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  1. Save a broom, ride a quidditch player ;)

  2. Stalks the common room :)

  3. I can write an article about skyrim a review ( it is an older game if not approved I'll pick something else) I can aslo write something about movies in the theatre
  4. Happy bday :)

    1. Wicket Wilcox

      Wicket Wilcox

      She doesn't log on here much anymore- but I passed on the message and she said: Thanks \o/!

  5. We must score more points!!!

    1. Kim Alting

      Kim Alting

      Totally agree! 

  6. How does it go with everybody?

  7. Mm in that case I'll go haunt then down them :p and ask my question there :D
  8. I have way to many ideas for HOL classes <.<

  9. HI my lovely staff :D I was having a question about superlatives. I remember from way back in the day when we made our year book, we had added superlatives to our year book. I was wondering if we could add this to our house again. I mean like at the end of every year we award these superlatives like best quidditch player and so on. I know we have awards and such but I was thinking about these superlatives to be an extra for our house. Just an idea or a thought. regards Rowan
  10. I have this song "it is all so quiet" stuck in my head

    1. Prof. Missa Matz

      Prof. Missa Matz

      Well. Something's coming in February. ;)

  11. There is an echo in the emtpy common roomxD

    1. Alessandra Grace

      Alessandra Grace

      room... oom... oom...

  12. Happy bday Month Missa

  13. If you send me a list of needed graphics I'll make them :D
  14. Somebody make my HOL homework please :p 

    1. Alessandra Grace

      Alessandra Grace

      If you do mine, ok ahah