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  2. I feel like the game of snakes and ladders could use a bit of magic! The game tokens can take the shape of miniature versions of the players, and so when the token reaches a ladder, a pop-up version of a ladder could appear and the players can see the token climbing up the ladder (and while its doing so, they'll blow raspberries to the opposition token/tokens) and if the die roll of the player results in the token landing on a snake, the token will try to fight off the snake that will pop-up from the board, but the snake will ultimately eat the players' token and then the token will appear down at the tail of the snake. It's not much of an improvement, but it does make it a little more interesting and fun as you get to see these miniature versions of yourself sort of "living" the game board out, and you get to see yourself fight and be eaten by a snake!
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  4. Orca by Wintersleep What is your ideal weekend?
  5. Probably because my gateway game to board gaming was The Settlers of Catan, I really like wood game pieces. It was always fun to stack the roads, settlements, and cities that weren't in use. My token will be a wooden killer whale, which is my favorite animal. I like killer whales because they are intelligent, majestic, and loyal to their pods. They also have that killer instinct that I'll need to channel to win games. And, of course, my token must be blue!
  6. Due to the current Ravenclaw activity for the summer, I decided to go with Guess Who! Now there isn't much that can be changed, but perhaps the cards/pictures of the characters can be magical sort of holograms, only seen by the player (to prevent cheating). In addition, once a character is taken out of the possible list of people, the player could perhaps use their wand to grey out the portrait, or maybe blast the picture, or mark it out. The game could also be modified by having the portraits be actual small holographic figurines of the characters, appearing like a miniature Patronus, perhaps in color as well. And again, the characters would not be visible to the other player, they'd appear as the Guess Who logo.
  7. I think it would be pretty funny to take the already fun game of Twister and make it magical. I love Twister because I would always end up laughing about the funny positions myself or my friends would end up in. I would enchant the dots in Twister so that after each spin, a magical effect would take place such as changing the colors of the dots the player is trying to reach for or allowing the dots to move either closer or further away. I imagine even more chaos than normal wound ensue and everyone would end up laughing (at least I would).
  8. I have not but I like gummy bears and I like cheese so may have to try it lol. Has taken a stroll in the rain?
  9. Happy by Pharrell Williams What is your favorite animal?
  10. Approved Amy Darvill - Visitor Emily Spencer - Visitor Auguste McLeod - First Year Sobe Magesblood - Second Year Roe Edwards - First Year
  11. Chemistry - Rush What instantly makes you smile?
  12. True . Has eaten gummy bears with cheese???
  13. Patronus !!! That's the correct answer isn't it? Now my turn....here goes! -------(7 words)
  14. Imagine playing Chinese Checkers, but instead of the coloured marbles just being marbles, each would represent a different element: air, earth, fire, metal, water and wood. Whenever a marble of a particular element hops over another element (or even the same) — or captures it, depending on the variant — they interact. For example: two fires might create a small spark or perhaps with earth and wood, a small plant might sprout. All effects would be visual and auditory, without any harm coming to players or their surroundings. When winning, the effect seen when two of the same elements interact with each other, would be amplified.
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