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  1. Aww, I didn't get the logic puzzle, but I guess my submission for that part was worth it. *g* (Will we get to see everyone's creative tasks?) Thanks for the adventure, Sky!
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  3. 1 - My nearly-a-year-old Nimbus 2016. It is the first broom that I bought by myself and has served me well so far both on and off the Quidditch pitch. 2 - The Wizard’s Chess set that my father passed along to me. Games are a great way to make friends! 3 - A family photo. It is so rare for all six of us to be in the same place at the same time, so I’ll bring a Muggle-style photo. 4 - The pillow that a former professor made for me. 5 - My jigsaw puzzle globe because it is cool and educational. 6 - Tutshill Tornados poster - Go Tornados!! 7 - Bookmarks. There’s absolutely no way for me to narrow down which books to bring, but I will be sure to pack many bookmarks for all the books I borrow from the library or other people. 8 - Pepper-Up Potion. That common cold is pesky. 9 - Chocolate chip cookies - My go-to snack. 10 - The first Snitch I ever caught - as a reminder of the rewards of perseverance and skill.
  4. -waves- Hi everyone! It is nice to see your common room up again. I'm Scarlet Leslie. I'm a seventh year Ravenclaw (so I've been here even longer than Zenix!) and an editor for the Alte. I teach Art Appreciation: The Ninja Turtles and there are quite a few of you Gryffindors in my class! In RL, I am 21 and studying pharmacy at university. See you all around!