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  1. Adventure
  2. Goose. I seem to be making a habit of this :P
  3. Expression
  4. Yep *hides from Sky* Has more ideas than they know what to do with?
  5. 3461
  6. Definitely guilty. Has left things to the last minute?
  7. Portal
  8. True, ages ago. Is looking forward to the FIFA 2018 World Cup?
  9. Guilty. This definitely happened once or twice. I distinctly remember being in a French lecture and the two people sitting next to me tried calling my name, but I didn't quite register this. Part of the difficulty was that the French phrase we we learning at that moment sounded like a heavily accented version of my name. Has a habit of over-researching a topic in order complete some task?
  10. Open country. Portugal or Spain?
  11. Teams
  12. 3332
  13. 3209
  14. Probably raw food. Would you rather be a hero in your least favourite fictionalised world or a villain in your favourite one?
  15. Innocent, but I've had some near misses. Has re-read a book multiple times (excluding Harry Potter)?
  16. Sparkliness Roar
  17. Goose
  18. Writing
  19. It's been a while since I last watched the Lord of the Rings movies, but I did enjoy them at the time. So semi-true :P True or False -- Plans to teach a new HOL class at some point.
  20. Cinnamon bun! Would you rather watch a movie or an episode of a TV series?
  21. Treat
  22. Shakespeare's plays! Would you rather visit Scotland or Wales?
  23. HOL Homework. I am thinking of something that is often a source of both knowledge and enjoyment, and goes down well with a warm drink.
  24. Guitar
  25. Guilty! I love travelling. My most recent trip was to Ireland. Is participating in NaNoWriMo?