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  1. According to the forums it's your birthday ... so happy Birthday :D

    1. Sirius Fudge

      Sirius Fudge

      Happy birthday, Hailey! :)

  2. Prof. Hailey Potter

    Superlatives 2015-2016

    Alessandra Grace - Best Virtual Cake Baker Award, I Do One Hundred Thousand Things Around Here Award Amanda P. X. Sim - Best HELF Player Award Kim Alting - Best Organizer Award, I'm the Zombie of Gryffindor Award Prof. Tarma Amelia Black - The Earworm Award for Services to Getting Things Stuck In My Head Sky Alton - Best 20 Questions Game Player
  3. Prof. Hailey Potter

    Superlatives 2015-2016

    As the latest school year comes to a close, we at Gryff find ourselves reflecting. We reflect on our friendships that have grown, new and old, that great partner you found in an activity, that great study buddy who got you motivated to finish. What better way to celebrate those friendships than handing them all their own awards? That's right, you get to make up awards for all your friends! AND it's open to ALL HOUSES! Yes, all houses can nominate and receive these made up awards from their friends! Here's how it works: Post below a list of people you would like to give an award to. For example, if I were wanting to give awards, I would post below the following post: Prof. Missa Matz - Oh Fearless Leader! Award Alessandra Grace - Most Likely To Sing Zero to Hero With Me Award February Fortescue - Best Poller Award And so on. Then, I will create a master list at the top of this award including all of the superlatives that have been given out! So... begin nominating, and have fun!
  4. Currently editing and am SO excited for the upcoming returning Paw Print issue! Great articles are coming for all!


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    2. Alessandra Grace

      Alessandra Grace

      Such a shame! And, don't know if you know, she is actually a princess, in the original myth, so we should consider her as a Disney Princess!

    3. Prof. Hailey Potter

      Prof. Hailey Potter

      She was considered to be a Disney Princess at first but they never allowed her officially in because apparently her merch didn't sell well. Well, *I* would have bought it all!

    4. Alessandra Grace

      Alessandra Grace

      And I'd have followed you!

  6. Prof. Hailey Potter

    When would you have attended Hogwarts?

    HAHA. I'm so bad with dates (and times), y'all.
  7. Prof. Hailey Potter

    When would you have attended Hogwarts?

    I wouldn't have started until 2001, so waaaaaay after the battle.
  8. Prof. Hailey Potter

    Happy Birthday, Hailey!

    Thanks, guys! <3
  9. Prof. Hailey Potter

    Happy Birthday, Hailey!

    Thank you, Pat! Although I'm a kindergarten teacher. I don't have to see kindergartners during summer. :P
  10. Prof. Hailey Potter


    We did Universal in one day this time because we've been there so much. I would normally suggest 2 days if you hadn't been there normally.... but the Diagon Alley section is HUGE and we could have easily spent a whole day there. There's so much to see and explore! So 2-3 days Universal. Last time we did Disney World in one day and got a park hopper and did all four parks in one day... BAD IDEA! We were MISERABLE! This time, we did 5 days with the park hopper option and that was about perfect! You could do 4 days probably too if you can't stay that long. We basically spent two days at Magic Kingdom, one day at Epcot (while my favorite park... it WEARS YOU OUT. They say it's not the biggest park but it sure feels like it is!), one and a half days at Hollywood Studios (you could do this park in one day... but it rained in the afternoons and the Fantasmic firework show got canceled so we had to come back to see it - it's the best nighttime program on property!), and a half day at Animal Kingdom (I HATE Animal Kingdom. It's hotter than the other parks and they're doing so much construction right now I couldn't get out of there fast enough!). There are certain times of the year where the crowds are much smaller. It's not always crowded! You can find charts that help you find a good time on Pinterest. Just search "Walt Disney World Crowds". If you can make it there during those times, that would be great. It's HOT there right now and crowded. I would suggest staying away from summer if your family's schedules allow that! I'm a teacher and my littlest brother is in high school marching band and they keep a ridiculous practicing schedule, so we had no choice but to go in June.
  11. Prof. Hailey Potter

