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  1. What about ... darts! I think it would be really fun, and funny, to have darts which are self-propelled -- have a tendency to pick up speed, or lose speed, no matter how poorly (or well) they are thrown. Which shriek as they fly towards the target, or yell with abandon. Also, I think it would be hilarious to have a dart-board which moves AWAY from the darts which are thrown at it. Or turns its surface into a bouncing reflective area which the darts cannot stick into.
  2. I'm Reading a Book ~ Julian Smith Is there a favorite hobby you have?
  3. Happy Birthday, Sky! Here's some music to brighten your day .... click
  4. Favorite games as a kid? For school yard games, I liked playing tetherball at recess. For board games, I liked chess. For games of chance, I liked Yahtzee. All of these were games with 'rules' to follow pretty much. Then we get to the more active and/or flexible games, like croquet. That could get pretty fun because we'd put the hoops in all kinds of places! Up hills and down hills. In the wilds of the yard ... Traps, snares and almost impossible things. And those balls would sometimes fly up into the air and soar! Fun stuff. :)
  5. Blue Monday (which is actually sort of nifty) ! ~ New Order How do you decide what to do when you have four or five things all demanding attention?
  6. Do the Hippogriff ~ The Weird Sisters (((Can you dance like a hippogriff?))) What is your favorite drink in the middle of the day?
  7. The Blueberry Picking Song - Andy Lowe What kind of clothes do you prefer to wear?
  8. I've had so many! I think the first one that occurs to me is the frog who climbed up the wall on the outside of the house, then climbed onto the window, and just stayed there, looking in. He (She) stayed there for the longest time, too, before wandering off. I took a picture ... picture shows a frog on a window. What is visible is the pale underside of a frog (mostly shades of golden brown paling to pale cream) - with the four legs and suckers on toes clinging to the window. Photo appears to be taken with a flash. 'Outside' appears to be dark but with mottled dark greens and browns and 'vague' plant shapes barely visible.
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