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  1. Definitely the future. Though I'd always prefer to stay in the present. Would you rather give up dairy or nuts?
  2. It happens almost every other time. And, please, I'm awesome at plant sitting. Has secretly listened to a song they publically dislike (as a form of a guilty pleasure).
  3. I slap Sky for calling me cool in her signature. (An affectionate slap, that is.)
  4. Approved: Annasta Anglewing - First Year - Your name was changed to Annastasia Anglewing to reflect your HOL name.
  5. I totally forgot to change my avatar, but let's say the two weeks start now. You can appreciate a lovely squirrely as my avatar. Goose!
  6. I'd always be travelling. When I go on longer trips, I usually only have one small suitcase and my laptop. I've learnt to manage with just that and would never be able to give up exploring places. Would you rather be allowed to eat only sweets or savoury food?
  7. I do forget birthdays, but I never do generic gifts - I'd rather say the real present will be delayed. So, partially guilty? Forgot to water their plants after which they died.
  8. I slap Annabeth as a sign of a friendly welcome! :D
  9. Well, you're obviously thinking of Merlin! I'm thinking of something spikey and green.
  10. Beans for December rubies have been sent out! :D
  11. Approved Sally Buttercup - First Year Ilona Littrell - Sixth Year
  12. Approved: Amaryllis Storm - Visitor Brooke Fallhunter - First Year Cameron Durai - First Year Elizabeth Aldrete - First Year Sadie Bean - Visitor Adrian Lane - First Year Notes: summerly.rodriguez - I have changed your name to @Summerly Rodriguez as that seems to be your full HOL name. You were approved as a visitor. Rejected: _alaska - Invalid name. RosieJacobs - Invalid name. I also cannot find any variation of Rosie Jacobs on the main HOL site. amanda - Please try again with your full HOL name and proper capitalisation. Forestlily - Invalid name. I also cannot find any variation of Lily Forest on the main HOL site.
  13. Rubies for November have been converted to beans and sent out to the earners. Keep it up, guys!
  14. Approved Emma Detering - Frist Year Kim Delwyn - First Year Abigail Gosselin - First Year Auristela Slytherine - First Year Rochelle Donoghue - First Year Tyler Cooke - First Year Alexander Barnes-Rogers - Visitor Loca Wolf - First Year Maude Rudd - Visitor Rejected Lybi Grace - I can't find you in the HOL database.
  15. Then let me jump in with a new thing I'm thinking about. I'm thinking about something brown, edible and crunchy.
  16. Guilty. I think that out of all the former features, I miss badges the most. Has stayed awake for over 24 hours at once.
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