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Welcome to the course, A History of Magic. At this time, if you have taken (and passed) this class, you may not take it again. New students and students who have not taken and completed it are also welcome to sign up.

There will be FOUR assignments a term as well as FOUR extra credits. These are actually already done, just not uploaded on the server, which means at the start of every month, a new lesson will be posted. Each of these will be worth 30 points, meaning that maximum you can earn during the term from these is 240 points. There will be ONE final at the end of every term, which is worth the remaining 60 points to bring you to a full 300 points.

The assignments and extra credit for this class will not be mandatory, and I will only allow a 1 week extension on the assignment, no extentions for the extra credit - and you must let me know before the assignment is due. The only thing that is mandatory to pass this class and earn a quill each term is your exam. Based on the number of assignments actually turned in, determines when I'll grade it. I don't like wasting HOL's bandwidth to grade only 2 assignments at the end of a month.

All questions may be directed towards the class forum, the link is located on the right hand side of the page. Also, all updates will be posted there as well.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Do NOT send in your assignments early. I'll just send them right back to you. What I mean by early is: Lessons go up on the first of every month and are due at the end. Sometimes, I will put the lessons and assignments up early to save myself time. DO NOT turn them in before the FIRST of every month.

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