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  1. Guilty. Thankfully there are buttons wherever I look. Prefers savoury snacks to sweets.
  2. Zee is getting promoted to my PR agent. Duck!
  3. Should have suspected that! My favourite colour is blue. I am proficient in 3 programming languages. My phone is a Samsung.
  4. False. :/ Enjoys black tea.
  5. Approved: Argentia Fitzgerald - First Year Ziana Rhapsody - First Year Aldebaran Antares - Hufflepuff Visitor Lena Bauer - First Year Saene Decobra - Fifth Year Meredith Malkins - Hufflepuff Visitor Cordial welcome to all the first years! Rejected: Lize - Invalid HOL name. Please use your full name.
  6. Ilvermony. Only because I was sorted there and liked the outcome. Also because I don't speak French. Would you rather only be able to eat solids or drink liquids for the rest of your life (provided none affect your health)?
  7. I know! Hot cocoa! I'm thinking of something green and loud.
  8. I will go with Hufflepuff on Pottermore.
  9. True. Lost count years ago. Has read Anna Karenina.
  10. Guilty. I have a feeling you aimed this directly at me. Has never had sweet popcorn.
  11. Our administrators go through every application individually and then grant or refuse access to the board based on whether your username and email match your HOL records. Once your application is reviewed, its status will be posted here along with any notes about why if it had to be rejected.
  12. Hello new (or returning) Gryffindor! I would like to welcome you to our House on the behalf of the entire Gryffindor staff. The purpose of this post is to try to answer questions you may have about our House and how it is run in general. If this post is unable to provide a satisfactory answer to your question, you can click here to be taken to the Question and Answer section of this forum where our friendly staff will help you. Let us then begin? ;) == What is Gryffindor? == Gryffindor is a part of HOL Virtual Hogwarts and it is subject to all its rules and regulations. You must own an HOL account to be able to sign up for Gryffindor. Aside from this forum, Gryffindor is in charge of the IRC channels #gryffindor and #gqt on the irc.blitzed.org server. All rules apply there too. The channels are moderated by the Gryffindor staff (called OPs - people with an @ symbol before their name). For more information about IRC or any other section of HOL, please make sure to refer to the HOL Handbook here. HOL and Gryffindor are in no way directly associated with Warner Bros or J. K. Rowling. == Registering for the Forum == In order to become a member of this community, you will have to sign up using this form. You will be prompted for a username, email and password. You will also be required to complete our security checks for the purpose of spam prevention. You are required to use your HOL name as your username. The spacing and capitalisation must match as well. If it were my student self who was signing up the following usernames would be wrong and rejected: dario, Dario1110, DarioBrighton, dario.brighton, etc. The only acceptable option would be Dario Brighton. The email you provide must also match your HOL records. Make sure you pick a complex enough and secure password. If you forget your password at any time there is a 'forgot password' link located on the sign in page. Our administrators go through every application individually and then grant or refuse access to the board based on whether your username and email match your HOL records. Once your application is reviewed, its status will be posted here along with any notes about why if it had to be rejected. == Personal Information == You must comply with HOL's stance on privacy (found in the Code of Conduct and expanded upon in The Privacy Policy). Both HOL and Gryffindor discourage giving out private information, be it in your profile or an official channel on IRC. This is especially important if you are a minor. Personal information includes your real name, exact location, your workplace, name of your school, name of your city/town, phone number, address and so on. You MUST NOT divulge any personal information about another person either, whether or not they're a member of HOL. If there is anyone who is asking you to divulge personal information, immediately contact a prefect or a professor. There is a section on your profile called Location. If you must enter something, please put only your country, province or state, but no towns! == Avatars and Signatures == Your avatar must not be larger than 100 x 100 pixels and it must not be smaller than 50 x 50 pixels. Please remember to keep them HOL appropriate! Your signature may contain only one image which should not be larger than 250 pixels in width and 100 pixels in height. You are allowed to use animated images. Your signature should not contain more than 4 lines of text. Any links that are not HOL related are strictly forbidden. Also, please do not go overboard with the text. Anything that can be considered spam or inappropriate will be removed immediately and further sanctions will be in effect. == Inappropriate Content == We define spam to be any post or content that does not contribute to the topic or is irrelevant. That includes posting big pictures, one word responses or excessive use of repeated letters and symbols. Another form of spam is replying to many threads at once or posting to those that have not been updated in a long period of time. Seeing as HOL and Gryffindor are open to all ages, genders, nations, identities, orientations and beliefs, it is one of our most strict policies to enforce a safe environment for all our members. Any sort of discrimination is punishable. Explicit or sexual materials and language are not permitted. == Warnings and Sanctions == Moderators of the forums, which include professors and prefects, interact with students and must enforce rules. When rules are broken, consequences must take place. If infractions occur, the following measures will be taken. First offence - warning via PM. Second offence - final warning and points deduction. Third offence - being banned or expelled. For more severe infractions, a first offence may be treated as the second offence.
  13. In this post, you'll find the current staff of Gryffindor House and what positions they hold. You can also consult our guide down below if you have a matter you need to raise with one of us but want to make sure you approach the right person! == Who's Who == The following is a complete list of current Gryffindor staff. Check below for further explanation of responsibilities. == Head of House (HoH) == Prof. Dario Brighton == Gryffindor Professors == Prof. Jenny Lupin Prof. Zenix James == Prefects == Sky Alton (Prefect in Charge) Iverian Gnash == Junior Prefects == None Currently == Whom to contact == == Every Day Things == Junior prefects and prefects are your first port of call. They're here to help the professors organise events and keep the house a safe, fun environment. If you're having an issue with someone or something in the house, please raise it with a junior prefect or prefect. Even if they don't think they can deal with it, they will pass it on to the right people. Also, if you have an idea for Gryffindor, please pass that along to a JP or prefect too. They're always looking to work with students to improve the house. == Technical Issues == If there is a technical issue with the forum or CR in general, please email me (Prof. Dario Brighton at dario[at]hol.org.uk) so the issue can be looked into and rectified. == More Serious Issues == If you feel an issue is particularly serious or you aren't comfortable discussing it with a prefect, please approach the HoH: he will liaise with other authorities within HOL when/if appropriate. == Quidditch == Prof. Jenny Lupin and Patrick James are our Quidditch Captains - they're your best bet for anything broom related. == The Paw Print == Prof. Zenix James handles our house Newspaper.
  14. If you have a question about Gryffindor or the CR that you need a member of staff to answer, post it here and someone will respond ASAP. More sensitive issues should be addressed to a prefect or professor by PM - if a question is unsuitable to be discussed publicly it may be removed and we'll contact you privately. Remember to check for an answer in the HOL and Gryffindor handbooks, as well as the Ask a Prefect section on the main HOL forum before posting here.
  15. Approved: Kaitlyn Nightingale - Hufflepuff Guest Student Shiloh Adlar - Ravenclaw Guest Student Bull J. Johnson - Slytherin Guest Student Rejected: Grace guffer - Improper capitalisation & I cannot find you in the HOL database. Did you make sure the spelling is all right? Gruffyn howel - Improper capitalisation & your email is a mismatch with the one in the HOL database.
  16. APPROVED Niniel Sanders - Guest Student Molly Grabau - Squib Student REJECTED Lizzie Mcguirre - TV character name
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