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  1. Approved: Holly Muse - Third Year (corrected your display name to proper capitalization). Cory Haloflower - First Year
  2. We have two ties. So we'll have to figure that out. Either it will be decided by staff, or we will open a new poll for those two categories with the ties and only the ties listed. We will update later today letting everyone know which. Either way, it will be a 24 hour limit for the tie breaker.
  3. Checked today, no new sign ups. Just keeping track here of when I check.
  4. Note please, Paw Print is down for at least 2 weeks. We're revamping it all. Opening it up more. So once we're open again, please, absolutely come and write for us!
  5. Approved: Brian Menelgond - First Year Alexzandria Lestrange - Second Year (You spelled your name wrong, I corrected it) Ivorie Windton - First Year Robin Blackwood - First Year Lila de Vries - First Year Sachiko Murata - Ravenclaw Guest Rowan Oswald - Ravenclaw Guest
  6. Approved: Gilsy Guffer - First Year Lauren Burns - First Year (I edited the punctuation on your name to a capital letter for the last name) Shadow Gaunt - Ravenclaw Guest Student Not Approved: la.mclean - Not a valid HOL name.
  7. Approved: Jonah Gilmore: First Year Leif Svennson - Ravenclaw Guest Fiske Eldur - Ravenclaw Guest
  8. Approved: Austin Ollivander Black - Ravenclaw Guest Student Lucy Brooks - Ravenclaw Guest Student
  9. Approved: Kaliope Fairweather - First Year Jason Mcflyre - First Year
  10. All caught up now. However, if you tried to register between November and April, the database didn't receive your request. I will make another posting and continue to check to approve students. Approved: Christina Cavuoti - First Year Sasha Carlson - First Year Samara Reagan - First Year Twyla Vaughn - First Year Rowan Wildsmith - First Year Vermillion Nightmare - First Year Marie Dark - First Year Bellaluna McKenzie - First Year Zai Eln - Ravenclaw Guest Student Katya Snow - Hufflepuff Guest Student Pezzie Wolfe - Hufflepuff Guest Student Not Approved: Fleur Genivera Potter - I could not find your name in the HOL database, did you spell it correctly? Sashi - Not a full HOL name Vermillion - Not a full HOL name
  11. Approved: Elliot Bloodworth - First Year Kayla Kennedy - First Year Zach Jameson - First Year Greene Saturnus - First Year Aidan Baker - Slytherin Guest Oliver Strike - Hufflepuff Guest Katelin Ross - Hufflepuff Guest
  12. Approved Bianca Delacroix - Slytherin Guest Will Lestrange - Slytherin Guest
  13. Approved Kitty Longshire - First Year Kate Rosaph - Ravenclaw Guest Askeron Kyle - Hufflepuff Guest
  14. Come on Gryff's, stop lollygagging! We need more entries for the motto contest. Get creative! Deadline has been extended, check contest post for details!

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