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  1. Jessica Sliverkin

    Unfortunately Fortunate

    Fortunately you meet a translator and they translate for you!
  2. Jessica Sliverkin

    King of the hill

    I hide under my indivisibility cloak and scare you MY HILL
  3. Jessica Sliverkin

    Where are you from?

    I'm from New Jersey! We have tons of malls!
  4. Jessica Sliverkin

    King of the hill

    I come up the hill spinning round and round like a tornado, it's too windy you fall off. MY HILL
  5. Hey guys! I'm looking to be a student teacher for next term. If anyone is in need of help i'm willing! Just private message me!

    1. Prof. Jenny Lupin

      Prof. Jenny Lupin

      I think there is usually a post closer to term starts on the HOL forums for people wanting to be assistants to post "advertising" so you may want to keep an eye out for that! :)

  6. Jessica Sliverkin

    Real life classes?

    This year I am in 9th grade so i'm taking Math (Algebra 1), English, World History, Biology, Spanish two, and Gym. However I am not allowed to take gym as I had Knee Surgery back in October.
  7. Jessica Sliverkin

    Welcome back!

    Thank you Ailime! Hope to talk to you soon :)
  8. Jessica Sliverkin

    Welcome back!

    Hi! I'm Jessica. I am 15 years old. This will be my first term in HOL. I am taking Accidental Magic Reverse Squad, HOL 101: An Orientation , Forensic Anthropology: When Bones Talk, and When Muggles And Magic Collide. This term I am hoping to make many friends from this house and outside! I hope to become a something higher up in the HOL. I hope you have an amazing day! Jessica