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  1. true -- off of carpet, touching walls, touching metal, off animals ... all the time (electricity in the air?) tries to continue to type one-handed while holding a phone with the other and talking on it
  2. Scarlet
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  4. lament "a stricken lament of terrible beauty"
  5. At least one of my heroes to act in this quest is a guy named Jack. Captain Jack, if you will! Now, WHICH Captain Jack it is, that's sort of up to you? Handsome, devil-may-care, with a smile for dangers and an ability to somehow get himself out of dangerous situations (and no one expected it ...). He's somehow found out how not to die (BUT NOT LIKE MOLDY VOLDY), or at least, hasn't died in spite of being killed. (Maybe killed a few times...) Abilities? Hmmm. Good with weapons, a certain amount of wit, but also he has the ability to just keep going. No matter what. Usually he's found in clothing which suits the time and place, but almost always that garb will include a pair of boots and oftentimes some sort of head gear like a hat. He's partial to coats ... especially if they have a bit of a flair to them when he walks. Magical powers you ask? None that he admits to. As for more specific description of my bold hero doing the legwork. Let's start with legs. Yes, nice legs. Muscular legs. Legs that can do a lot of running! Trim torso and shoulders which might (by some) be called broad, and others might say who care, they suit him! Hair is a nice dark-ish colour. None of this blond stuff - nope! Sometimes clean-shaven, sometimes not. (Depends on where he is, after all.) So, which 'Captain Jack' do you think he is? :D
  6. I'd rather live someplace beautiful where WiFi is bad. Would you rather walk along an ocean shore in a storm with great wind and it's cold or along a river with calm skies and warmth?
  7. true I have my Cherry wood wand and now I have a new one of Oceanspray. Prefers to stay up late and read whenever possible.
  8. lyrics
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  11. LIONS
  12. Thank you for the quick, and helpful, response. :)
  13. You have I've a question. When I read that entire post, I immediately thought of someone in one of the books I read. Is it acceptable to base one's hero(ine) on a person in a book or does this have to be made up from scratch?
  14. I think that people who are extraordinary radiate that all the time, whether or not it appears that there are outward effects. Extraordinary might be something as simple, and courageous, as choosing otherwise when it goes against the tide of what is considered 'politically correct'. I think that everyone has the potential of being extraordinary -- it all depends on the 'what' of the 'who and what' they are, though, whether it is considered life-affirming or not. Some folks seem to be 'extraordinarily' toxic ... *looks at Umbridge* .... Me? I've done things, gotten awards for things, which pushed me into the spotlight. I don't like being in the spotlight so I broke it. :) **** Would you rather eat all cooked food or all raw food all the time?
  15. falcata
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  18. Great fortune - using the first definition of the word 1. chance or luck as an external, arbitrary force affecting human affairs. Would you rather go to Australia or to New Zealand?
  19. True. Canada is lovely, eh? True or False: Prefers hot chocolate to coffee.
  20. pirate
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  22. novel
  23. True. :D True or False -- Enjoys watching The Lord of the Rings movies and Extras
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  25. Happy Birthday, Zach! I hope you have (had) a wonderful day. :)