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  1. Approved: Elliot Bloodworth - First Year Kayla Kennedy - First Year Zach Jameson - First Year Greene Saturnus - First Year Aidan Baker - Slytherin Guest Oliver Strike - Hufflepuff Guest Katelin Ross - Hufflepuff Guest
  2. I ran out of time to do Snape, but Tarma just sent me questions, so I will be turning that in today.
  3. Approved Bianca Delacroix - Slytherin Guest Will Lestrange - Slytherin Guest
  4. Approved Kitty Longshire - First Year Kate Rosaph - Ravenclaw Guest Askeron Kyle - Hufflepuff Guest
  5. Come on Gryff's, stop lollygagging! We need more entries for the motto contest. Get creative! Deadline has been extended, check contest post for details!

  6. Approved Dahlia Jones - First Year Halley James - First Year Echo Stepstone - First Year Andrew Snowell - First Year Claudette Ophelia Smythe - Slytherin Guest Student Ariella McManus - Ravenclaw Guest Student Ainsley Royce - Ravenclaw Guest Student
  7. Approved: Prof. Nina Messersmith Alice Kingsley - First Year Mary Starfire - First Year Natalia Hensley - First Year Gertrudis Leheureux - Ravenclaw Guest Student Not Approved: Luna laby - Please use proper capitalization
  8. Approved: Pallavi Rana - First Year
  9. Thank you Hal :D
  10. Approved: Ari Shadow - Hufflepuff Guest Student Not approved: Jean Cliffore - You spelled your HOL name wrong. Please sign up again.
  11. Approved: Violetta Prince - Ravenclaw Guest Student Not Approved: Ignacija1997 - Not a proper HOL name. katy brown - Please use proper capitalization for your first and last name, so, Katy Brown.
  12. Thank you for at least submitting points. HOL will be going offline in a few weeks (or less) for a bit, so...blog post?
  13. Approved: Jeanny Fappy - First Year
  14. Approved: Makena Jaymes - Gryffindor First Year Aurelia West - Slytherin Guest Student Lavinia Rookwood - Ravenclaw Guest Student ....and Arielle since I forgot to post last night...Can't spell the last name though XD
  15. Approved: Varsha Ram - First Year Aubrey Cagnetta - First Year Jessi Tanzil - First Year Delicia Sabrina - First Year Aaryan Rahi - First Year Violet Carlisle - First Year Spike Hayden - First Year Reggy Faraday - Hufflepuff Guest Student Maxim Trevelyan - Hufflepuff Guest Student Not Approved: Jeehangranger - Please use proper capitalization and spaces. Rebecca Potter - Could not find in HOL database