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  1. I slap Annabeth for slapping everyone. :D
  2. Rejected Luthien Tinuviel - Fictional character. Please join HOL with a valid HOL name.
  3. I'll have to go with crepes because I made them at least once a week for breakfast. I can enjoy the savoury variant as well, which is a big plus for me as I'm not a fan of sweets.
  4. Approved Daisy Johnson - First Year Ilayda Aysel - Visitor Ayla Kai - First Year
  5. GRYFFINDOR AWARDS Each term the staff get together to nominate and present awards to the most hard-working, dedicated, courageous and deserving members. Here is a list of awards the house awards. Please note that not all awards might be presented every term since we want to make sure they are well-deserved. Platinum Quill – Awarded to the Gryffindor who has earned the most house points throughout the term. Phoenix Award – Awarded to the Gryffindor who has earned the most rubies throughout the term. Lionheart – Awarded to the non-Gryffindor who has earned the most rubies throughout the term. Studious Simba – Awarded to the Gryffindor who has distinguished themselves through hard work in their classes and potentially in other areas such as activities or house newspapers. Curious Kitten – Awarded to a particularly enthusiastic member of the house who has been an encouraging, constructive or heartening presence in the CR and or made Gryffindor’s presence positively felt in other areas of HOL. Consistent Cub – Awarded to a Gryffindor who is everywhere, doing everything: this lion excels through their activeness in the CR and other areas and stands as an example for everyone else to get involved. Lively Lionet – Awarded to a lion who displays great pride, loyalty and love for the scarlet and gold in what they say and do. Exploding Snap – Awarded to a person who shines around the CR because of their creativity or innovative ideas. Pride of the Pride – This is THE award for Gryffindor. Awarded to a Gryffindor who has made a significant contribution to the House.
  6. Approved Carina Rhiannon - First Year Ruby Starret - First Year
  7. Approved Alexander Brighton Rejected riveannaskyklar - Invalid name, did you mean to sign up with Riveanna Skylar?
  8. You have met me, haven't you? Of course I did! Said no to something they really wanted (to have or to happen) out of sheer principle.
  9. Mine is on 11 October. It usually starts getting cold for outside fun like barbecues that time of the year, so I usually go for a more formal dinner party and games night at the house.
  10. Just a friendly reminder to all participants that the songs, including all the lyrics (referenced or not), need to be of appropriate content so that they are rated G.
  11. Dario Brighton is a Hogwarts professor with a strong proclivity for nitid things. He can mostly be found roaming around the halls of the castle in search of things to get him distracted. During evening hours, he is most likely in his office on the sixth floor plotting castle blueprints for possible renovation schemes. Prof. Brighton claims the classroom just by the Transfiguration Courtyard. The annoyance he is currently facing is the distance between what he thinks is the best office in the castle and his classroom, which is making him petition the school board to approve his plans for more hidden passageways and an internal floo-network. His field of expertise is Transfiguration, which he teaches during the morning hours. His students would probably define him as a bit demanding and on the stricter side, as he puts up high expectations from day one. Despite the sternness, he pours a lot of time and patience into his classes and is very protective of his students. He specialises in conjuration and vanishment. Though he also likes to dabble in duelling, especially dealing with defensive enchantments. He has never found his talents to involve potion-making, divination or herbology as he likes to face magic hands-on. Because of his mastery of defensive enchantments, he was appointed Keeper of Grounds and Keys. He can be heard from a mile's distance walking across the hallways dangling a heavy key set in his left hand. It is likely you've already heard of the formal dinner parties he hosts on Fridays, displaying the newest and finest sets of china he's managed to collect, making way too many analogies trying to explain the tiniest mechanics of Transfiguration and talking about his newest knitting project to his guests.
  12. Approved Alice Dreamette - Visitor Kalina Inklight - First Year
  13. Approved: Adaleine Shuster - Visitor Emma Black - First Year Alissa James - First Year Justin Potter-Malfoy - First Year Mykew Abbott - First Year
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