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  1. Blue Cotton Candy, totally! >__> I'm thinking of something black and relatively large.
  2. I slap Arabella because I just woke up.
  3. I slap Rachel just because I can.
  4. I'm late... (blaming it on no wi-fi at the hotel -.-') But still. Happy birthday, Jen. :D
  5. Even though it's very short, and I might be able to get online at least a little bit on my phone, I thought it would be appropriate to post that starting in a few hours I'm on vacation until Sunday. I do realize that I have scheduled some things and similar, but I have taken care of most of them today/yesterday. If I forgot to do something that I am supposed to do, whoopsies, sorry, my bad, etc. >_> Bye, people! :)
  6. It's official. My comp hates me. It broke for no reason and it won't let me install a new system. Computerless for a few days.

    1. Prof. Dario Brighton

      Prof. Dario Brighton

      Woohoo! Fixed it myself... I didn't have the nerves to wait for the repairman. :D

  7. Hello, Lions! :D

    1. Prof. Jenny Lupin

      Prof. Jenny Lupin

      Hi Dario! Welcome to Gryff!! Sorry this welcome is so late... -__- So happy you are here, though!!! :D

    2. Prof. Dario Brighton

      Prof. Dario Brighton

      Haha, thanks. I'm happy to be here! :D

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  8. YAAY 10 000... errrr... 2185!
  9. I slap Fumei because she put me in a barrel... I still slap everyone :D
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