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  1. come on Gryffies, lets score some points and beat Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw!

  2. Hihi, Ravenclaw's animal should be a goat hahaha
  3. Ohhh dearrrr. My rommate is talking about getting another bunny... I'm not really sure how I feel about this... can two bunnies go well together?
  4. Welcome all to the most amazing house. (:
  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ♥♥♥ :drinks:
  6. RL homework or HOL homework.... I think HOL wins...

    1. Prof. Dario Brighton
    2. Prof. Fumei Spookie

      Prof. Fumei Spookie

      that just the dutch attitude! I tell ya xP I know ALL about it

    3. Prof. Dario Brighton
  7. AHGHHISBUFGQVQ>>>> Too awesome to put into real words. I love LOVE love Draco too. AND love every song. It is so creative and nice and well played and oh. I am so loving it haha. *A Very Potter Musical Fan*
  8. But Neville is so braaavvveeee. So you must be too! :3
  9. Ice water on a summers day, YUM. I'm thinking of something yellow and lumicent.
  10. I just did this test, which showed that my Patronus would be a Wolf. I like wolves. That would be cool. Wolf Your Patronus is a wolf, a solitary creature with a penchant for loyalty. A wolf works best in small groups, but is fierce when confronted with a challenge.
  11. Scheming Salmons unite!

  12. Hah yes! I love cooking. Lives on her/his own?
  13. Ohhh I like so many different types of music! From classical to rock to pop. I really would not know what to choose. Although my preferences do go out to alternative right now. And ska. And like mellow music (:
  14. WHAT A CUTY PIE YOUR DOG IS. I have an adorable bunny called Panda!