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  1. Rejected Matildia Loh - You probably meant to enter Matilda instead of Matildia? You can try again. :)
  2. Approved Ian McMorris - First Year - Discovery Island Den Amy Lupin - Ravenclaw Guest Rejected heartlines18 - Please use your full HOL name.
  3. Hello, everyone! I would like to take a second and congratulate Miss Ailime Wright for being promoted to Junior Prefect. I am sure she will do a great job and stay as active and cheerful as ever. She will be staying in the Discovery Den, which she will lead along with Professor Hailey Potter and Miss Aurora Lestrange. Cheers, Professor Dario Šehović.
  4. Rejected Anabelle - Please use full HOL name.
  5. Approved Vinnie Sage - First Year - Discovery Island Den
  6. Approved Jeevs Jay - First Year - Mystery Island Den
  7. Rejected çağan herek - improper capitalisation, your HOL name starts with a regular, English C.
  8. Approved Kim Alting - First Year - Discovery Island Den Ljón Styrkur - First Year - Mystery island Den Rejected Hermione Granger - Invalid name. This is your second time using the same email and IP. I shall ban this address if I receive another invalid signup. Skylar865 - Invalid name.
  9. Rejected Pervina Periwinkle - Not a HOL name, I think you were going for Pervinca? Your email doesn't match either.
  10. Graphics 101, HOL 101 (easy points for an oldbie, yo >____>), Knitting the Muggle Way, Mathematics, Basics of HTML. Still awaiting approval for my OWLs class, I'll keep you posted on that one. It is obvious that I took the classes I feel most comfortable with, because I want to make this year fun and enjoyable class-wise. :D
  11. Is everyone excited for the brand new school year to start? :)

    1. Ciara Black

      Ciara Black

      So keen! Can't wait to teeaaacchhhh!

    2. Ailime Wright

      Ailime Wright

      Yeahh, can't wait :D

    3. Tom Foster

      Tom Foster

      Yep, very much excited :) Should hopefully be a fun year.

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  12. Guilty. Have you ever been awake for more than 32 hours?
  13. Puppies? >_____> I'm thinking of something soft and comfortable.
  14. I slap Alessandra because she posted on August the 2nd.
  15. Not really. ...Is Zenix? :D
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