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  1. Some of my current favourite series include Parks & Recreation, Downton Abbey, Blue Bloods, Madam Secretary and The Musketeers. Honorable mentions are Castle, Lewis, Homeland, Designated Survivor and Brooklyn Nine-Nine. I find I enjoy series that have an element of mystery, humour, history and/or political intrigue. I used to love fantasy series like Charmed, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and The Shannara Chronicles, but in the last few years I've been moving more towards the other genres I mentioned. It is interesting reflecting back on how my tastes have changed over time.
  2. I slap Sky for always being encouraging.
  3. Rule 5: Always get a second opinion (preferably from someone who isn't a Death Eater)
  4. False, though it definitely sounds tempting! Has been secretly relieved when someone cancelled an arrangement.
  5. Hot chocolate! I'm thinking of something that has writing on it and is one of many.
  6. Innocent. Has made a fresh cup of tea/coffee only to realise you forgot to boil the kettle first before pouring the water in?
  7. With some of them, guilty as charged. Has stayed up all night reading a book?
  8. Catch the train (especially if it's in Europe). Would you rather read or watch something?
  9. I slap Sky for being so wonderful.
  10. Goose. I seem to be making a habit of this :P
  11. Yep *hides from Sky* Has more ideas than they know what to do with?
  12. Definitely guilty. Has left things to the last minute?
  13. True, ages ago. Is looking forward to the FIFA 2018 World Cup?
  14. Guilty. This definitely happened once or twice. I distinctly remember being in a French lecture and the two people sitting next to me tried calling my name, but I didn't quite register this. Part of the difficulty was that the French phrase we we learning at that moment sounded like a heavily accented version of my name. Has a habit of over-researching a topic in order complete some task?
  15. Open country. Portugal or Spain?
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