    3. Kim Alting

      Kim Alting

      Absolutely! Congratulations <3 

    4. Sky Alton

      Sky Alton

      Thank you everyone! <3

  3. As well as participating in our sensational  TBTB contest, you can also help Gryff horde points for next term! Head over to the Hol Forum and check out the Bookclub's Philosopher's Stone activity-90 points would be a great way to start the next school year.

    1. Prof. Tarma Amelia Black

      Prof. Tarma Amelia Black

      Yes!  Do it, do it!

  4. Scared is what you're feeling. Brave is what you're doing.-Emma Donoghue

  5. Thanks, Hailey. And hang on in there! Here's Hoping those last 7 days fly past <3
  6. Oooh yay, I was hoping we'd have a June issue :D (And Maxim, that nickname thing sounds awesome) Can I do a story, a poem and, if it's okay, something about my experiences running my first activity (HolWriMo)?
  7. It's Hol Writing Month!  Words, worlds, fun and points!!! (Did I mention precious shiny, shiny points?). Join in and solve the ancient mystery of why a Lion is like a writing desk....

  8. Yayyyyy!!! Thank you Dario! *scampers off to frolic around the shiny CR*

  9. What do you get when you cross a lion with a guard dog? ...A terrified Postman. (Too bad not to share)

    1. Prof. Tarma Amelia Black
    2. Sky Alton

      Sky Alton

      I'd be lion if I said that wasn't justified

  10. Randomly struck by how lovely the word leonine is. Say it with me....leonine.

    1. Prof. Tarma Amelia Black

      Prof. Tarma Amelia Black

      It is, isn't it.  But now I realize I've never said it out loud -- just read it! So how does one pronounce leonine?  Sort of like I never knew how to say Hermione until I heard it in the movie.  I think I was saying it, in my head, Herm-E-on. Ooops.  :)

    2. Sky Alton

      Sky Alton

      I believe it's Lee-on-nine (though I've heard some people say neen). My friend's dad read HP aloud to her and to this day she finds it weird hearing people pronouncing Slytherin as 'slither-in' because apparently he said it very differently!

  11. Yo, lirking Lions, harry Potter Book Festival over at the Bookclub on the hol forum, be there! (Well...if you want...and who wouldn't want more of my questionable humour?)

  12. "I've lost them!" "Your marbles?" "The Deathly Hallows!"-the chaos that ensues from trying to put HP charms on an incredibly fiddly bracelet.

  13. All the info you needs at the top of this thread, Zach :D (Below where it says 'step 3...' and then the due date is right at the bottom where it says 'send all ...'). Hope that helps!
  14. Paw Print Article complete, just a story to magic up now! Anyone got a quick quotes quill handy?

  15. In the jungle, the mighty jungle...

    1. Zach Jameson

      Zach Jameson

      The Lion sleeps tonight