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  4. Great fortune - using the first definition of the word 1. chance or luck as an external, arbitrary force affecting human affairs. Would you rather go to Australia or to New Zealand?
  5. True. Canada is lovely, eh? True or False: Prefers hot chocolate to coffee.
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  9. True. :D True or False -- Enjoys watching The Lord of the Rings movies and Extras
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  11. Happy Birthday, Zach! I hope you have (had) a wonderful day. :)
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  13. Scotland. Especially I'd go to the castle where Highlander was filmed (Eilean Donan Castle), visit Nessie and go to Hogwarts Would you rather live by the ocean or a river?
  14. Name of dessert is Winged Surprise Basically, start out with lots and lots of fruit. What is available? Let's see ... there are bananas and cherries and apples and kumquat and pineapple and strawberries and oh, yes, blueberries. I also see star fruit and other things. So, skin and chop and peel and take off stems and cut everything into mouth size pieces. Put all of this into a large pewter bowl. Make sure the bowl is very large, because you're going to be mixing stuff in there. Then - get some cream (thick cream, the kind that stands up on its own almost) and pour it into the bowl. With a large wooden spoon mix the cream into the fruit until all pieces are covered. Do not put so much cream in that it is liquid-y but just enough that perhaps the tiniest pool is at the bottom of the pewter bowl. Put into a very cold place, like a fridge. Then -- no, we're not done yet! Then, get some raisins and soak them in firewhiskey for 5 minutes. Pull out the fruit Winged Surprise dish and it should be chilled on the bowl itself. Drain the firewhiskey into a glass (for later to drink) and sprinkle the raisins on top of the mixed fruit. Set it alight and take, in triumph, to the dining table to be devoured. The firewhiskey soaked raisins is just enough to have the fire last until you get it to the table. (If you hadn't soaked it long enough that the fire lasted for the required amount of time, next time just soak the raisins longer.) Either way, the raisins will add a piquant taste to the rest of the fruit salad.
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