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  2. I think that people who are extraordinary radiate that all the time, whether or not it appears that there are outward effects. Extraordinary might be something as simple, and courageous, as choosing otherwise when it goes against the tide of what is considered 'politically correct'. I think that everyone has the potential of being extraordinary -- it all depends on the 'what' of the 'who and what' they are, though, whether it is considered life-affirming or not. Some folks seem to be 'extraordinarily' toxic ... *looks at Umbridge* .... Me? I've done things, gotten awards for things, which pushed me into the spotlight. I don't like being in the spotlight so I broke it. :) **** Would you rather eat all cooked food or all raw food all the time?
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  4. Hilt
  5. Heights I suppose as I'm less likely to encounter them as often as darkness Would you rather be extraordinary but never have the chance to prove yourself or ordinary and constantly forced into the spotlight?
  6. False, actually. While paperbacks have their appeal, I think there's just something magical about the weight of a hardback. Has more bookmarks than they'll ever conceivably use
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  12. True. Especially with marshmallows. Likes paperbacks books more than hardcover books?
  13. Australia. Would you rather be afraid of the dark or heights? (And not be afraid of the other)
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  17. Great fortune - using the first definition of the word 1. chance or luck as an external, arbitrary force affecting human affairs. Would you rather go to Australia or to New Zealand?
  18. True. Canada is lovely, eh? True or False: Prefers hot chocolate to coffee.
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  20. Verdigris (#43b3ae)
  21. Disney (just had to. XD)
  22. True. I enjoy it just dont do it much. Need to. True or False: has been out of your country?
  23. Pencils so that I make correct my mistakes. Would you rather have great fame or great fortune?
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  25. Happy Birthday!!
  26. Happy birthday to the one and only Prof. Zenix James! Zee, hope you have an incredible day full of glitter (and maybe some snow)
  27. The Book Club are celebrating the many ways people experience the magic of the written word with the annual Harry Potter Book Festival. Three tasks worth 10 points each are released weekly and there are 90 points up for grabs in total. Get on over to the Book Club section of the main forum to join in. The deadline for week 1 is 11.59 PM HOL-time on Sunday 4th Feb. the Serpentimes is already gearing up for their next issue, themed around you, so get your article ideas in early. Check out the Dungeons for info Deadline: 15th March
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