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    It seems as though an announcement featuring all of the spectacular lions of HOL and a few of their friends has been long overdue – so without further wait, here it is! Each month (Except September, we already got that posted here! Woo!) features the greats from the house of the brave, and I am pleased to offer warm congratulations to all of them! Exploding Snap is the award given to the most humorous lions for all of the laughter they bring us throughout the year. We would like to feature for this year Prof. Missa Matz for her humor provided during Gryfftoberfest in October. Eno Thomas received the award in December for being particularly humorous no matter what the occasion, and even hosted a game all about survival of the funniest (also known as Apples to Apples) to prove it! In February Chadwick Cadet warmed up the Common Room with continuous laughter and her secret stash of butterbeer she so graciously shared! Prof. Miette Bynny brought about by far the greatest Gryffindor blog post of the year as she used My Little Pony to advertise the Paw Print and received the award in April! And finally, Pandora Gotham wrapped up the year in June by posting some of the funniest posts and status updates we have seen all year! Congratulations to all of our great Gryffs following in the footsteps of our beloved Fred & George Weasley! Gryffindor students in their second year or up are eligible for the Golden Snitch award, which is given to the lions who are vocal, active, encouraging, and enthusiastic in all ways for the house! To start us off, Nina Messersmith got the award in November for her hard work and contagious energy at the start of term for classes! Laurie Lovegood followed her up with the award in January as she actively fought to earn last minute points and get as many of them as possible for the year. Hailey Potter continued the trend through March as she started to really out-nerd herself in all of her classes and OWLs, bringing in tons of points for Gryffindor while still being in charge of one of the most active clubs in Gryffindor during that time! Risa Swan finished up the year in May as she not only earned a lot of points for Gryffindor, but also encouraged a ton of activity and communication in her house den during that time! Following the Golden Snitch award is the Lively Lionet award, as it is given out based on the same criteria, but is for the shining First Year students only! In October, Kaiwa Alexandra stood out for how helpful she always was and her eagerness to get to know her fellow Gryffindor students! Anneliese Lee followed swiftly after her in November for being extremely excited about earning points and quickly becoming active in as many areas of Gryffindor as she could! Bay Reilly swept away the award in January as she really began to shine as Gryffindor’s most helpful and cheerful new student through her work in the Spice Squad. Following in her footsteps, Wicket Wilcox took this award in March for her help in creating puzzles and wordsearches for Gryffindor during a new event. Fumei Shirokuro earned this award in May with flying colors, quite literally, as she began to excel as Gryffindor’s most recent graphics extraordinaire. And finally Destri Weasley grabbed this award in June for helping out in many areas around the common room and really bringing them to life! The Nimbus 2001 Award is given to those Gryffindor students that are always seen helping out other areas of the common room whenever they can! Prof. Jenny Lupin and Julie Garnet flew together to earn the award in November as they began to captain GQT! In January, Bay Reilly and Chadwick Cadet stormed the Spice Squad to bring back the glory of its original form! Eno Thomas earned the award in March for his continual help running events both in Gryffindor and in HOL, while Hailey Potter took home this award for really bringing to life a lot of the activities and events that brought Gryffindor the excitement it now has! The Phoenix Award goes to most innovative of students in Gryffindor, and whether it is by creating a new event, sparking up new conversation in the common room, or something entirely of its own – these students really shine! In October, Risa Swan brought home this prized award for her work on our September event. Hailey Potter expanded the house awards with her innovative idea and event through a GQT Pep Rally earning her the award in November! In February, Laurie Lovegood and Eno Thomas together received the award for their creation and running of the HOL Valentines event. Bay Reilly received the award in April as she spearheaded the Lion King and Queen Competition. Hedra Longstride and Chadwick Cadet wrote their way into this award as they restarted the roleplaying forum for Gryffindor together in May! And finally, Gryffindor’s own Tom Foster received the award in June for contributing an almost overflowing amount of ideas for the house to try out! Students who actively participate in classes, HOL, projects, and house papers receive the Consistent Cub award if they are in their Second Year or older. This year the award was monthly given (in order) to Lucy Greyback, Angel Blackstone, Risa Swan, Ikah Swan, Drake Zodiark, Jinxy