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  1. Imagine playing Chinese Checkers, but instead of the coloured marbles just being marbles, each would represent a different element: air, earth, fire, metal, water and wood. Whenever a marble of a particular element hops over another element (or even the same) — or captures it, depending on the variant — they interact. For example: two fires might create a small spark or perhaps with earth and wood, a small plant might sprout. All effects would be visual and auditory, without any harm coming to players or their surroundings. When winning, the effect seen when two of the same elements interact with each other, would be amplified.
  2. Nessa's post reminded me of the elastic game (apparently also called Chinese jump rope) which got played a lot in about grade 2 or 3. We were pretty much obsessed with it, playing it both at school and each other's houses. It was always exciting going up a level, and trying out new variations. In doing some research now, it's funny to think that even in South Africa we used the "England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales" chant, but with a slight variation following that: "inside, outside, inside, on". I think once we got past a certain level, we ended up making up our own versions. A friend of mine and I also did something similar on the trampoline, where we'd need to jump, bounce or land according to a predetermined pattern, and we used to spend hours devising different levels.
  3. Some fond memories of games as a child definitely includes Pokemon. I was 8 when my cousins from the US visited and introduced my brothers and me to the game, and Vaporeon and Articuno being among my first few cards (pretty sure my cousin generously parted with one or both cards). It made such an impression on me that when given the opportunity in class to decorate a book cover in class, I drew a plinth, with each 'brick' a different colour and with a different Pokemon name, and Pikachu sitting atop. Back then the hype still had yet to reach SA (it finally hit our shores the following year, which as a kid, is an eternity) so I enjoyed being able to introduce others to it when they asked about it. I also played a fair bit of scattergories with a friend whenever we were over at each others' houses (though we called it 'general knowledge', and I also distinctly remember taking the time to draw up a list of possibilities for a Harry Potter version of it). We usually went with the same categories each time, but even then I remember my favourite one being colours (who would've thought where that would have led me?). Video game wise, Heroes of Might and Magic III will always be special to me due to playing it hours on end with my brothers and aforementioned cousins. At 5 players games would be on the long side, but I loved the different creatures associated with the various 'factions', and it actually helped spark an interest in mythology. In spite of graphics improving leaps and bounds by Heroes V (one of the few other titles I've played in the franchise… though I'm now sorely tempted to check out VII <<), I still much preferred III.
  4. Breakfast for dinner! Would you rather travel to the future or to the past?
  5. Prof. Amy Lupin

    ABC game

    Equestrian dressage
  6. True Likes castles?
  7. Hmmm... what about 'R'?
  8. I slap Iverian for helping organise Exploding Snap :P
  9. Under African Skies - Paul Simon What inspires you?
  10. Lego House - Ed Sheeran What is your ideal holiday destination?
  11. My token is a purple wooden book. In addition to being an avid reader, to me, games are also great learning opportunities (whether about a particular theme, concept, mechanic or the people around one), which is further symbolised by the book. I chose purple due to it being my favourite colour, as well as it being a less common colour included in boardgame pieces (symbolising my tendency to be less conventional).
  12. This might be the designer in me speaking, but one thing I've come to appreciate with boardgames (or any other form of play for that matter), is that you're working to achieve a particular outcome within a set of defined constraints. Yet in spite of having those constraints, there's still a whole world of possibility in which to do so. Also, each time you play a game or sport, there's still varying outcomes in terms of the final result and how the players arrived there. The other thing I enjoy about games is that they're simulations to an extent (or rather give a taste of what something might be like). Though I'll probably never set foot in space, there's plenty of games that give a feel for different elements of space travel, whether it's trying to launch rockets and probes into space (Leaving Earth; boardgame) or working towards galactic peace (Mass Effect; videogame). Though I personally love variety and would generally opt for playing a new boardgame as against a more familiar one, what often brings me back to the latter is one of several reasons. Sometimes it could be a case of positive memories from previous playthroughs and wanting to replicate them. Or it could be the opportunity to improve on strategies or even try out new ones. Other times, it might be wanting to share that game with someone new to it. Also after a long day, it can be nice to unwind with something familiar rather than trying to learn new rules or styles of playing. Again this is probably the designer in me, but I enjoy seeing how different variables impact on a particular game, whether it's the number of players, focusing on this element instead of that, and so on.
  13. Some of my current favourite series include Parks & Recreation, Downton Abbey, Blue Bloods, Madam Secretary and The Musketeers. Honorable mentions are Castle, Lewis, Homeland, Designated Survivor and Brooklyn Nine-Nine. I find I enjoy series that have an element of mystery, humour, history and/or political intrigue. I used to love fantasy series like Charmed, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and The Shannara Chronicles, but in the last few years I've been moving more towards the other genres I mentioned. It is interesting reflecting back on how my tastes have changed over time.
  14. I slap Sky for always being encouraging.
  15. Rule 5: Always get a second opinion (preferably from someone who isn't a Death Eater)
  16. False, though it definitely sounds tempting! Has been secretly relieved when someone cancelled an arrangement.
  17. Hot chocolate! I'm thinking of something that has writing on it and is one of many.
  18. Innocent. Has made a fresh cup of tea/coffee only to realise you forgot to boil the kettle first before pouring the water in?
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