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  1. Approved Thelfusa Beatrice - First Year Fern Elliot - Visitor Mason Bella Black - First Year Rejected Doodle Do - Invalid HOL name. RobertHaw - Invalid HOL name. No variation of Rober Haw exists in the HOL database. river willow - Please use your HOL email when signing up, that is the only way I can make sure this account actually belongs to you. Hawthorne - Did you mean to include a first name or surname with this? The email doesn't match up with any in the HOL database.
  2. Innocent. I came close to 6 hours once, but never more. Has a secret passion for Yahtzee. (I discovered mine a few years back.)
  3. I slap Zenix for introducing me to some '70s and '80s music.
  4. That must be Ryan Gossling... Err... Lemonade? I'm thinking of something silky.
  5. 3889 Speaking of cool numbers, let's see who gets to post 4000? :P
  6. @Prof. Zenix James You didn't tell me what to do as a goose, so I might as well go again... Goose!
  7. Approved Heather Long - Visitor Chloe Fraser - First Year (changed your name to reflect your full HOL name) Fay Granger - First Year Rejected isabel.le - Invalid name
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