Jo, Eno Thomas, Jade Packer, and Emma Walker! Congratulations to all of these hard workers! The Studious Simba award goes out to the First Year students who follow in the paths of the Consistent Cub Awardee's. Each month (consecutively) this award went to Elle Xander, Kaiwa Alexandra, Angel Pevensie, Eia Donne, Ailis Flanagan, Kynthia Near, Saskia Sing, Caleb S Club Juniors, and Hedra Longstride! May the lions of point hoarders past help you continue on your point earning journeys! The next award, the Curious Kitten, goes to the top First Year students each term. This covers earning points, posting in the common room, and IRC activity. Chadwick Cadet earned this award in the Fall term for all her fabulous point earning and tons of enthusiasm and participation! Fumei Shirokuro followed up with all of her ideas and pro-activity to earn this coveted award in the Spring! Only two Platinum Quills are awarded each year in Gryffindor and they are given to the top point earner for each term! In the fall, Laurie Lovegood stole this award by a mere handful of points and in the Spring, Hailey Potter dominated the board with her point hoarding ability! Congratulations, girls! And finally, our Lionheart award. This is bestowed upon the members of other houses whom have been active within the Gryffindor Common Room or have helped out Gryffindor in various ways. In November, Hermionie Miranda won this award for her continued cheer throughout the Gryffindor common room. Hermionie has cheered for Gryffindor in Quidditch matches (not against her own house of course!) and has shown support for many Gryffindor activities, and has certainly proven herself deserving of this award! Maya Winters took the award in January for letting her inner Gryffindor colors shine! Maya is always supportive of the Lions and we definitely think she has a lion-sized heart! Gryffindor's own pet eaglet received this award in March - Allyson Celestra! She has always been incredibly cheerful around the house common room, and could even be considered a chatterbox of our own! Zoki Phantom received the award in May for his substantial help in running the Lion King & Queen event, without his help we may never have seen a crown! And finally, Lisette Westerveldt took home the award in June for all of her magnificent help in establishing the Paw Print and for being incredibly active in the Gryffindor roleplaying forum! Congratulations to all of these out of house members! Again, CONGRATS to all those names on this list! We really appreciate all the hard work, creativity, and enthusiasm you've put in throughout the year~ :D
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    It's the time of the year when we take a moment to celebrate the heroes amongst us! Please join your hands in applause as I present the winners of this term's Gryffindor Awards. In the category of house points... With an amazing 1,780 House Points earned for Gryffindor, the Platinum Quill Award goes to @Sky Alton. Moving on to our house's internal points, we have... The Phoenix Award, which is presented to the Gryffindor with most Rubies: @Iverian Gnash with an incredible 693 Rubies! Similarly to the Phoenix Award, we offer the Lionheart Award to a non-Gryffindor friend, who managed to earn the most rubies overall. Let's hear it for @Maxim Trevelyan of Ravenclaw with a jaw-dropping 984 Rubies! Now, shifting focus to awards to which I like to refer as Staff Choice Awards... I present the Curious Kitten Award to @Iverian Gnash, who helps make Gryffindor's presence felt all around Hogwarts and who is constantly leaving us in awe with her enthusiasm and eagerness. For her omnipresence, reliability, willfulness... The person who is definitely one of the main backbones of Gryffindor, @Sky Alton is presented with the Consistent Cub Award. Last, but not least, @Prof. Zenix James, for her immense pride in the things she does for our House and the brave and bold spirit, is awarded the Lively Lionet Award. Congratulations to all, I am very proud of you!
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    After two tie breakers where one poll ended in yet ANOTHER tie breaker...We finally have the finalists! Below are the newly named sections of the Gryffindor Paw Print Newspaper! Thank you all for your contributions and participation! I actually just counted how many total submissions we had and it was 140 submissions from different houses! Wow, that is incredible! You're all amazing and you rock my socks. News The Regular Roar – Submitted by Sky Alton of Gryffindor. Way to go, Sky! Congratulations! Sports Move Your Paws – Submitted by Robin Blackwood of Gryffindor. Awesome job, Robin! Gossip/Entertainment Riddikulous Rumos – Submitted by Prof. Zenix James. Uhh, go me? Editorials Minerva’s Musings – Submitted by Sky Alton of Gryffindor! Sky had most of her submissions make it through to the final round because they were so very good. Adverts Scratching Post – Submitted Marie Dark of Gryffindor. Way to go, Marie! Also, it is a completely random coincidence that all the finalists are from Gryffindor. We had submissions from Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and even a representing Squib that made it into the voting rounds. Thanks again!
