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  1. Lunge
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  3. thrust
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  5. rapier
  6. 3350 Thanks for the explanation, Sky. I gave attention to my post count after replying, and noticed that it didn't go up and was ... 'now' what is this mystery!? and you solved it before I asked. <3
  7. fleet
  8. You are sharp to notice that anomaly, Patrick! But, yeah, that was fun to solve the mystery. :D 3347
  9. Oh. I see! Well, there was a person who posted twice, at 209, maybe that is why there is a discrepancy between the number of posts and the count? 3345
  10. 3343 <3 those are as many posts as what you have made! (I have 89 posts. I don't understand how it is counted but those aren't the number of posts in this topic, I think.)
  11. satisfaction
  12. 3341 thpppttt ~ ~ ~ Patrick!
  13. OASIS ps yes, I know Zach wrote dessert and not desert
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  15. Happy Birthday, Jenny! <3
  16. silvered
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  18. volleyball
  19. hexagon
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  21. peace
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  23. Muggle clothes - sweats! I like being comfy and warm. They wash easy too. (I laughed when I saw your comment, Sky. Auror vs Ora. I've had spell check do some very strange things lately but that one is one of the better ones! Probably because it's both a diction AND a spell check thing? Ocean beach or Granite mountains?
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