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  1. Sierra Potter

    What Classes Will you Be Taking? (Autumn Term 2017)

    I'm really trying to restrict myself from taking five classes at once because I'm not sure I can't complete all of them. So, here's my list: Survival Astronomy (I've taken this class in my first year and didn't complete it. Now, I'm so going to finish this one.) Magic on Ice: Figure Skating (So I stumbled upon a certain figure skating anime and just ... got carried away.) Introduction to Sign Language
  2. Sierra Potter

    Answer with a song

    Up all night - 1D What's your favorite thing?
  3. Sierra Potter

    1 - 10 000

    2828! :D
  4. Sierra Potter

    What classes will you take? (Fall Term 2014)

    - Beginning French (because is it just me or is everyone excited to learn new language?) - An Intro to Divination - Norse Mythology But, really, there are new exciting and amazing classes (I took a peek, wohooo!) and it was hard to me to choose u,u I'd like to take five but, um, real life issues forbid me.
  5. Sierra Potter

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  6. Sierra Potter

    Real life classes?

    Economics - since my parents insisted me to take that >_> - and English Language&Literature. I really want to take German too but, free classes have only two slots <_< Also bunch of required classes, like, Math, PE, Religion, Civics, and the others I can't remember because having too much holidays.
  7. Sierra Potter

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  8. Sierra Potter

    Happy Birthday Guin :)

    HAPPY BIRTHDAAAAAAAAAAY! :D have a blast year and i hope there'll be a dozen of cake
  9. Sierra Potter

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  10. Sierra Potter

    Word chain

  11. Sierra Potter

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  12. Sierra Potter

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  13. Sierra Potter

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  14. Sierra Potter

    Happy Birthday, Ciara Black!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CIARA, WEYHEEEEEEY! Wish you have a great year!
  15. Sierra Potter

    Happy birthday, Asia Shea and Jazmine Parsons!

    Happy birthday for you guys! Wish you all have an awesome year ahead :D