    Top 50 Point Earners 2014-2015

    # Gryffindor (# HOL) - Name - Year - Points 1 (7) - Kim Alting - First Year - 3363 2 (13) - Fumei Shirokuro - Fourth Year - 2843 3 (17) - Ailime Wright - Second Year - 2529 4 (23) - Drake Zodiark - Sixth Year - 2426 5 (24) - Guinevere Avalon - Fourth Year - 2337 6 (49)- Angel Pevensie - Third Year - 1373 7 (60) - Tom Foster - Sixth Year - 1096 8 (62) - Natasha Wynterborne - Third Year - 1046 9 (63) - Patrick James - First Year - 1023 10 (67) - Parker Ashby - First Year - 982 11 (68) - Ciara Black - Second Year - 950 12 (72) - Prof. Dario Sehovic - Professor - 917 13 (79) - Alessandra Grace - Third Year - 834 14 (93) - Sky Alton - Second Year - 599 15 (98) - Jeevs Jay - First Year - 575 16 (100) - Ginger Roenick - Fourth Year - 558 _______________________________________ 17 - Jonathan Young - First Year - 486 18 - Aleisha Stone - Second Year - 452 19 - Seraphina Severus - Third Year - 413 20 - Emma Denick - First Year - 386 21 - Alexander Aino - Third Year - 369 22 - Amelie Rose Maverick - First Year - 369 23 - Ekaterina Baxendale - First Year - 354 24 - Arabella Calandra - Second Year - 323 25 - Lily Padfoot - Seventh Year - 300 26 - Sierra Potter - Third Year - 279 27 - Ardeliah Longbottom - Fifth Year - 263 28 - Keith Mauldin - Third Year - 255 29 - Julie Garnet - Seventh Year - 242 30 - Rachel Robson - First Year - 237 31 - Asmaa Black - First Year - 214 32 - Ikah Swan - Fifth Year - 198 33 - Freya Amaranth - Second Year - 180 34 - Aurora Lestrange - Thrid Year - 177 35 - Kynthia Near - Fourth Year - 172 36 - TeeTee Weber - First Year - 158 37 - Patti Cook - Second Year - 150 38 - Allison Sullivan - Fourth Year - 141 39 - Casey Aesalon Moran - Second Year - 120 40 - Jasmine White - First Year - 116 41 - Melania Black-Kot - Third Year - 115 42 - Gryfelda Ravenclaw - First Year - 102 43 - Pervinca Periwinkle - First Year - 96 44 - Ronja Liek - Post Graduate - 90 45 - Jessica Sliverkin - First Year - 88 46 - Ella Markinson - First Year - 82 47 - Prof. Hailey Potter - Professor - 70 48 - Prof. Jenny Lupin - Professor - 70 49 - Jessie McClain - First Year - 65 50 - Irwan Dharmawan - First Year - 61 Top 5 First Years: # Gryffindor (# HOL) - Name - Year - Points 1 (1) - Kim Alting - First Year - 3363 2 (9) - Parker Ashby - First Year - 982 3 (16) - Emma Denick - First Year - 386 4 (17) - Amelie Rose Maverick - First Year - 369 5 (18) - Ekaterina Baxendale - First Year - 354 Total Gryffindor Points for House Cup: 30,625 ----------------------------- CONGRATULATIONS to Kim for being the top Gryffindor overall, the top Gryffindor First Year, AND the Number one top First Year earner overall! Congrats to our other friends(sorry, Kindergarten teacher in me - I meant other Gryffindors.... there.... much better...) who made the list! Although I hope next year to see much larger numbers on the bottom half of the list. <3
  12. Prof. Hailey Potter


    Tips.... for Disney or Universal? Do lots and lots of research. I spent over a month on Pinterest for Disney and my family made fun of me every time I'd bring up a random fact or tip, but they were very impressed once we got down there and I was prepared for just about anything. We'd been to Universal so often, I didn't have to really do much research for it. Also.... especially at Disney, don't be afraid to do meet and greets with characters! Total must-do. It's not just for kids. I felt silly at almost 25, but we had bought the photography pack (Basically you get every professional picture taken of you and your party while there... including with characters, on rides, and random areas around the parks.... for a flat fee - but you don't have to get this in order to get the pics with characters - the photographers will take your camera or phone and take some for you!) so I felt like why not and it was really great. The characters are hilarious and fun to interact with - it was my parents' thirtieth wedding anniversary and Goofy had all three of us kids and himself cover our eyes while my parents kissed. It was really funny. And don't turn down a character interaction just because they're not one of your favorites... my most favorite interaction I had was with a Disney princess who I would rank pretty low on my list of favorite Disney princesses (Aurora from Sleeping Beauty) but she was awesome! In our conversation, she informed me that in order to find my Prince Charming I should practice my dancing. I loved her! I didn't necessarily seek specific ones out; if we went by a character and they didn't have a very long line then I would go ahead and meet them.
  13. Prof. Hailey Potter


    I am departing tomorrow for over a week in order to visit Diagon Alley (First time, yaaaay!), Cinderella's Castle, and a French ice cream parlor with a macaron ice cream sandwich that's been screaming my name for weeks now (also my first macaron with my top favorite food in between... pretty excited). I will not be logging onto Gryffindor while I am gone. Have a good (more than a) week and I will return soon!
  14. Prof. Hailey Potter

    1 - 10 000

  15. Like to color? Or maybe you want some easy beans? Go check out Spice's monthly contest in Spice Jar!