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  1. Rowan Dream

    Superlatives 2015-2016

    I'd actually like the idea of OH fearless leader for Missa <.< My superlatives Kim Alting - I'm the zombie of Gryffindor ( because you are online always and never seem to sleep with all your plotting) Alessandra Grace - I do one hundred thousand things around here
  2. Rowan Dream

    Class ideas

    OOO a class about outlander :D
  3. Rowan Dream

    Gryffindor House Awards 2015-2016

    Congrats to all winner :D. I shall treasure mine *my prescious*
  4. Rowan Dream

    Lie to Me

    I think the first one is a lie
  5. Rowan Dream

    Duck, Duck, Goose

  6. Rowan Dream

    Lie to Me

    True, in pottermore I'm a ravenclaw :D your turn
  7. Save a broom, ride a quidditch player ;)

  8. Stalks the common room :)

  9. Rowan Dream

    Lie to Me

    \o/ In Pottermore I'm a slytherin I love my gryffindor house If I could restart HOL I'd be a ravenclaw
  10. Rowan Dream

    Lie to Me

    I think the first one is a lie
  11. Rowan Dream

    Lie to Me

    true I can cook ^^
  12. Rowan Dream

    Answer with a song

    Chocolate Rain - Tay Zonday How would you describe your art pieces?
  13. Rowan Dream

    True or False

    False, I never skied in my life :) Knows how to fix things?
  14. Rowan Dream

    Word chain

  15. Rowan Dream

    Lie to Me

    MMM I'd love to learn how to draw I can not cook I love the colour purple