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  1. From chess to snap, there are many intersections between popular Muggle and wizard games. While we won't get into the thorny debate of who thought of them first, something we can all agree on is that Muggle games can make for a magical experience with a few minor enchanting adjustments. This task (if you haven't guessed already) is to put a magical spin on a Muggle game to make it more appealing to a wizarding audience. There are no rules but try to stay true to the spirit of the game you're adapting. Describe your concept in 50 words or more and post it below; you can also represent your idea through a graphic, providing you include a few lines of text to let us know what's going on. If you'd rather submit via PM, you can. The deadline is August 18th, 11:59 PM HOL time. you'll earn 15 rubies and we'll send you 3 cards to pick from.
  2. We've been playing for 10 days and as promised, the 3 people at the top of the leaderboard have received a small bonus of -15, -10 and -5 respectively. Congrats to Tarma, Astor and Kendra. It's still very much all to play for and remember new players can jump in any time!
  3. Thank you, everyone! It's been awesome
  4. From traditional games to things specifically designed for a younger audience, what we played as children can have a lasting impact. Whether it’s bonding with someone over a game of checkers, the chaos of capture the flag at school or how fun the built-in dice on Frustration was, what are your lasting memories of playing games as a kid? Share your thoughts in 50 words or more as a reply below and earn 10 rubies. If you’d feel more comfortable, you can submit privately to us via PM. We'll then send you 3 cards to pick from.
  5. We're All in This Together - High School Musical What's your current goal in life?
  6. I slap Amy for always patiently listening to me grumble about anything and everything.
  7. I slap Romilda because her signature is very philosophical
  8. When it comes to games that use tokens to mark your progress round the board, I’m sure we’ve all been witness to a squabble about who gets to be a particular colour or shape. Whether it’s trying to avoid being the iron in Monopoly or debating who gets to be green, we all have preferences for what represents us on a given board. So, let’s solve it once and for all: here’s your chance to design your own custom player token that perfectly epitomises you. You could pick a meeple (a humanoid shape), an object or go for something more abstract. You can either make a graphic or describe your token (in 50 words or more). For both options, please include an additional few lines of explanation as to why you picked it and why you think it represents you. Post your token below to earn 15 rubies. If you’d rather send it to us privately, that’s fine too. We'll be in touch with 3 cards for you to pick from.
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