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  1. Ash slips and slides under your feet, nearly sending you to your knees (again). You pause, taking deep breaths of the soupy air. A faint breeze ripples over the blasted landscape. The path curves around a shoulder of volcanic rock up ahead. You’ve no idea how much longer it will take to reach the summit. Or, you think as another plume of smoke shoots into the air, whether you really want to. You stumble on up the track, running over the only clue you have to what you’re here to retrieve The Treasure (10 beans): Crafted of gold by Hephaestus, I make you fleet of foot. What am I? Do some research and put your answer at the top of your submission You make it a little further before you have to pause, sinking down on a rock. You slowly turn your head, taking in the desolation around you. The Journey (20 beans): Make a graphic of the volcanic landscape you’ve found yourself in. Upload your image to an image hosting site and include the URL in your submission. The air is much colder up near the top. A bird cries from somewhere above and a fleeting dark shadow passes low over you. The wind whips gritty ash into your face and you duck your head, trying to protect your eyes. You are so preoccupied with this that you nearly pitch forward into a deep crater with sheer sides. Scrambling to regain your footing on the disintegrating ground, you catch sight of a gleam of gold in the dark depths of the hole. The treasure is down there, far out of your reach. The bird from before, a magnificent gold and red phoenix, comes into land on a boulder around 20 feet away and gives you a look as if to say ‘so, now what you gonna do?’ Victory (20 beans): In 100 words, describe how you would retrieve the treasure from the hole. There is no right or wrong answer: just so long as it makes sense. You have: What’s around you as well as a length of rope (but nowhere to tie it), a metal spike, some food and a little water You cannot: Summon the object (as it is immune to magic) or climb down the sides unaided as they are two steep The deadline is 11.59 PM HOL-time on April 30th. Send all your tasks in one private message to me (Sky Alton). Once the deadline has passed, feel free to share your images and or your solutions as a reply to this thread (but only AFTER the deadline).
  2. Sort of Guiliccent? I do stay up ridiculously late because I'm engrossed in a story but I tend to realise what I'm doing and know it's a silly idea (and carry on anyway cause story) Has left a skype or phone call running while they went to do something quickly and totally forgotten about it, leaving the person on the other end wondering what's going on.
  3. Melodious
  4. Very true Has received an electric shock
  5. Slytherin but a hero. No question. I love being a Gryffindor with all my heart but my morals are more important than the colour of my house badge. I always want to be known for doing what needs to be done (and being a Slytherin probably wouldn't be at all bad). Would you rather live somewhere beautiful where the WiFi was bad or have an amazing connection but only a brick wall to look at?
  6. Does my head count? Otherwise false (though I wish it were true). Using electronic books for the most part does at least help keep them neat, even if the magic I mention above is lacking. Owns a wand
  7. Misheard
  8. Innocent (which is surprising). I do no someone who put hair removal cream on their tooth brush by mistake though. Has dropped their phone
  9. Lots of work. I always need to be stimulated and work best when I can choose what I work on and when. Would you rather live in a fictional world you made up yourself or one that someone else has created?
  10. Duck
  11. Interesting question. You can take inspiration and elements from existing characters (and let us know who they are) but try to also make them uniquely your own. That's true of the design a Quester aspect as you're getting beans for being creative and original but: if you want to complete some individual quests in a sort of Fan-fic style with an existing character, you absolutely can (providing you credit the creator of the particular character when you do).
  12. 'Gone Questing' is Gryffindor’s Monthly activity: a chance for all of HOL to venture off into the unknown to win fame, renown and priceless treasures (also some beans). At the start of each month, a quest will be released. It will be themed around a particular story, location and/or time period. Each quest will have 3 parts: Treasure (worth 10 beans): You’ll receive a clue (or series of clues) that should tell you which artifact you’re seeking that month. All treasures will be famous items from history, myth or fiction (like the Philosopher’s Stone). All you have to do is a bit of research. Journey (worth 20 beans): You’ll have to complete a creative task to represent some aspect of your heroic journey in search of the treasure. The particular task will vary from month to month: it might be a graphic, story, poem or something entirely different. Victory (20 beans): Reaching the treasure is all well and good but retrieving it is another matter. Here you’ll be presented with a scenario, word puzzle or similar about how the treasure is protected. You’ll have to reason (or talk) your way out of it in order to snag the artifact and complete the quest. Things to keep in mind: Anyone is welcome to take part You don’t need to do all 3 of the tasks each time (though it’s strongly encouraged). All tasks are due at the end of the month at 11.59 HOL-time. Please send everything to me (Sky Alton) in a private message. You’ll have the chance to share your creative or reasoning tasks in the relevant thread once the deadline has passed. In addition, you also have the chance to ‘design your quester’. This is an ongoing activity where you can introduce us to your adventurous alter ego and then complete quests from their point of view. The first journey begins on April 1st so in the imortal words of Sir Cadogan 'A quest! Come follow me, dear friends, and we shall find our goal, or else shall perish* bravely in the charge!' *No actual perrishing is permitted, however brave.
  13. This is the place where you can introduce us to your adventurer! While you can certainly complete the quests ‘as yourself’, you can also create a bold hero to do the legwork for you. For 25 beans, introduce us to your hero in 100 words: their backstory, strengths, weaknesses, likes and dislikes. For another 25, you can draw or describe their physical appearance and the fashionable gear they wear for questing. If you use words to describe them, make it at least 100 long. Post your profiles, graphics and descriptions below. Things to keep in mind: There is no deadline or end date Your hero can be an idealised or alternate version of your HOL self or an entirely fictional person You can create more than one hero, though you’ll only receive beans for the first You aren’t bound to use your hero for each quest (you can complete them as yourself or as other characters you haven’t profiled) You can draw on existing characters but you're receiving beans for creativity and originality for this part of the activity so please make sure your character is 'your own'. If you'd like to complete individual quests in a 'fan-fic' style with an existing character, you can (providing you credit their creator in your submission for that quest) Your character can be a witch, wizard or muggle from any time period Your character can have special abilities but please, no invincible, undefeatable paragons. I won’t award you full beans for a task if you’ve made life too easy for yourself.
  14. If you have any questions about a particular task or the concept as a whole, please post them below. I’ll get back to you ASAP.
  15. Hilt