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  1. Congrats on the new place!
  2. I already sent in all of my items since i was on a roll getting stuff done that day so you can use what you want and keep whatever you don't need right now for the next issue in the fall :)
  3. I'd like to do a Health & Food article on virtual races, a recipe on the best chocolate chip banana bread muffins you've ever had, and two puzzles.
  4. Listen, Lions, we desperately need your help! Please visit the Hufflepuff sett and help us out! start here to find out what we're doing, here to see the tasks, here to see what we still need, and here to post the answers. Please! We're running out of time!!

  5. Only a few more hours to complete the Hollers Summer Camp Activities!!! http://forum.hol.org.uk/viewforum.php?f=453

  6. Have you heard about the three new supplemental short story books JKR is publishing?

    1. Prof. Tarma Amelia Black

      Prof. Tarma Amelia Black

      *nods* The only thing is, I want it in paper ...  so maybe an ebook publication will lead to a paper book (or one paper book holding all three?)


    2. Arianna Stonewater

      Arianna Stonewater

      me too! i figure if they don't do a paperbook (though i suspect they'll do a new box set with all three and the original 3 books [QTA, FB, and Beedle Bard]) i'll just print it out myself because i really love the covers!

  7. I hadn't planned on it, but I can. How long does an article need to be?
  8. I'd like to do a puzzles column with 2 puzzles every issue (solutions can be sent to me for beans) and I'd also like to do a HOLLERS graphic
  9. They're taking preorders for the new script-book! Check it out here!


    1. Kim Alting

      Kim Alting

      I would love to read that one!

      Also can't wait for the Chamber of Secrets illustrated version. Just bought The Philosopher's Stone last December when I was in London :D 

    2. Wicket Wilcox

      Wicket Wilcox

      I'm so excited!!!!

  11. Guys. Have you been to Pottermore recently? Released last night is information about THREE other schools in Brazil, Africa and Japan, as well as the name of the American School! see more here: https://www.pottermore.com/news

  12. One day left to submit to the library projects; voting ends Jan. 30!!!

    1. Irwan Dharmawan

      Irwan Dharmawan

      whaha.. you have to do it xD


  13. I have been having a lot of trouble with my internet recently and not all of my emails have actually been sent. Can someone let me know if my article was received?
  14. I'm excited to be able to post here now! Happy HOLidays everyone!!

  15. i can post here now! Thanks Prof. Hailey for posting for me!