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    Now that the year has come to close, we at Gryffindor always take this time to acknowledge students who have worked hard, either on HOL, Gryffindor, or even both. This year's recipients are... Alessandra Grace for both Golden Snitch Award and Consistent Cub Award! Rowan Dream for the Phoenix Award! Regulus Riverwater for the Studious Simba Award! Victoria Gingerfox for the Curious Kitten Award! Kim Alting for the Platinum Quill Award! Congratulations, and thank you for all your hard work and participation!
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    I've got a jar of dirt! I've got a jar of dirt! And guess what's inside it?!
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    I've never actually had a surprise party thrown for me. Do you still have to act surprised even though you kno it's coming? And I totally agree, Kalina, you are never to old to pretend to delicately sip tea while eating far too much cake.
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    Mine is on the 16th of March. It's usually pretty cold, so I don't get to go do any fun outdoor type parties. This year I am having a tea party. Never too old for one.
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    Shout out to GQT for their great Quidditch match today! Props to Jenny Lupin for catching the elusive snitch!
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    I am honoured to present the Gryffindor End of Year Award winners! Join me in congratulations to... @Zach Jameson for the Golden Snitch Award! @Amanda P. X. Sim for the Consistent Cub Award! Ellis Nash for the Studious Simba Award! @Ziana Rhapsody for the Curious Kitten Award! @Sky Alton for the Platinum Quill Award and the Pride of the Pride Award! A special mention goes to @Guinevere Avalon for returning to Gryffindor after a long leave of absence and demonstrating what a hard worker she is. Also, congratulations to @Patrick James for being chosen to co-manage the Gryffindor Quidditch Team. We are very proud of our high-achieving Gryffindors. We thank you for your effort which sets an example for others to follow.
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    Well, that was one fantastic match! If you missed it....how dare you! We had a formidable team to go against, what is considered the best team in the league, SQT. I want to go ahead and give mad props to Patrick James who scored against this amazingly scary Slytherin team. He deserves so much praise and accolades for scoring. But not just him, the whole Gryffindor Quidditch Team gave their all against this crazy talented Slytherin Team. Don't worry, though. This is not the last game of the season. Stay tuned for announcements about future games! Also, if you are interested in joining the Gryffindor Quidditch Team, contact Jenny Lupin. We are looking for new players. Don't be intimidated at all or apprehensive. We all started somewhere, basically at the bottom (like me), and now we are legends. Make your mark for the Gryffindor House! I look forward to seeing you at the next match, if not playing in the next match! Much love, Prof. Zenix James.
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    Hello everyone! I really took my time with this crest and gave it a lot of thought. Here is the result: The Colors: The red shield on a white background, is meant to bring the Japanese flag to mind. My heritage is an intrinsic part of who I am, and I am very proud of it! The blue cross inside the shield represents Ravenclaw, my Hogwarts House. The golden banner represents the golden rule/motto that I try to live by. It will be further explained bellow. The Symbols: I researched a bit of heraldry in order to create this crest. The cross is actually St. Andrew's Cross, also known as Saltire. I chose it because it represents resolution. In this specific case, it's meant to symbolize a Ravenclaw's resolve to never stop learning. The swan in the middle of the shield is what I believe my Patronus would be. In real life, I have a small tattoo of a swan on my hip. The inspiration for it was the tale of the Ugly Duckling, by Hans Christian Andersen. Without going into too much detail about my personal life, it serves as a reminder that, no matter where you come from or what your childhood was like, you can always create a better, brighter, more beautiful future for yourself. (Fun Fact: Japan has serious issues with tattoos because of their association with the Yakuza, the Japanese mafia. As such, my tattoo is an act of societal defiance, even if very private. It stays covered even at the beach). The background has three designs, which are meant to represent the three remaining Hogwarts Houses. The leaves represent the delicate and gentle nature of the Hufflepuffs; the sword and the axe symbolize the nerve and the bravery of the Gryffindors; and the crown portrays the ambition of the Slytherins. I included them because I believe that I have a little bit of every House within me. In my life, I strive to be as loyal, patient and hardworking as a Badger; as brave and adventurous as a Lion; and as resourceful as a Snake. I opted to leave these designs uncolored because, even though I embody some of the traits of each House, they quite literally pale in comparison to my most dominant Japanese values and Ravenclaw qualities. The Motto: The golden motto by which I live my life is Wabi-Sabi (侘寂). This is a Japanese word which designates a very particular way of living, which focuses on finding beauty within the imperfections of life, as well as peacefully accepting the natural cycle of growth and decay. I hope you had as much fun reading about my crest as I had making it!
