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  1. come on Gryffies, lets score some points and beat Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw!

  2. Mae Fiddler

    What would your Patronus look like?

    Hihi, Ravenclaw's animal should be a goat hahaha
  3. Mae Fiddler

    Do you have any pets?

    Ohhh dearrrr. My rommate is talking about getting another bunny... I'm not really sure how I feel about this... can two bunnies go well together?
  4. Hey there :-). ~~ I started this topic because I wondered if you guys were surprised when you got sorted into Gryffindor. Did you think it was the right house? And how do you feel now? I love it that I got sorted into Gryffindor, mostly because I love the Gryff mentality *grabs a butterbeer* and its members. I was quite surprised though, as I can see myself in any house really. What put me here I think is my loyalty to my friends.
  5. Mae Fiddler

    House Hello!

    Welcome all to the most amazing house. (:
  6. Mae Fiddler

    Happy Birthday, Amanda P. X. Sim

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY ♥♥♥ :drinks:
  7. RL homework or HOL homework.... I think HOL wins...

    1. Prof. Dario Brighton
    2. Prof. Fumei Spookie

      Prof. Fumei Spookie

      that just the dutch attitude! I tell ya xP I know ALL about it

    3. Prof. Dario Brighton
  8. Mae Fiddler

    Team Starkid's AVPM Shows

    AHGHHISBUFGQVQ>>>> Too awesome to put into real words. I love LOVE love Draco too. AND love every song. It is so creative and nice and well played and oh. I am so loving it haha. *A Very Potter Musical Fan*
  9. Mae Fiddler

    Surprised to be in Gryffindor?

    But Neville is so braaavvveeee. So you must be too! :3
  10. Mae Fiddler

    What am I thinking?

    Ice water on a summers day, YUM. I'm thinking of something yellow and lumicent.
  11. Mae Fiddler

    What would your Patronus look like?

    I just did this test, which showed that my Patronus would be a Wolf. I like wolves. That would be cool. Wolf Your Patronus is a wolf, a solitary creature with a penchant for loyalty. A wolf works best in small groups, but is fierce when confronted with a challenge.
  12. Scheming Salmons unite!

  13. Mae Fiddler

    True or False

    Hah yes! I love cooking. Lives on her/his own?
  14. Ohhh I like so many different types of music! From classical to rock to pop. I really would not know what to choose. Although my preferences do go out to alternative right now. And ska. And like mellow music (:
  15. Mae Fiddler

    Do you have any pets?

    WHAT A CUTY PIE YOUR DOG IS. I have an adorable bunny called Panda!
  16. Mae Fiddler

    Word chain

  17. Mae Fiddler

    Would you Rather...

    Meet Voldemort, but he would not be able to talk and drunken a veritaserum hehe. Would you rather: Be stung by a wasp Or Be stung by a jellyfish
  18. Mae Fiddler

    House Hello!

    ★EEEKKKKK★ HIYA GUYS, I'm Mae and I love Gryffindor. But also other people, hihi.
  19. Mae Fiddler

    What would your Patronus look like?

    I think mine would be something like an elephant ♥
  20. Mae Fiddler

    Would you Rather...

    Chinese :-D Would you rather: Never have a home Or Never being able to travel
  21. ★ Gryffindor rocks! I ♥ this house

  22. Mae Fiddler

    Favorite HP Book?

    I love all the books and its almost impossible to choose, but okay, here we go. The last one. Because it so bloody brilliant. It moved me, made me cry, made me smile, gave me an satisfying ending and made me wish for more. Dobby for ever in my heart <3
  23. Mae Fiddler

    Word chain

    Witch burnings
  24. Mae Fiddler

    Would you Rather...

    Uhhmm, be a Ravenclaw :-D Would you rather, Go to Spain Or Go to France