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  1. Orca by Wintersleep What is your ideal weekend?
  2. Probably because my gateway game to board gaming was The Settlers of Catan, I really like wood game pieces. It was always fun to stack the roads, settlements, and cities that weren't in use. My token will be a wooden killer whale, which is my favorite animal. I like killer whales because they are intelligent, majestic, and loyal to their pods. They also have that killer instinct that I'll need to channel to win games. And, of course, my token must be blue!
  3. Chemistry - Rush What instantly makes you smile?
  4. Tough choice, but I have to go with pancakes, especially due to their connection to volleyball.
  5. I never knew slopes could be so educational. Thanks for the large variety of snowy fun!
  6. Wish You Were Here Here is a photo collage postcard of my recent trip to Killington, Vermont. My family goes every year around Christmas for over 20 years now. Photos are courtesy of my brother and sister with the cameras of their shiny new Pixel 3 phones. Top left: Killington gondolas with a rainbow in the background Top right: Cody waving to my sister from the chair lift Bottom left: Killington Peak the day after it snowed Bottom right: Our doubles racquetball match at the resort - it was intense!
  7. No... there are two! I - I - - E (6 letters, 2 lives)
  8. Sorry, no P's. - - - - - E (6 letters, 2 lives)
  9. Obviously... not. No O. - - - - - E (6 letters, 3 lives)
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