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    The first thing I thought of when I thought brave was that Sarah Bareilles song "Brave" "Say what you wanna say And let the words fall out Honestly, I wanna see you be brave" Which is about speaking out and standing up for what you think is right instead of remaining silent and passive. I think this sentiment applies to far more than words, though. It's about not lying down and taking it, even when it would be easier to remain silent, inactive, and let something consume you. Being brave is about gathering the willpower to move life in the direction you want it to go, regardless of whatever forces are working against you. Fighting as hard as you can for what you want.
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    I failed and the zombies ate. me. NOOO.
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    Happy Birthday 2 my Awesome Study Buddy Alex. Hope you have a Gryfftastic Birthday !!!!!! So here's some cake And some Butterbeer Don't forget to make a wish Buon Compleanno Alex
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    Hear ye, hear ye. Owl Posts are back! Where else can you keep up with the incredible goings on of the great house of Gryffindor? How about the current events on HOL? Now that the Owl Posts are back, you'll get all of these in just one shiny email! Owl Posts will come to each Gryffindor member only once a month by way of email. We hope that you take the time to read them each month and update yourself on the newest happenings, but what you decide to do when it comes to your email is really up to you. You cannot unsubscribe, but we hope you will come to appreciate these messages of information!
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    Staff Changes! Welcome to the almost start of the 2012/2013 HOL school year! We've had a few staff changes, so we thought we might as well let the students know, so that you can bug THEM not us. First we have Hailey Potter moving up in the world of Prefectdom in Gryffindor and will be our newest Prefect In Charge In Training! (Wow, that is a mouthful.) Kadina Tigano will be showing her the ropes on how to whip all the other prefects in shape. Stepping down from prefect and being moved back into junior prefect for at least this term are: Jinxy Jo and St.John Aloisius Sloots. Taking their places as full Prefects in HOL are Chadwick Cadet, Bay Reilly and Tom Foster! *round of applause* Finally, we had a LOT of wonderful application submissions for Junior Prefect. We've had one JP step down (Alexzandria Lestrange), and of course 3 JP's move up. So here are your new Junior Prefects for this year! (Or until I can fire them...) Anneliese Lee, Destri Weasley, Fumei Shirokuro, Nina Messersmith, Pandora Gotham So, if you students need help with anything, bug the JP's and Prefects and leave me alone! *G*
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    Hey, Ravenclaw here. Hope all is well and nice to meet you all!!!
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    Hello everyone! Thank you Sky for starting this off :) Now, it has come to my attention that many of you have been rather careless about their property. *pulls cool pen and box out of pile* I was wondering where this got to! What's this? Also my old DADA book?! I had to borrow Sky's when I lost, I mean someone TOOK my book! I would like this stuff to be returned to everyone since the cupboard seems like a great place to store all the things that I have stolen *cough* I mean BORROWED for fellow classmates. Alright, so here goes. Clue #1 - Item 1. This item of clothing was banned in OWL examinations Clue #1 - Person 1. The owner of this item posted about birthdays in the Fat Lady's Portrait Like Sky mentioned, PM the clue answers to her since she's the one administering those shiny awesome things referred to as RUBIES!!!! If you've got questions, I mean you COULD PM me, but I don't know anything, so I would say your best bet is to talk to our awesome Gryffindor prefect *points at Sky*
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    Approved: Annasta Anglewing - First Year - Your name was changed to Annastasia Anglewing to reflect your HOL name.
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    Hi there, I'm Sadie and I'm a first-year Hufflepuff on HOL, but IRL, I'm 18 years old from England. I'm new to the common room and hope to make tons of new friends on here.
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    I started in 2015 and should be on my fourth year right now. Way after the battle and the construction was all finished.
