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  1. Rowan Dream

    Class ideas

    Hi all I'm not sure this belongs here or if I'm even allowed to post this here but I'm having way to much ideas for HOL classes so I figured I'd share them with you all. I'm doing this so everybody can benefit from my little mind. I also don't mind if people use these ideas and actually make them into a class because that is why I'm posting this list here. I don't have time to make all these classes but am sure somebody can use a boast or somebody doesn't have an idea about what HOL class to make. If this don't belong here, feel free to delete this post. I hope somebody can use this list and be on his or hers merry way into making a class. Class ideas The mauraders W.O.M.B.A.T Magizoology Cryptozoology Wizarding law The ministery of magic How to become an auror Fairies, elves and pixies Folklore of the world Myths and legends of the world RPG 101 Magical places in harry potter
  2. Rowan Dream

    Cheers for Gryffindor

    (to the admins: if this isn't allow am sorry and if it isn't allowed you may delete this topic) It is a new term in HOL and we gryffindors need some cheering for well ourselves! It has been ages since we won the house cup so I made this topic to give some cheers to ourselves. Hopefully our house spirit will be lifted and we'll win the housecup Post a homemade picture ( do upload them to the picture hosting site like photobucket,...), a drawing, a cheer, a poem, a song,... ANYTHING you can think of to help us win the house cup :D. You can post up to three post but please leave some people between your posts so we don't spam :) Here is mine Gryffindor Gryffindor we are the house of d'or (gold) we happily roar to the sky where we sadly can not fly we need to win the cup this year and leave the rest behind us in fear
  3. Rowan Dream

    King of the hill

    In this game you have to try to be the master of the hill, this means you stand on the hill and no one else. Example: I stand on the hill. MY HILL I come over and push you off the hill. MY HILL You trip and fall of the hill, I take your place. MY HILL Try to be as creative as possible --- I come around the corner and see the hill is empty, so I dance to it and claim it. MY HILL
  4. Rowan Dream

    Lie to Me

    A new game hoeray :D Lie to Me is a simple enough game to play. You post 3 sentences about you and one is a lie. People need to guess which one is the lie. The person who guesses correctly can post the next 3 sentences. Example I love the colour blue I dislike beans I love Gryffindor In this case the first one was false and was the lie. I'll start I'm a huge Harry Potter fan I love purple I love eating cabbage
  5. Rowan Dream

    Superlatives 2015-2016

    I'd actually like the idea of OH fearless leader for Missa <.< My superlatives Kim Alting - I'm the zombie of Gryffindor ( because you are online always and never seem to sleep with all your plotting) Alessandra Grace - I do one hundred thousand things around here
  6. Rowan Dream

    Class ideas

    OOO a class about outlander :D
  7. Rowan Dream

    Gryffindor House Awards 2015-2016

    Congrats to all winner :D. I shall treasure mine *my prescious*
  8. Rowan Dream

    Favourite memories

    First off all HAPPY NEW YEAR :D Now that 2015 is running on its last hours, I was wondering what your favourite memories are from 2015. It can be anything. My favourite memorie from 2015 was celebrating my one year anniversary with my wife. Though I have off plenty memories to choose from I pick that one because it was a special day, it did rain but hey we had a blast :D My other great memorie was rejoining HOL. i missed the place a lot, sooo welcome back for me <.< Anyways share what ever you want to share :D
  9. Rowan Dream

    Lie to Me

    I think the first one is a lie
  10. Rowan Dream

    Duck, Duck, Goose

  11. Rowan Dream

    Lie to Me

    True, in pottermore I'm a ravenclaw :D your turn
  12. Save a broom, ride a quidditch player ;)

  13. Stalks the common room :)

  14. Rowan Dream

    Lie to Me

    \o/ In Pottermore I'm a slytherin I love my gryffindor house If I could restart HOL I'd be a ravenclaw
  15. Rowan Dream

    Lie to Me

    I think the first one is a lie
  16. Rowan Dream

    Lie to Me

    true I can cook ^^
  17. Rowan Dream

    Answer with a song

    Chocolate Rain - Tay Zonday How would you describe your art pieces?
  18. Rowan Dream

    True or False

    False, I never skied in my life :) Knows how to fix things?
  19. Rowan Dream

    Word chain

  20. Rowan Dream

    Lie to Me

    MMM I'd love to learn how to draw I can not cook I love the colour purple
  21. Rowan Dream

    True or False

    Yes :D wonder rowan sounds like a good hero name Wants to be known for something?
  22. Rowan Dream

    Answer with a song

    Take me to riot stars How do you make your hol homework?
  23. Rowan Dream

    Word chain

  24. Rowan Dream

    Answer with a song

    I started a joke - The Bee gees What is a good way to have fun?
  25. Rowan Dream

    True or False

    Yes but I have two left feet :D Like to eat oranges