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    I know the End of Year Feast is behind us, but we are not quite done until we take a moment to acknowledge the people who have contributed to our proud House. With the most House Points earned we have @Iverian Gnash, who collected 1,963 House Points for our House in the previous term. To her we present the Platinum Quill Award. Not only has she collected the most House Points, she’s also the Gryffindor who managed to collect the most Rubies, which earns her the Phoenix Award! Well done! Speaking of Rubies, one of our non-Gryffindor friends managed to collect a total 411 Rubies for the term. Well done @Maxim Trevelyan for earning the Lionheart Award. Thank you for hanging out in our Common Room. The Gryffindor House values hard work. On that note, I would like to present the Studious Simba Award to @Lizzi Long for her school and class-related efforts. Next on is the Exploding Snap Award, which coincidentally goes to one of the main backers of the Exploding Snap activity, @Iverian Gnash. Iverian has contributed a lot to Gryffindor even outside of her duties as member of staff. Having said that, I would also like to congratulate her on being promoted to a Prefect. Well deserved! Last, but definitely not least, I am delighted to present an award which is a true honour here in Gryffindor: The Pride of the Pride. For her immeasurable effort and contributions, for her positive attitude, true Gryffindor spirit and unquestionable loyalty to the House, the Pride of the Pride Award is presented to our @Sky Alton. Thank you!
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    Mmm, that sounds great, Lora A lot of our family's made up recipes are the 'I have this, this and this in the cupboard, can I make a meal out of them?' variety. Through that though we've found some really good pasta dishes (the one with tuna and olives springs to mind and yes, I can hear lots of you gagging - seriously, it's good!). When I was at university with limited supplies, I did a lot of the 'stick it in the microwave and see what happens' style of experiments: the cake with extra chocolate worked, the frozen bread roll that caught fire? Not so much. Speaking of university, a flatmate once asked me if she could make cheesecake out of milk, icing sugar and the wrong kind of biscuit. I seem to recall I managed to convince her just to make a bowl of icing to dip her biscuits in but that might be wishful thinking.
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    Sorry I'm late, but Happy Birthday! I hope you had a great day, even though you had an exam :)
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