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  1. Can't wait to see what this year's Gryfftoberfest motto will be!

  2. 4 monthly HWs&ECs done! One more class to go!

  3. Great, we passed from Google to Google Mobile creeping the Common Room. Hello there GM!

  4. You found me - The Fray True Love - Pink & Lily Allen Homeward Bound - Simon & Garfunkel
  5. Only 300 posts behind Hailey in the Common Room! Must. Catch. Up.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Patrick James

      Patrick James

      Mrs. H xD Or maybe Her Highness, Queen Hal. >__>

    3. Prof. Hailey Potter

      Prof. Hailey Potter

      LOL Pat. If I could like that I totally would!

  6. Happy Birthday Liah and Lily!!! <3 Hope you have a great one!
  7. Darn, thought the deadline for the puzzles was September 9th midnight -_-

    1. Prof. Hailey Potter

      Prof. Hailey Potter

      Oh no! :( I hate when that happens... usually it happens to me with library projects though. lool...

    2. Eno Thomas

      Eno Thomas

      lolol. I was so sure about it! Oh well.

  8. Ugh, True Love of Pink and Lily Allen is stuck in my head since this morning. #noshame

    1. Prof. Hailey Potter

      Prof. Hailey Potter

      Not gonna lie, I am now listening to this song because of this status. Can't wait for Lily's comeback!

    2. Eno Thomas

      Eno Thomas

      hahaha, too damn addiciting

  9. I wasn't surprised six years ago, because every test I took sorted me in Gryff, but lately the tests I take + Pottermore are starting to sort me in either Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw. It's too freaking weird, even though I consider myself as a Gryffinhuff because I have mixed features of both houses. On a side note I think the Pottermore sorting head is one of the less inaccurate on the web.
  10. Go get your homeworks done before it's too late, I don't want another failing year. *sticks out wand*

  11. Hello Theia! Glad to see you here :)
  12. Welcome to all the newbies. I am Eno Thomas, you can also call me Master.

  13. Kinda disappointed on the new classes. Was expecting more puzzle classes other than the usual mythology/random tv show ones.

    1. Eno Thomas

      Eno Thomas

      :) I mean I have nothing against those type of classes, it's just that it's the same type of classes this year, it needs more variety.

  14. Gratz on those awards Gryffies!

    1. Eno Thomas

      Eno Thomas

      haha, go Zach!