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    I've got a jar of dirt! I've got a jar of dirt! And guess what's inside it?!
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    Happy Birthday 2 my Awesome Study Buddy Alex. Hope you have a Gryfftastic Birthday !!!!!! So here's some cake And some Butterbeer Don't forget to make a wish Buon Compleanno Alex
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    EXTRA EXCITING GQT NEWS (Part 2)!! Patrick James has agreed to be the GQT Co-Captain!! Congrats Pat!!!!! :D
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    Exciting GQT news (Part 1)!! During the GQT vs RQT game, we scored 80 points! We're making fantastic progress this year, so be sure to come out and support the GQT vs HQT next Saturday, 19 March 18, at 9 pm HOL (4 pm EST)!!!
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    Happy Birthday, Missa!! :D Hope it is very purple!!
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    Finalists for the Paw Print Contest are currently being chosen. Stay tuned for more information in the next couple of days!
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    Absolutely loving the CR's makeover! Thank you Dario, just don't forget to put the sledge hammer and wrecking ball safely away, will you? ;)
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    OMG, I finished university! Monday is my first day on the job! :D
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    congratulations to Sky! new Gryffindor prefect. :)
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    EEEEEE!!! Look look! \o/ EEEEEE!!! Welcome back Gryffindor Common Room! \o/
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    Someone just used the term 'Dark Mark' on the news. Everybody take cover!
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    Come join our game Lions Ludo, Gryffies!!! Beans and an award up for grabs.
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    Has everyone signed up for classes? :)
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    I always miss birthdays! But not this one Zee if you see this - HAPPY BIRTHDAYYYYYY!! And something to make you laugh
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    LOL Arabella! That Coffee Waterfall o.O <3 2541
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    HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOU THREE :yahoo: :dancer: :dance: ps : Freya, how old are you now actually?
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    I slap Laurie because she's awesome! and doesn't show me weird pictures at all that make me shudder.
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    I slap Alls, because our names are 1lr off from each other ;)
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    I slap my Panda bear because OMG PANDA I'M BACKKKK! (for the time being). And because I missed you. :')
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    1771!! <-- cool number, ehhhh? :dancing: :dancer:
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    I would smell petrichor, coffee, and chocolate. :)