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  1. Prof. Tarma Amelia Black

    1 - 10 000

  2. Prof. Tarma Amelia Black

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  3. Prof. Tarma Amelia Black

    Happy Birthday Patrick

    Happy Birthday, Patrick! Thanks for the cake, Sky. :D It was so delicious nom nom. Oh oh was that Patricks? :o
  4. Prof. Tarma Amelia Black

    Gryfftoberfest 2018!

    Oh, look, shiny rubies! Thanks, Sky, for the fun. :)
  5. Prof. Tarma Amelia Black

    Quality Quotes

    First batch: 1. "What are you thinking about?" I asked. "Just how wonderful the world is." "Of course." "No, really. And you know what's the best thing about it? That it doesn't matter if we're here or not. It just goes on being this wonderful place. That's what people forget. It's not here for us. It's just here, and the gift we were given is that we're allowed to experience it." ~~"Forest of Stone" in "Tapping the Dream Tree" by Charles de Lint 2 - " ... It is our choices, Harry, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities. ..." - Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets by J.K. Rowling 3 - "Living your life without remembering your choices of its direction and purpose, without understanding and conscious use of the gifts and challenges those choices provide, is very much like driving a vehicle along an unfamiliar road, toward an unknown destination, in the dark and with the brakes applied." ~ quote of Xaris 4 - "Till shade is gone, till water is gone, into the Shadow with teeth bared, screaming defiance with the last breath, to spit in Sightblinder's eye on the Last Day." Wheel of Time series - Robert Jordan 5 - "...Replenish the world with quiet wonder, not sorceries." 'Moonheart' by Charles de Lint
  6. Prof. Tarma Amelia Black

    Acts of Courage

    In addition to those already named, I like Neville Longbottom and admire his courage. I love that he was willing to 'fight' to keep Harry, Ron and Hermione from doing something which, to him, was not right. He was someone looked down upon, by everyone from his family to those of the school; he had no support faction such as what Harry and Ron and Hermione had in each other. 'They' were the popular kids ... etc etc etc. Yet here he was saying 'no' to them. And he kept on, too, and developed his courage to such an extent that he said "No" to Voldemort (AND whacked off Nagini's head too).
  7. Prof. Tarma Amelia Black

    Happy Birthday, Dario!

    Your red and gold confetti is very nice, Sky! But did you spill it on Dario? It's his birthday! Oh. That's why? HAPPY BIRTHDAY DARIO! :D
  8. Prof. Tarma Amelia Black

    I'm Not Sure If You're Aware But...

    Oh. Well. In case you didn't know, I make a VERY great vat of coffee. Yes, I say vat. It came about because it was the end of term and everyone (ie the Badgers in the Sett) had been so busy partying studying hard that they found out that there were TWO exams the next day and somehow no one had studied for those tests! Something was needed! So I brewed up enough coffee for everyone. It worked really well too. Everyone studied, took the tests and ... finally were able to sleep a couple of days later.
  9. Prof. Tarma Amelia Black

    My Hero

    I'm adding Irma Pince to this (and thank you Sirius for ... catching the name in the thread above ... - I had the 'P' and went on auto-pilot for Pince instead of Pomfrey and failed utterly to proof read) Irma Pince takes care of the books! Of the Hogwarts library! I think that maintaining a library which is regularly visited by students ranging in age from 11 to 18 and also visited by Professors and everyone else, deserves a bit of mention. I wonder how she keeps the shelving straight? Is there a spell which returns each book to its appointed place at the end of the day? She wasn't very popular with most of the students, because she would not tolerate them eating chocolate, talking, writing in books or any of those things. She obviously knew a lot about the books of the library, and what was where, but since she was so strict, perhaps few asked her to help them locate a book. At the same time, there is a strength to her which is clear to those, like Professor McGonagall, when McGonagall asked for Madam Pince and Argus Filch to help in the Battle of Hogwarts.
  10. Prof. Tarma Amelia Black

    My Hero

    Madam Pomfrey is awesome. In charge of the hospital wing, and also overlooking the healing of individuals (she is the one mentioned so often although, since she is 'in charge' that implies there are others who work there?) she has a matter-of-fact approach to the many and myriad injuries that witches and wizards suffer. And she is apparently very efficient and good at healing folks! It's very seldom that there is mention of her referring any case to St. Mungos. Missing a nose? No problem. All the bones removed from your arm? She knows exactly what to do. Met some dementors? Have some chocolate! Something that I really appreciate is that she isn't portrayed as a 'oh you poor person' sort of healer, but someone who is practical and efficient and gets the job done -- instilling confidence in the patient that whatever is the matter with them, it is, literally, something she can handle with no problems.
  11. Prof. Tarma Amelia Black

    Happy Birthday, Zen!

    Happy Birthday, Zen! I wish for you lots of magic and fun for your birthday. Graphic is of a picture of a firework set off against a black background. The lights of the firework 'appear' to be mostly a pale gold, but within the streaks of light are many many different colours.
  12. Prof. Tarma Amelia Black

    Puttin' on the Ritz (Avs and Sigs)

    Graphic is 250x100 - cropped from illustration, Nightfall, by Lori Preusch. Description: It shows a young girl, in a white collared dress, supine on a carpeted floor, with her head to the left of the graphic and her body reclined to the right. She is partially covered with a blanket. There are stacks of books nearby. A candle burns in a candle holder, off to her side. Her head is pillowed on the right front leg of a lioness (and a regular pillow). Her face is partially obscured by a hat. The lioness's jaw appears to be resting on the torso of the young girl. Both of them have their eyes closed. Peaceful. Dozing. There is an inset dark crimson, very narrow 'border'. Words in the same dark crimson (backlight by a pale grey) show in the upper right corner "Gryfftoberfest 2018".
  13. Prof. Tarma Amelia Black

    Answering the Unanswerable

    People cast spells because they are naturally, inherently, magic. Words (for spells) are often just intellect mnemonic devices -- no matter of what language they spring. What ability does Crookshanks have that Pigwidgeon shown to him to determine if Pigwidgeon was an animagus?
  14. Prof. Tarma Amelia Black

    Word chain

  15. Prof. Tarma Amelia Black

    Word chain