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  1. Guess who's back? Missed you guys!! xx

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    2. Patrick James

      Patrick James

      Great to see you back, Ailime! :D

    3. Alessandra Grace

      Alessandra Grace

      Ehiii ^-^ Welcome back!

    4. Kim Alting

      Kim Alting

      Ailime!! Welcome back <3

  2. Ailime Wright

    Innocent or Guilty?

    Guilty! It might have happened a couple of times :D Have you ever had your room packed, that you couldn't actually see the floor?
  3. Ailime Wright

    1 - 10 000

    2912 ;)
  4. Ailime Wright

    Duck, Duck, Goose

    Goose! Hit me!
  5. Ailime Wright

    Top 50 Gryffindor Point Earners 2014

    :lol: Because you're Fumei! Points just come running to you, no matter if you want them or not!
  6. Ailime Wright

    Slap the person above you!

    I slap Ale because she's Italian and I bet she can cook brilliant pasta! ^_^
  7. Ailime Wright

    Answer with a song

    Sleep like a baby tonight - U2 What do you feel is more painful than anything?
  8. Ailime Wright

    Real life classes?

    This term I'll be studying Innovation in Events and Strategic management, and of course still writing on my dissertation
  9. Ailime Wright

    Innocent or Guilty?

    Ooops...guilty! I do that all the time. I just tried to bring the cup of tea next to my bed... :lol: Have you ever found yourself talking on the phone and then randomly think that you lost it, just to realize it's in your hand...?
  10. Ailime Wright

    Welcome back!

    It has to be done Pat! I'm gonna so cheer for you to pass your First Year!! You can do it!! ^_^ A huge year planner on my wall totally helps me staying organised! :D
  11. Ailime Wright

    Welcome back!

    Welcome Jess! Hope you have an amazing time around us!! ^_^
  12. Ailime Wright

    Welcome back!

    Hey fellow lions (and not only)! Hope you had a fantastic year so far! Hopefully none of few got kidnapped by a Basilisk, like Guin did! Cause we're here to welcome you all back! ^_^ I think the first term went really quick, but that's because I had a lot of fun! The classes were super interesting, the competitions even more and I got to help around everywhere I could. But I'm looking forward even more for the next term! I'll be taking Astronomy and DADA again, Family Studies, Werewolves and Magic in Famous Mysteries which should be real fun (especially seeing Cody teaching! ) What are your memories so far? And what are you looking forward for the Spring Term?
  13. Ailime Wright

    Top 50 Gryffindor Point Earners 2014

    Because you're so awesome! Even when you're petrified by a Basilisk you pull it off! ^_^
  14. Ailime Wright

    Slap the person above you!

    Everyone wants to slap Pat! Including myself! So I'm gonna slap him because he's such a nice guy! Which totally makes sense
  15. and that's how amazing the weather in uk is: 5 mins ago it was pouring down with rain, it then started snowing, it stopped, it started snowing again, and now it's raining...#facepalm

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    2. Ailime Wright

      Ailime Wright

      Haha that's a bit unusual lol I suppose I should get used to 2-3 seasons in the day

    3. Tom Foster

      Tom Foster

      That sounds about what it's going to be like here tomorrow. They're calling for a snow storm overnight into the morning, then into freezing rain and rain in the afternoon then back into snow in the evening.

    4. Ailime Wright

      Ailime Wright

      And I bet there.s gonna be a bit of tricky sunshine right. Either way I'm tired of this cold! :( I need the sun back in my life! ^_^