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    Mmm, that sounds great, Lora A lot of our family's made up recipes are the 'I have this, this and this in the cupboard, can I make a meal out of them?' variety. Through that though we've found some really good pasta dishes (the one with tuna and olives springs to mind and yes, I can hear lots of you gagging - seriously, it's good!). When I was at university with limited supplies, I did a lot of the 'stick it in the microwave and see what happens' style of experiments: the cake with extra chocolate worked, the frozen bread roll that caught fire? Not so much. Speaking of university, a flatmate once asked me if she could make cheesecake out of milk, icing sugar and the wrong kind of biscuit. I seem to recall I managed to convince her just to make a bowl of icing to dip her biscuits in but that might be wishful thinking.
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    Sorry I'm late, but Happy Birthday! I hope you had a great day, even though you had an exam :)
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