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  1. Prof. Dario Brighton


    Rubies for November have been converted to beans and sent out to the earners. Keep it up, guys!
  2. Prof. Dario Brighton

    Registrations [2018/19]

    Approved Annabeth Fox - First Year
  3. Prof. Dario Brighton

    Registrations [2018/19]

    Approved Emma Detering - Frist Year Kim Delwyn - First Year Abigail Gosselin - First Year Auristela Slytherine - First Year Rochelle Donoghue - First Year Tyler Cooke - First Year Alexander Barnes-Rogers - Visitor Loca Wolf - First Year Maude Rudd - Visitor Rejected Lybi Grace - I can't find you in the HOL database.
  4. Prof. Dario Brighton

    What am I thinking?

    Then let me jump in with a new thing I'm thinking about. I'm thinking about something brown, edible and crunchy.
  5. Prof. Dario Brighton

    1 - 10 000

  6. Prof. Dario Brighton

    Duck, Duck, Goose

    I guess for a week? :D Goose
  7. Prof. Dario Brighton

    Innocent or Guilty?

    Guilty. I think that out of all the former features, I miss badges the most. Has stayed awake for over 24 hours at once.
  8. Prof. Dario Brighton

    Word chain

  9. Prof. Dario Brighton

    1 - 10 000

  10. Prof. Dario Brighton

    Slap the person above you!

    I slap Zenix for slapping people just because they are active.
  11. Prof. Dario Brighton

    Unfortunately Fortunate

    Unfortunately, his mum walks in.
  12. Prof. Dario Brighton

    Would you Rather...

    I'd probably go down the Death Eater route just to see what the hype is about. Would you rather be able to play an instrument really well but not be able to sing or be able to sing but never play an instrument and read music?
  13. Prof. Dario Brighton

    Duck, Duck, Goose

    Amend your signature to say 'Prof. Brighton is cool." :P Duck
  14. Prof. Dario Brighton

    End of Year Deadlines

    Don't forget to turn in the homework for your classes before the year ends. Bear in mind that specific due dates will vary from class to class. We can do it, Gryffindor!
  15. Prof. Dario Brighton

    May Deadlines

    Don't forget to turn in your May homework before the month's end. Happy May, everybody!