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    The easiest way to help out your house and show your lion’s pride is to earn points! There are lots of ways you can do this so you’re bound to find some that play to your strengths. In this post, I’ll give you a brief run-down of the regular point earning opportunities available to you. Whenever a new one opens up throughout the Autumn Term, I’ll post it as a reply so keep checking back! The first and most obvious is to take part in classes. Most classes will give you the chance to earn 60 points a month through homework and extra credit. If you take several classes (even if you don’t have the time for the maximum of 5 every term), those 60 points soon mount up to quite a tidy haul. Class sign-up opened on September 1st 2017 so remember to put your name down for the classes that interest you and get sending in that homework! (It’s always a good idea to keep an eye on the individual assignment deadlines so that you don’t run out of time or put too much pressure on yourself) The next are the creative projects offered by the Hol Library and art department. If you enjoy getting artsy or brushing up on your writing, have a look at current and past projects, as well as keeping an eye open for new ones. Finally there are the house newspapers. These are a great chance to earn plenty of points by writing about what interests you. If articles and reviews aren’t your thing, most also offer creative prompts and even the chance to submit your own puzzles, recipes, graphics and many other things. All of them have different windows for submitting so be sure to check The Great Hall on the Hol Forum and the Common Rooms for announcements from the editors of each (I’ll be doing my best to keep you clued up about the deadlines for all of them here too). The most important thing to remember is that whenever you have some spare time to get journalistic, you’re almost certain to find a home for what you come up with. Visit our own Paw Print: http://pp.gryff.net/ Slytherin’s SerpenTimes: http://holserpentimes.weebly.com/ Ravenclaw’s Alte Sententiam: http://altesententiam.weebly.com/ And Hufflepuff’s Wizarding Times: http://padfootsportkey.us/Wizarding-Times Throughout the term, there will be unique and exciting activities to take part in which will give you the chance to earn points along the way. Remember to check my replies to this thread for announcements and reminders about anything that might be occurring!
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    A massive congratulations to Amanda for the hard work that led her to be crowned Mx Gryffindor. You did the house proud!
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    Happy Birthday, Missa!! :D Hope it is very purple!!
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    The Gryff Paw Print is now accepting submissions for the next edition. Head over the the Quivering Quill for more info!
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    Finalists for the Paw Print Contest are currently being chosen. Stay tuned for more information in the next couple of days!
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    Bravery can be standing up for something you believe in, protecting someone or protecting yourself, or continuing to go on through life even when it feels like life has no meaning anymore or that you don't deserve it. Bravery to some people is stepping out on a stage in front of an audience of over 2000 people and dancing like there's no one else in the room. Bravery can be admitting that you made a mistake. These are all things I have experienced in one way or another, myself or through someone else. One thing I also had to learn is that bravery can also mean just being yourself in a world that tries to make people conform to a type or an ideal. It's really hard to go out everyday and be different and have no desire to be like everyone else when society is telling me that I should be this or I should be that or I should look a certain way or do certain things just to be accepted. Brave is taking my hand and pushing all of that aside and saying, "That's nice, but I think I'm going to just be me today because I'm kind of awesome and that's good enough."
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    Brave is one of those words that can have so many different meanings to many different people. People who can show emotion and openly shed a tear are tremendously brave to me. Those people who are unafraid to show emotion, to allow themselves to be vulnerable are immensely brave. People who stand up for what they believe, for what they believe is right, even though most of the world may disagree with them. People who take that leap even though they may fall. Those people are brave to me.
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    Bravery could also mean to stand up against yourself in situations where oneself finds that they are doing something that contradicts to what they truly believe in. You are your worst enemy and there will be times where people will try to influence you into doing things you really don't want to do, or make you change your personality in order to fit their "criteria." Yes, you certainly have to stand up against this certain individual(s) but in all honesty, I feel that fight needs to first be battled within you. You should want yourself to stop being controlled by others and be the person that you want to be. Life is too short to let other people dictate the way you live.
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    I'm still looking for that one quote, but found another which I'd written up which I like just as much. From Catching Fire by Suzanne Collinson (page 118) "Life in District 12 isn't really so different from life in the arena. At some point, you have to stop running and turn around and face whoever wants you dead. The hard thing is finding the courage to do it." ***edit*** and look what I found - This has been said in many ways, by many people. Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgment that something else is more important than fear. ~ "Fear is a reaction. Courage is a decision." ~ Winston S. Churchill Courage is being yourself everyday in a world that tells you to be someone else. Courage is the commitment to begin without any guarantee of success. "Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear -- not absence of fear." - Mark Twain "Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak: courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen." ~ Winston Churchill "When the warrior within you awakens, you will no longer fear death. You'll realize that a person can kill your body, but they can never kill your soul." ~Lonewolf
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    You're back! YAY! So nice that you are back and all links work and all kinds of stuff. Gee, your walls look a little bare. Did you lose some stuff in the move? Would you like some new wallpapers? Oh, look! I found a wallpaper with a purple(ish) background even! I don't know how long this topic will survive or what the size limits are for graphics, but if it survives and you find something to post -- please do keep it to 600x600 or less! (And an admin will correct those dimensions to what is tidy for Gryffindor, I'm quite sure! IF this survives, that is. If it doesn't survive, it will be POOFED!) **Image is of wallpaper with a darkish purple background upon which a few pink flamingos are shown (sideways view).
