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  1. This was fun. Thank you! Next time I know to hoard ALL MY CARDS .... but it was fun hiding the cheese from Mousie Iverian.
  2. The Shrieking Shack. It's where Remus lived during his 'wolf' days and Remus is awesome. Would you rather have a Firebolt or a Silver Arrow (of the kind when Silver Arrows were good)?
  3. Unfortunately, by this time the crowd has shifted its attention to Sky -- and they want her to resolve the milk-stealing situation.
  4. Run 5 miles. Would you rather be with palm trees or pine trees?
  5. Unfortunately, the milk bottles are all empty.
  6. Unfortunately, the person knew how to help but was overcome with laughter at the plight of Mousie Iverian
  7. Unfortunately, the green of the jello turned her fur all green.
  8. Innocent Sometimes has two books in hand, want to read both (neither one ever read), and can't decide which to read first so goes to another, third, book.
  9. Unfortunately, that puppy has 3 heads so Mousie Iverian has a hard time getting away from all 3 mouths ....
  10. Fortunately, Iverian is turned into a little Mousie ....
  11. Innocent Forgot what clothes you are wearing and have to look down/check it out.
  12. There are desks made which have secret 'pockets' in them for the storage of precious (or otherwise valued) items. This practice has been around for hundreds of years (and maybe thousands of years) and one of the things that some innovative creators have done is set their children loose on the item of furniture to see if they could find everything. Just like now, it seems that if an item couldn't be found by a kid, it was pretty safe! graphic shows a hidden drawer (made visible) which was built into a wooden desk
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