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  2. I'll mostly listen to whatever is on the charts or on the radio, so I don't have a favourite as my music world doesn't revolve that much around contemporary music. If the question were about my favourite artist, then I'd definitely have to go for Bach. Just so I don't stray away from the topic, I'll admit that I was forced into listening to Kpop and that BTS is my guilty pleasure.
  3. I'd much rather be able to only whisper. Would you rather be able to only talk in rhymes or have to sing everything you say?
  4. Approved Romilda Jones - Visitor Selene Stargazer - First Year Rejected Cadence Blackburn - Can't find you in the HOL database. Notes Edith VeeDavi (Call me Evee) - Your name was changed to @Edith Veedavi. You were approved as a First Year.
  5. I started with a piece of jewellery or an accessory, so that can be the theme, but the beauty of the game is that we can fluidly craft and thread a theme as we progress through a letter rather than indicate specific ones. Cheers!
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