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    Finally, i can go online again. Thanks for @Kim Alting, because of her im still trying to graduate from HOL
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    I am impressed Ale! Hm.... Change your status to something about how awesome Wicki is.
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    I have never seen so many people online in the 'Who's online' list... <3
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    Come join our game Lions Ludo, Gryffies!!! Beans and an award up for grabs.
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    Save a broom, ride a quidditch player ;)
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    Spent yesterday in Diagon Alley, Orlando, casting spells (absolutely awesome), I am so happy.
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    I slap Ale cause she's a JP! (Hardly a reason to slap you but hey, well done! ^_^)
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    That is a random number to hate I slap Ale because she made more posts than me. And I miss being in the same den :(
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    Happy Birthday Dario!! The work that you have done for Gryffindor and HOL as a whole, has been phenomenal! You've been there for me and let me experience things I have never done in HOL before. You're just one amazing guy, enough said Cheers mate, and have a great one! :drinks:
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    Hello Gryffindors and welcome to another new term here at HOL and Gryffindor! We hope to have a fun filled year and hopefully do better all around than we did last year, and of course we will totally need your help in doing so. First, before we get into all the fun stuff, whether you are a new Gryffindor or a returning Gryffindor, if you have any questions, or need a reminder of the rules or help finding something that might have been moved, please visit this topic It should get you all caught up. Now this year we're going to liven things up a bit and make some changes. Throughout the year you'll get to meet the staff and your prefects and so on. In September you will be sorted into your dens by our own Prof. Dario. Whatever den you get is the den you stay in for the year, so no asking to be put in a specific den or moved dens - it won't work. Everything is done randomly for the sorting. This year we will only have two dens so that we can increase activity in the dens and so that you can meet more of your fellow Gryffindor's. This year the dens are Disney based, the idea coming from Prof. Zenix. Don't forget about the study room, where you can get help with your classwork or participate in any challenges there. There's the library, which is up and running again and some clubs and quidditch to join if you want. For you new Gryffindor's, there's the LCPP (Lion Cub Pawtner Project) that you can sign up for so that you can have an older, experienced Gryffindor buddy (and totally like an instant friend) to help show you the way when you want it or need help. It's an awesome thing to be involved with. You olbies should also go volunteer to help the new students because it's a great and rewarding thing to do, plus you'll get to make new friends. Now if I missed anything, which I more than likely did since I haven't written one of these topics in a while, I'm sure you can find it somewhere in the forums, or someone will add on to this post because our staff is on top of stuff like that. So on behalf of the Gryffindor Staff, I want to say welcome (and so does Prof. Dario - he told me to type that) and I hope you have a great and fun time this year!
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    wait... it's risa's bday?
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    Thank you all for the birthday wishes! Both here and on Facebook. I'm sorry I can't be around as much as I usually am, but knowing that such supporting and caring people are in Gryffindor makes me feel less bad about it. You are all wonderful people and your brighten every aspect of Gryffindor! Thank you again from all of my heart! Missa
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    Loving all the Conspiring Chocolate Cake siggy's :D Siriusly felt like I was at a Coffee Waterfall ... Had 3 cups (grande) of Starbucks today :) 2547
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    I slap Freya for the same reason she slapped me
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    I slap Alls, because our names are 1lr off from each other ;)
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    I slap Panderp for biting me > :D *tackles* SIDE NOTE: okay, makes me mad when I try to make an angry face and it turns into a smiley face with a > in front of it.
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    Matchbox Twenty The Eagles The Tea Party Led Zeppelin Disturbed James Taylor Creedence Clearwater Revival Journey I'm sure there's more I'm forgetting, but there you go. =)
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    1771!! <-- cool number, ehhhh? :dancing: :dancer:
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